Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 139: Evil Typha Drinking Blood 1

“Yes, just one move to end you.” Li Qiye chuckled and slowly reached out with one finger.

Driedtree heard it clearly this time and was stunned to see the incoming finger strike.

The rest of the group was astounded as well. Even invincible characters like them were slack-jawed and thought they had misheard him.

However, they understood that this was no mistake since Li Qiye has indeed raised his finger. It was indeed one move!

“Impossible!” Both the experts watching from their mirrors and the masters actually present by the cliff blurted out after confirming Li Qiyes intention.

They simply refused to accept that he was going to use one move against Divine Ancestor Driedtree. This must be a daydream; maybe it was possible for an emperor, but definitely not a junior like Li Qiye.

Driedtree thought he was insane and reiterated: “You are certain that you can slay me with one move?”

“Yes, just one to kill you.” Li Qiye firmly answered with a carefree smile.

One more confirmation let the crowd know that Li Qiye was serious.

Shortly after, the world was void of sound. Even his opponents were completely speechless since they shared the same sentiments as the spectators. However, Li Qiye seemed so sure of himself.

“Hahaha!” Driedtree was livid and laughed: “One move to kill me? Hahaha, this is the most arrogant thing Ive ever heard in my life. Who do you think you are?! Killing me with one move!”

He went insane from anger and wanted nothing more than to annihilate this foe before him. He could restrain the disdainful act from Li Qiye earlier since he had to maintain his style as a master; there was no need to be picky towards a junior or it would harm his image.

But now, his fury ran wild. Remember that he was considered an Emperor Assailant, one of the strongest characters in Heaven Spirit. However, a junior just claimed that he could beat him in just one move. Being treated like an ant by a junior — this was beyond his tolerance. Thus, laughing was the only response he had from being too furious.

“I am Li Qiye who will kill you in one move. I hope you can remember my name before death.” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled.

These words came easily, but no other statement could be more domineering and shocking!

Driedtree stopped laughing because he realized that Li Qiye wasnt joking around.

The rest of the group was stirred as well. Could Li Qiye really take down Driedtree in just one move?

He coldly uttered: “Junior, no one can do so outside of Immortal Emperors, and it has to be a move empowered by the Heavens Will. That might be able to take me down in one move. Even their ordinary attacks cant do so.”

It wasnt an unreasonable statement because even if he wasnt a real Emperor Assailant, a casual attack from an emperor shouldnt be able to take him down.

In fact, the people present werent real assailants. At the very least, their cultivation and personal strength werent at this level. For example, Driedtree was quite powerful, but he had some fatal flaws. This was the reason why he couldnt become a treefather.

As for Stygian, if he used his progenitors weapon, he could fight against an emperor for one to two hundred moves. However, his own abilities alone wouldnt allow him to do so at all.

Ling Fengyun was the most powerful here. His cultivation was at the Legendary Godking level. Alas, his grand dao was imperfect and incomplete — this was his weakness.

Nevertheless, rumor has it that he didnt borrow any external power and still fought against Immortal Emperor Hao Hai for several hundred moves. Thus, his power was widely recognized.

Outsiders might think that Stygian and his group were Emperor Assailants, but the real masters looked down on their title. In their eyes, Stygians group was not qualified to be considered assailants.

Ling Fengyun was the only exception. Even if he was a bit weaker than real assailants, he came from a small sect and reached his current level with his own unyielding determination. Thus, the real masters recognized his achievements.

All in all, even if Driedtree wasnt a real assailant, he simply didnt believe that Li Qiye could take him down in one move since even emperors couldnt do so.

“You only have the power of a Nine Worlds Godking, yet you think youre a real assailant?” Li Qiye chuckled and lightly said: “Even with the treefathers seal from birth that empowers you, allowing you to be a little stronger than an ordinary Nine Worlds Godking, youre still only a Nine Worlds Godking. Since youre not even a Legendary Godking, one move is more than enough.”

“Whats a Legendary Godking?” Many juniors have never heard of this title before, so they had to ask their ancestors.

“A peak Godking.” The oldest ancestor of a sect put on a solemn expression: “Legend states that this is the real realm to be an Emperor Assailant. People do say that long ago, Ling Fengyun became a Legendary Godking. Who knows if this is true or not?”

Driedtree shouted: “Even if Im not a Legendary Godking, I can still take you on.”

Driedtree didnt know where to put his old face after Li Qiye revealed his background. For people of their level, being called an Emperor Assailant was a supreme glory.

Everyone in the world knew that Immortal Emperors were untouchable. Being able to assail one was a great achievement. Even losing to them after a confrontation was prestigious. This was enough for the world to sing praises about them for a generation.

Although he has never fought with an emperor before, this title gave him glee and glory. However, this source of pride of his was trampled upon by Li Qiyes spiel. How could he not become angry?

“Come, one move.” Li Qiye ignored his face and casually smiled.

“Good, good! I want to see how you will kill me in one move!” Driedtree laughed maniacally.

However, before he went out to fight, Dualchild immediately pulled him back: “Brother, wait or youll fall for his little trap.”

“You think too highly of yourselves. Theres no need for me to resort to traps to deal with your group.” Li Qiye countered with a grin.

Dualchild was still calm and stared at Li Qiye: “Li Qiye, do you dare to make a bet? What if you cant kill Brother Driedtree?”

Driedtree immediately regained his wits after being stopped by Dualchild. He sneered and said: “Thats right. Junior, what will you do?”

“Looks like you want to be tricky.” Li Qiye smiled: “Dont you want the nine leaves? Fine, if I cant kill you in one move, the leaves shall be yours!”

Driedtree loudly emphasized: “Really now?!”

Li Qiyes opponents couldnt believe it. They didnt think he could kill Driedtree at all so they had no problem letting him try. Plus, this was a chance for them to use Driedtree in order to see Li Qiyes real killing moves.

“I will do as I say.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Dont worry. If I cant kill you, not just one leaf but the entire thing will be yours.”

Everyone was slightly moved, including Dualchild since he was also here for the leaves. He even wanted to participate in this bet, but since Driedtree was first in line, he wasnt in a position to contend with him.

“Okay, you said it.” Driedtree suddenly became excited. In his mind, he could obtain the grass with Li Qiyes failure — this was completely worth it. Ultimately, this is predicated on him being confident that Li Qiye wouldnt be able to kill him in one move!

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