Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 145 : Silence in all Directions 1

Fengyuns body was twisting under the suppressive immortal rays. People could even hear his bones creaking as if his entire frame was about to be crushed.

The rest of the group glanced at each other before shouting: “Brother Fengyun, were coming!”

Shen Mengtian, Creek Bamboo Immortal, Stygian Monarch, and Imperial Dualchild all rushed forward with their divine weapons.

“Rumble!” They gathered all of their power together into the mightiest wave to stop the incoming rays.

Their blood energies have turned into fiery wings as well after borrowing their legions vitality. Due to their teamwork and the invincible weapons, they actually managed to stop the Peacock Trees suppression.

They didnt lend their assistance out of comradery, it was because they were on the same side. Their deaths would be next after Ling Fengyun falls.

“Boom!” Heaven Spirit itself had difficulty breathing under the blinding suppression of the tree. The five of them struggled to hold on; if this course continued, they wouldnt last much longer.

“A little capable.” Li Qiye wasnt in a hurry to end this after seeing the group manage to resist a bit longer.

Although Dualchilds group tried their best with their divine weapons and could stop the immortal rays, they couldnt retaliate at all. Their vitality was gradually depleting.

This was the aspect where they were much inferior to Ling Fengyun. He could last much longer due to his vigorous constitution.

Even when they borrowed the blood energy of their legions, it still only belonged to a group of juniors with weaker cultivations. This only acted as a temporary form of replenishment and couldnt let them fight a prolonged battle.

They were still safe and sound, but the group was actually suffering and turned pale. If this continued, their borrowed vitality would deplete in a short time.

Creek Bamboo hastily communicated with the others: “Brothers, we must run!”

“How?” Dualchild replied: “Its not just the Peacock Tree. Once we try to run, Li Qiye will seal the area!”

They knew now that Li Qiye hasnt used his full power. This Peacock Tree was only part of his arsenal, yet it was already enough to leave them helpless. Once they tried to run, he would use even more means to kill them.

Creek Bamboo gravely responded: “I have a backup plan from the Ancestral Terra, but I need Brother Shens divine reflection and your treasure, Brother Stygian.”

The two were moved after hearing this. Shen Mengtian didnt use his reflection fully just yet while the monarch was using a different weapon and not the ancient weapon from the Spirit Abyss.

“Okay, Brother, go for it. We know what to do.” The three of them reached an agreement.

Creek Bamboo emphasized: “We must pay a heavy price to leave this place alive.”

The other twos eyes darted at each other. They understood what this heavy price meant.

“Just do it. As long as we can live, there is still a future.” Stygian nodded solemnly.

“Boom!” Creek Bamboos body shot out a bloody light. A supreme law was created within just like an all-devouring vortex.

“Ahh!” Screams echoed left and right. The experts who came here with Creek Bamboo began to break down. All of their essences were devoured by him.

“Ah!” More cries of anguish came about. Both the legions from the Dream Empyrean and the Spirit Abyss collapsed into bloody mists. These essences then entered the respective leaders.

Such a development shocked the spectators. The juniors were here to lend their blood to their ancestors, but now, these ancestors instantly took everything from their legions. It was the same as dissecting a chicken for an egg or draining a pond for the fish!

Ling Fengyun quietly sighed. He understood what they wanted to do.

“Buzz!” After devouring the essences of the legions, the threes vitality erupted several times. They were greatly replenished at this moment. However, they didnt attack Li Qiye right away.

“Bang!” At the Ancestral Terra, a divine ray shot to the sky. A tree swayed back and forth before shattering the sky vault in order to open a door.

At this critical moment, Creek Bamboo screamed: “Now!”

“Boom!” At the Spirit Abyss, a treasure covered in primordial chaos jumped out. With its appearance, the treasure currently in Stygians hand oozed out primordial chaos as well. He relied on this treasure to form a chaotic dao platform.

At the same time, a treasured gem flew out of the Dream Empyrean and instantly lit up.

This made Shen Mengtians divine reflection radiate with a blinding light. It shot out many laws as well.

“Clank!” Shen Mengtian constructed a dao portal inside the chaotic dao platform. This dao portal then latched onto certain spatial coordinates.

“Boom!” Suddenly, this portal emitted a terrifying and unstoppable siphoning force.

“Go!” Creek Bamboo reminded everyone of this fleeting opportunity.

“Buzz!” The five of them were sucked into this dao portal and teleported away.

“Bang!” Just a split second after they disappeared, the immortal lights crushed both the platform and the portal.

The five reappeared back at the Ancestral Terra. They had no color in their complexions due to the great amount of energy they expended for this escape. They were still shaken with fear and couldnt speak at all.

“They got away?” Many were astonished by this swift escape. They didnt expect the group to be able to do so at all.

“Extraordinary, they managed to escape.” The masters nearby nodded their heads.

Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all. He softly smiled and stared at the treasure doused in primordial chaos in the abyss as well as the gentle gem near the empyrean and stated: “It wouldnt be so easy to find them if they remained hidden. Not bad, it is time for me destroy the Ancestral Terra and harvest.”

Soon after these words came out, the group who made it back to the terra were speechless like dogs that have lost their masters. They didnt dare to leave this area at all.

There was no location safer than here right now. After all, it was still under the protection of three ancestral trees. If it was any other place, Li Qiye might be able to penetrate the defenses easily.

Li Qiyes declaration shocked both the experts watching through their mirrors and the masters nearby. At this moment, they realized that he was aiming for the terra and abyss as well.

He took one step forward with deities paving a supreme path for him. Multiple phenomena emerged with divine followers worshipping him. The nine heavens and ten earths were moved; the Yin and Yang, as well as the cycle of reincarnation, were reformed. He was the current master of the immortals, the lord of all.

As he stepped towards the terra, the mountains and rivers lost their brilliance. All existences trembled in fear as if all of Heaven Spirit was faltering beneath his feet.

Many people could imagine a scene where all the disciples from the terra were quivering in droves, squeezed into a corner where their clothes rustled.

The five combatants were watching his slow pace towards the terra. They turned pale with shaking legs.

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