Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 141 : Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree 1

Divine Ancestor Driedtrees head rolled on the ground with his eyes wide open. It was still blinking during the rolling process.

Even at the moment of death, he didnt understand what transpired. He had some power from a treefather, yet he couldnt resist the slash at all from decapitating him.

It was confusion about the swords power. It cut down everything of his; his vitality, power, and cultivation.

There were too many questions at the moment of his demise, an end without closure.

“Poof!” When his eyes closed, the severed neck finally squirted out blood up high like a spring as the headless body fell straight down.

In the next second, Heaven Spirit fell into a deathly silence. All existences felt suffocated. Even the strongest experts and Nine Worlds Godkings felt as if they were being strangled. They couldnt move or resist at all.

Dao Decapitation, the ultimate attack of the Dao Sword! It was prohibitively difficult to unleash this move. Perhaps this was a privilege for an Immortal Emperor after exerting all of their power.

Even Li Qiye was greatly affected after using this attack. His blood energy was exhausted, so he turned pale.

Without the thirteen palaces and three vessels supporting him, even his Resplendent Break couldnt unleash the Dao Decapitation!

In his mind, using an Imperial Massacre and Heavenly Annihilation wasnt overly difficult. However, for a weapon like the Dao Sword, its ultimate attack was harder to activate than reaching the heavens!

Everyone was robbed of their voice and breath. Just a second ago, they were skeptical about his claim. Such a battle achievement would go down in history, something completely comparable to those of emperors. It simply couldnt happen.

But now, it was the reality. Li Qiye has decapitated Driedtree with just one move and deterred everyone in the world.

“Thump, thump, thump.” Shen Mengtian, Creek Bamboo, and Dualchild all took several steps back in a daze.

In fact, the masters outside of the cliff were jolted backward as well.

These characters have experienced countless storms. They have met emperors, and a few have even trained emperors before. There was nothing in life that could scare them. But at this moment, they felt a sense of dread. It was real and lingered in their minds.

After making a name for themselves, they have long forgotten about fear and thought that they were the masters of their own destiny outside of dying from old age!

But today, the long forgotten feeling has returned because of Li Qiye.

“Oh mother…” Many were scared out of their minds in front of their mirrors and dropped butt first to the ground. They were paralyzed completely, and some almost pissed in their pants!

Those who wanted to oppose Li Qiye were even more scared. After today, he would forever become their shadow. In the future, they might not even have the courage to stand straight before him and would have to kneel upon his sight.

A master outside of the cliff murmured: “Hey, what is that move?”

No one knew what kind of slash it was or where it came from, not even someone like Ling Fengyun.

“Man, the most insightful thing I have done in my life is to not mess with Li Qiye.” An ancestor was aghast while watching from his mirror.

“Thats it? Too weak.” Li Qiye put away the Dao Sword and smiled: “Just a treefathers seal, not the source itself.”

Driedtree was strong indeed. It was a shame that he only had a portion of a treefathers power so it wasnt sufficient.

After calming down, Dualchild exclaimed: “An ultimate attack!” Due to his upbringing, he was knowledgeable and understood what was going on right away.

“Rumble!” He seemed to have turned crazy and took out all of his weapons including an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

He didnt mind exerting all of his blood energy on these weapons. The true treasure woke up and a majestic figure came out.

Imperial auras assaulted this world and made Heaven Spirit tremble.

In this world, there werent that many people who could wake up these weapons, especially a true one.

However, as the child of an emperor, it was much easier for him to wake up his fathers weapons.

“Boom!” Ling Fengyun and the others quickly released their invincible weapons as well.

Shen Mengtians divine reflection appeared with an antique item floating inside. No one knows what it was, but its aura could collapse the heavens.

Ling Fengyun didnt have an imperial weapon, but with the wave of his hand, many sea god weapons from the Roaring Conch flew out. Shortly after, these weapons floated around him and acted as protection.

As for Creek Bamboo, many weapons left behind by treefathers poured out their endless lifeforce and sealed the space around him.

At the same time, Stygian unleashed his ancestral item as well. This thing was surrounded by primordial energy, but it could still scare gods!

In just a split second, these people understood that regardless of how powerful and untouchable they might be, they couldnt block Li Qiyes sword with their bodies. Perhaps even their weapons wouldnt be able to do so outside of the imperial ones.

Because of this, they created powerful barriers with their weapons. Even if Li Qiye wanted to kill them, he must go through these divine weapons first.

An imperial weapon could perhaps be destroyed, but several of them could definitely outlast a single attack. This was especially true for a true treasure that would never go down to one blow.

Despite making ample preparations, the group was still pale and shuddering on the inside.

“All at once or one at a time to tire me out?” Li Qiye smiled at the group.

Everyone watched with bated breaths. Li Qiyes slash earlier has deterred Shen Mengtians group and made them feel fear.

They glanced at each other and found themselves riding a tiger. There was no chance to get off.

If they were to run without a fight, their reputation would be wiped out. It took blood and sweat to build up the prestige and status they had today. Thus, if they didnt have the courage to fight against a junior, there was no way they could show their faces again in the future. They would forever live in a shadow. If they couldnt defeat their inner demon, there was no point in seeing the world again.

However, they felt incapable in a direct confrontation, that they were not a match for Li Qiye.

Ling Fengyun finally understood why Li Qiye said he was the master of the situation. They werent qualified to make any conditions at all!

“Its just a battle!” Fengyun took a deep breath and slowly uttered: “A cultivator always chases the unending limit! Dying in battle is also the fate of a cultivator!”

He didnt wish to run and lose his lifelong fame.

Shen Mengtians eyes lit up as he stared at Li Qiyes pale face and informed the others: “His blood energy is depleted, we should team up and fight.”

They perused his countenance as well and could see that the sword slash earlier has expended a lot of his power.

Under ordinary circumstances, this group had no problems with fighting. Alas, after what they have just witnessed, they still hesitated even though Li Qiye was in a weakened state.

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