Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 140 : Evil Typha Drinking Blood 2

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Dont worry, how can I renege in front of so many people? If I cant kill you, the leaves will be yours.”

Such confidence made the others bat their eyes. This had great significance and Li Qiye couldnt refuse because it would be a stain in his life.

This meant that he was actually confident about carrying out the unbelievable task of slaying Driedtree in one blow.

This made the others feel quite uneasy because it meant that they wouldnt be a match for Li Qiye. In just a short period of time, the groups confidence sank.

“Okay, Ill have a taste of what you can do.” Driedtree crazily laughed and stepped out. In his eyes, he simply didnt believe in this crap, not even if someone beat him to death. An emperor could do so, but Li Qiye was no emperor!

“Brother Driedtree, you can do it. Im waiting for your victory!” Dualchild instantly cheered for him.

In his mind, it was a hundred times better for Driedtree to get the leaves compared to the other people here. After all, they had a deep friendship, so he could benefit from this as well.

“Boom!” Driedtree released his energy. Despite being on the verge of death, someone at his level was still frightening even with just one drop of longevity blood left.

His one drop was enough to match the full energy of many cultivators.

As the ancestor channeled his own longevity blood, a terrifying storm swept through the world. His eyes erupted with a horrifying light. In this split second, his pupils turned into the eye of storms. His glare could destroy everything in the world, a power of countless stars exploding.

At the same time, countless dao laws rose from his body. Each of them resembled a heavenly vein. They surged into the sky as if wanting to break the firmament. Even the stars seemed tiny before them. He was no longer an ordinary old man as his common aura has been extinguished.

He looked just like a deity standing proudly in the sky with the power to reverse the universe. A single gesture from him could take down the stars, refine the Yin and Yang, and sever the samsara cycle!

This was the real him, an appearance befitting of the words “Divine Ancestor”. His ordinary looks and aura earlier were only a disguise.

“This is his real strength.” Even those watching from their mirrors could sense the ancestor dominating the world.

Even the real masters watching nearby nodded their heads approvingly.

“Driedtree isnt just in name.” Some invincible characters admitted this.

His claim of being an Emperor Assailant was indeed a bit far reaching since he hadnt reached that level, but one couldnt deny that he was quite mighty.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” His dao laws wove together. In the next moment, a boundless lifeforce poured down. The Broken God Cliff that was deserted and lifeless was suddenly revitalized as if spring was returning.

At this time, a tree appeared before him. It seemed to be made from silver while giving off an ancient feel. Its branches were rotating and emitted an untouchable atmosphere. It was as if this divine tree had the most sacred force in this world.

Driedtree disappeared at this moment. His body turned into an invincible figure like a treefather. It emitted a boundless green brilliance. Not only could he borrow the strength of a treefather, he could also use the power from the treants legendary progenitors.

Everyone could feel the life exuding from his body regardless of where they were in the world. The treant experts could feel a resonance with this particular form of Driedtree.

“Thats a treefather?” Many treants felt an urge to worship as they became dazed.

“No.” An ancestor emotionally sighed: “This is the seal of a treefather, Driedtrees most precious item and the reason why he can wield this power.”

The nearby masters held their breaths because no one should be able to kill him in just one move when he is empowered like this. At least, no one in Heaven Spirit.

Driedtree has shown his strongest state. Despite not being the reincarnation of a treefather and lacking resources from a treefathers sect or an imperial lineage, he was born from a withered ancestral tree so he had its seal that grants him part of a treefathers power.

Despite having a minuscule amount of this power, it was still enough for him to rampage across the world.

“Junior, its your turn. I want to see what you can do.” Driedtree spoke in his treefather form. His words resembled immortal hymns. Trees and vegetation actually started growing on the cliff. Fruits and flowers started to grow as well.

His words alone turned this place into an oasis. This was the wondrous power of a treefather.

This scene made many experts gasp. They finally saw the potential of a treefather at this moment.

“Get ready! Just one move!” Li Qiye was still all-smiles against this particular form.

“Whoosh!” The thirteen palaces that were suppressing Heaven Spirit emitted an endless golden light. It permeated across every nook and corner of the world.

The Seven Martial Pavilion back in the Dragon Demon Sea, the Golden Isle back in the Jade Sea, and Gu Chuns four branches in the Abyss Sea… All of these spaces in the world were saturated by this light.

“Bang!” In this split second, the vessels of life, genesis, and athanasia appeared above his head.

Bursts of explosions detonated. The vessel of life poured out enough blood energy to overfill Heaven Spirit. The vessel of genesis seemed to be opening a new world inside by destroying Heaven Spirit first. Lastly, the vessel of athanasia exuded an eternal power that exceeded time itself. The mysterious legendary era suddenly came to the present with its everlasting and never-changing force!

“This is Li Qiyes real strength!” The world was shocked by the vessels.

Even the real masters here turned silly. The power of thirteen palaces combined with the three vessels have exceeded their imagination.

“Clang.” The Dao Sword was in his hand. It was pitch black as if it was the dao itself.

It vibrated just when Li Qiye attacked with a Resplendent Break.

“Boom!” All of his blood energy and the power of both the thirteen palaces and three vessels gathered in this Resplendent Break. They crazily empowered the Dao Sword.

“Clank!” One slash came out without any technique or variation. It also lacked the power of the grand dao and laws since it was only a simple slash.

Simple and direct, nothing else was present. However, it was so natural that resistance was futile. Under this one slash, gods and ants and even the world and time itself would be split into two!

One cut, two halves — it was that simple. This was the natural order of the world and completely impossible to thwart. The result was already determined regardless of what existence his foe may be.

A skull sprung up high before rolling on the ground…

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