Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 7: Nine Saint Demon Gate 1

In the end, Li Qiye left the continent and went to the forbidden zone by himself. The girls sent him off until his back disappeared above the vast sea. They didnt go together with him since they understood that they would only be a burden. Despite being quite powerful, they werent at the level of being able to enter the forbidden zone.

He jumped on a smaller boat and headed for the zone. Under his control, this boat turned quite fast and dashed through the sea like an arrow. He eventually made it to the shore of this forbidden area and stopped the boat.

There was no one in sight on this shore. There were many treasure seekers along the way, but this place was completely desolate. Not a single skeleton was to be found, either. It was as if any bones that drifted here would disappear without a trace.

It was a dark expanse, not just the sky but also the water itself. This had to be the darkest water in all of the Bonesea. There was no end in sight and nothing else was present, only darkness and more darkness!

Anyone would be creeped out by this spectacle and feel that this was the worlds darkest place. The sun would never show up here. Anyone who died in this place would never be able to enter the reincarnation cycle!

In fact, many would think about retreating after seeing its appearance. Since the start of time, many confident Godkings had tried to enter, but few managed to leave alive. Despite ordinary cultivators not daring to venture here, they were still very curious about this area and what lies within.

This was all due to rumors about all the great beings such as emperors, treefathers, and sea gods entering this area. The strangest part was that every sea god visited this place without exception.

Why was this the case? What was inside that attracted these sea gods? Speculations regarding this matter ran rampant across Heaven Spirit. Some said that the supreme artifact, the Trident, came from the forbidden zone.

Because of this, these sea gods would be on a search for its origin. Of course, no one could verify this particular claim. The sea gods themselves kept their mouths shut about this issue, even to their descendants and disciples. They had never written about it either.

Their attitude only fueled the interest about the forbidden zone, and many of their descendants died from their curiosity as a result. Someone had calculated the number before; at least half of sea gods descendants would die in the forbidden zone in search for an answer!

“The Boneseas forbidden zone.” Li Qiye insipidly spoke to the darkness: “It is more accurate to call it an entrance, a direct access route to that place. For millions of years, how many emperors have attacked this place? Alas, no one has really been successful.”

Emperors who knew about the Boneseas mysticisms couldnt help but take a trip. This was especially true for those from the Charming Spirit Race. They carried a responsibility to attack this place. Unfortunately, they had all failed in the end. This was not to say that they werent powerful enough. It was because the price was unimaginable. It wasnt just on a personal level, it involved many other unfathomable things!

“Some things are ultimately inevitable.” He emotionally continued: “The great disaster will befall Heaven Spirit, but I have faith in the charming spirits. The darkest of times will eventually pass.”

He rode his boneship deeper inside. The sea was as black as ink here. It could even be said that no one could be sure whether this was water or ink. When the boat entered, an even more horrifying event happened; it started to crack and fall apart.

“Crack!” Gaps were everywhere on the boat. Keep in mind that these boats were able to traverse freely through the Bonesea, but they couldnt do so in the forbidden zone.

This was a location more terrifying than the other regions. There was also no way of flying in this area. One would meet a form of absolute suppression and be subjected to falling into the sea.

Anyone else would be aghast at this moment, but Li Qiye casually smiled. Eventually, the whole boat crumbled. Li Qiye waved his hand and another boat appeared, so he jumped to the new one while watching the old ship sink into the sea.

Alas, this new one couldnt withstand it for long either. With a burst of breaking noises, he had to repeat the process once more. As he went deeper inside, the speed the boats disintegrated hastened.

He was still calm in the face of this. Even if he used up all of his boats, there was still another ace up his sleeve — the shuttle from the Bones Lord!

The island lord considered his little shuttle to be a supreme treasure. It came from the forbidden zone and had an incredible story behind it. It could travel anywhere in the Bonesea without restriction. Of course, it wasnt omnipotent and would suffer great damage by staying in the forbidden zone for a long time. It would lose its power and need a long time to recover.

One boat shattered after another. In the end, he ran out and was ready to use the lords small shuttle.

“Click, clack, click…” At this time, an unexpected burst of clattering came about as a horse could be seen riding the waves in this area.

No one would believe their eyes if they were to see this. A horse was actually galloping on the water of the Bonesea without being affected at all.

The skeletal horse shrouded in black fog rode in a divine manner. It ran before Li Qiye and stopped after issuing a loud neigh. Li Qiye smiled and jumped on the horse.

“Neigh—!” The skeletal horse turned and leaped deeper into the area.

Li Qiye patted the horse and commented: “What a good horse. No wonder that brat Bu Si hid you back then, everyone would want you. If he didnt win you back then, maybe I would have tried to take you.”

“Neigh!” The horse hissed, clearly dissatisfied with his words.

Li Qiye laughed at the horses protest: “You dont have to be unhappy. In all fairness, you dont belong to that brat alone. The Bones Lord had a share for that treasury back then too, but the brat tricked him back then so half of you actually belongs to the isle lord. Everything could have been different.”

The horse ignored him and continued its great stride into the forbidden zone at lightning speed. Anyone would covet a mount that could run through this area. It was no wonder why the island lord had always been angry after so many years have passed. If he didnt fall into the trap back then, maybe this horse would have been his!

Eventually, the horse stopped because there was nowhere else to go. This dark sea was quite vast, but for some reason, only a void was situated in front of them right now.

It turns out that this was why it came back to pick up Li Qiye, there was no road ahead so it had no choice but to rely on him.

“The might of an emperor, I see.” Li Qiye was visibly moved: “Even though no one has really succeeded, Immortal Emperors could still sever a part of it. This is them trying to buy more time for Heaven Spirit!”

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