Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 138 : Treasure of the Gods 2

Heaven Spirit was quiet before these conditions. They waited patiently for Li Qiye to answer and what choice he would make.

Li Qiye was still sitting up above. A moment later, he couldnt help smiling: “Hand over the nine leaves and the method for thirteen palaces?”

A thick smirk appeared on his face.

“Fellow Daoist Li, this is worth considering.” Fengyun said: “Take one step back and bask in the immensity of the world. The grand dao is long with softness and hardness co-existing. Flexibility is the only way to reach the end.”

Fengyun has called him Fellow Daoist at this point. It showed his high regards towards Li Qiye.

“If you are sincerely trying to help me, I can only say that I appreciate it.” Li Qiye answered with a smile: “However, all of you arent clear on the situation. The advantage lies on my side. I am in complete control so the one who should be spouting conditions is me, not you.”

“I dont see your advantage anywhere.” Driedtree uttered coldly.

“Its not your fault.” Li Qiye said leisurely: “After all, you are limited to a narrow view, how could you see the immensity of the world as frogs under the well?”

“You!” The group was enraged instantly after being showed such disdain.

Though they had great self-restraint, they still had their pride for being the strongest in the nine worlds. Who wouldnt give them some respect? Plus, the six of them together could make all of Heaven Spirit tremble.

Now, a junior like Li Qiye treated them with contempt as if they were worthless. It was difficult for them to remain calm. As the saying goes, even a clay Buddha would become angry at times!

“Fellow Daoist Li, an opportunity will never come back if you fail to seize it the first time.” Fengyun noticed his arrogance and said: “You are indeed strong enough but even if you have the advantages today, I dont think you will be able to escape. Think carefully instead of following your emotion.”

To which Li Qiye responded: “I have always acted in a cautious manner, never clouded by emotions. But if you want me to make a choice, I will also give you a choice.”

Having said that, he stared at Fengyun and said: “You are a rare talent. If you submit and work for me, I will teach you a thing or two. It will be a lifetime of benefit!”

He then glanced towards the others: “As for the rest of you, there is no value to be found here. Too old with withered lifespan, only a bunch of people who are about to die. In terms of strength, not even at the Emperor Assailant level, completely useless. But I am a merciful person. Kill yourselves now and I shall spare your descendants and sects. Otherwise, I shall crush them as well!”

Jaws dropped to the ground before the heavenly mirrors. The world knew of Li Qiyes unbridled aggressiveness but now, he wanted Fengyun to submit and for the other five to commit suicide lest their sects face destruction?

There were no words to describe this imperious showing. If it wasnt for his previous illustrious exploits, others would consider him unbeatable right now… with regards to boasting.

Alas, those who have seen him in action didnt feel this way at all. If this statement didnt stem from arrogance and ignorance, just what kind of killer moves did he have up his sleeve to deal with these six invincible existences?

People couldnt help but muse carefully. They couldnt imagine such a situation where he could kill all six. But judging by his demeanor, it was as if he was completely confident in carrying out this simple task.

Confusion was up in the air. No one knew what was left in his arsenal.

“Is he an emperor?” Someone murmured. Of course, they all knew that this was impossible because they would be aware if he has turned into one.

“Hahaha.” Dualchild burst out in laughter at this moment: “Crushing our sects? Is this a threat?”

He laughed boisterously and didnt care at all because his sects have already declined.

Both his fathers imperial lineage and his treemothers sect have deteriorated. In fact, he didnt care for them either since his focus was on himself and life prolongment. He never gave a damn about the welfare of these sects.

“Go ahead and make your threats after you leave this place alive, that is.” Driedtree sneered.

Just like Dualchild, Driedtree didnt give a damn. Despite rumors of him being a treefather reborn, his sect has been dead long ago so this wasnt a threat to him.

In this place, only Shen Mengtian, Creek Bamboo, and the Stygian Monarch still had sects. Ling Fengyun himself wasnt from the Roaring Conch.

“Destroy my sect?” Creek Bamboo sneered: “Just with you? Far from being qualified to say so!”

He said it with great confidence. His Ancestral Terra had three ancestral trees and was considered one of the strongest lineages in Heaven Spirit. It was also known as an impregnable location. Even emperors couldnt break through it.

Just think about it, one ancestral tree was already strong enough. Now imagine three.

“Only the terra, cant reach the apex. Nothing hard about destroying it.” Li Qiye smirked in response.

Creek Bamboos expression turned ugly. If he was younger, he would have pointed at Li Qiye and cursed. However, he was able to stay calm at his age and simply glared at him.

Fengyun simply sighed softly. He truly wanted to protect Li Qiye but his attitude was all too clear. There was no room for negotiation, only a fight to the death in this situation!

“Hah, anyone can brag.” Driedtree replied coldly: “Li Qiye, our patience is limited. Hand over the nine leaves or well let you taste a fate worse than death!”

Driedtree has lost his patience. He was different from the others who also wanted the method for the thirteen palaces. His goal was much simpler, just the nine leaves.

Outside of not being able to say no to Dualchild, he needed the nine leaves as well. He actually wanted to seize the item alone with Dualchild. On the other hand, Shen Mengtian, Creek Bamboo, and Stygian had their own plans and calculations, some for the benefits of their sects.

However, Driedtree and Dualchild could be considered as being unrestrained. They could pay any price for the nine leaves including ambushing the others in order to monopolize the treasure.

“You alone first or everyone together?” Li Qiye stared at the impatient man and smiled.

This dismissive attitude further enraged Driedtree since he was a character who deterred the world before.

“Junior, you are strong indeed but if you think you can take all six of us alone, you think too highly of yourself.” Driedtree sneered: “I alone am enough to teach you a lesson and show you the immensity of the heaven and earth!”

He knew Li Qiye was powerful but he was also confident in his own strength. Even if he couldnt kill this junior, he could still fight him for several thousand moves.

“Teach me a lesson?” Li Qiye heard his foes aggressive reply and said: “You are only a leaf growing out of the dried tree. Do you actually think you are a reincarnated treefather? With your shallow abilities, not to mention teach me a lesson, you wont be able to last one move.”

“One move…” Driedtree was slightly stunned. He thought he has misheard the guy.

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