Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 136: Six Dao Lotus Evil Typha Tree 2

No one could tell how this ordinary old man called “Fellow Daoist Driedtree” was special at all. However, to be considered a “fellow daoist” by someone like Creek Bamboo meant that he was extraordinary.

However, he was truly too normal looking. Many great powers watching from their mirror couldnt figure out his identity at all despite concerted effort.

“Driedtree Divine Ancestor!” Finally, the oldest ancestor from an imperial lineage exclaimed.

“Who is that?” The juniors quickly asked.

“An invincible character from my generation.” The ancestor said: “Rumor has it that he is a withered ancestral tree coming back to life and has the previous memories of the treefather.”

After hearing this, the juniors gasped. One of them asked: “Isnt that the same as a treefather coming back to life?”

“Its just a rumor, who knows?” The ancestor murmured: “Its a pity that he was only one step away from being a treefather back in my time, I dont know why he failed in the end though.”

Eventually, more ancestors recognized him through the heavenly mirrors. They naturally became shocked.

Dualchild was indeed amazing with many connections. In just a short period, he was able to drag out another heavyweight.

Like he has said in the past towards Li Qiye, if he were to become Li Qiyes dao protector, he would offer him other advantages in the form of resources and connections. It looked like he wasnt only boasting today.

However, it wasnt too strange. After all, he was a child between an emperor and a treemother. Due to his prestigious background, the unstoppable Era Evaders from that age probably had some relationships with him.

“Still missing one.” Li Qiye still didnt care on his throne. He didnt even bother looking at Driedtree.

Driedtrees eyes turned cold from this aloof act with glittering starlights. They illuminated the entire world. However, he quickly converged them and assumed his calm demeanor afterwards.

“Boom!” After Li Qiye finished speaking, a wave rushed to the nine heavens. A gigantic ship entered the vast sea and set off a vast tsunami.

This was the Roaring Conch. It traveled through the sea just like a large drifting continent.

One person stepped out to the deck. It was Ling Fengyun. Each of his step was an entire world or an ocean.

His pace was so leisure just like a stroll. It didnt look like he was entering a battle at all.

The winds and clouds moved with his step. The world was shocked; the sun and moon made way for him while the stars tilted.

Everyone could feel Heaven Spirit shaking as he walked towards the Broken God Cliff. He didnt seem to be moving, the Broken God Cliff was moving towards him instead.

This illusion made many experts watching him dizzy and didnt dare to look any further.

“Ling Fengyun is too strong.” One ancestor was convinced by his strength. Just his step alone was enough to daze many people, causing some to fall flat on the ground. Once he actually took action, wouldnt he be able to slaughter everyone instantly?

The Roaring Conch was following right behind him. It wasnt only capable of floating in the ocean but could fly freely as well.

Its monstrous size didnt hinder its crazy speed at all. If it was considered a flying treasure, it would be among the top ten in terms of speed in all of Heaven Spirit.

Once Fengyun made it to the cliff, the conch finally stopped with some distance in between to watch.

“The conch wants to let everyone in the world know their position and that Ling Fengyun is their backing. This is another attempt to establish their prestige.” The older generation naturally understood why the Roaring Conch also came.

After all, the death of the Conch Overlord was a great blow to their sect. They must do something about their reputation or many great powers would start to covet and even divide their territories.

The world became quiet with Fengyuns arrival. In a jiffy, the six invincible existences formed a pincer to surround Li Qiye.

Shen Mengtian, Stygian Monarch, Imperial Dualchild, Driedtree Divine Ancestor, Creek Bamboo Immortal and Ling Fengyun. The six of them circled around the cliff like deities. They resembled uncrossable demonic mountains or unsurpassable lightning ponds.

Countless cultivators held their breath in Heaven Spirit. Everyone understood that regardless of the victor, the direction and fate of Heaven Spirit would be changed completely.

Another group was hiding right outside of the cliff. These faint figures were hiding all of their auras and blood energy.

The experts capable of watching in person were the real deal. Only a personal viewing would be fruitful for this great battle. This was the way to understand each techniques power and the slight transformations!

Of course, they were the strongest characters in Heaven Spirit. Godking was only the entry level in this place. In order to truly feel the profundity of this battle and learn from it, one needed to be an Apex Godking at the very least.

Before reaching this level, it was impossible to learn just from watching the fight. Of course, the cultivators below this level wouldnt even be able to see the attacks themselves, let alone understanding the little intricacies.

Most dust-ladened ancestors wouldnt come out so easily but a battle of this level was exceedingly rare. A few of them couldnt help coming out to watch in person.

On top of the cliff, the combatants gaze was fixated on Li Qiye. Despite not attacking just yet, just their glares were frightening enough with supreme pressure.

Anyone else would have pissed in their pants being the target of so many masters. However, Li Qiye was still nonchalant as ever on his chariot and continued to look at the clouds.

The only sounds left in Heaven Spirit were heartbeats. Even the winds, waves, and time itself seemed to have stopped.

“Young man, one cant help but admire your courage. At the very least, when I was young like you, I wasnt so domineering.” Ling Fengyun commented while staring at Li Qiye.

“This is not courage.” Li Qiye casually responded: “In my eyes, all of you are no different from dead men. Why should I be afraid of some small potatoes?”

His opponents certainly didnt like this comment. Murderous intents rose from their eyes.

The experts watching from the mirror could only smile wryly. It was not like he has only started this arrogant act recently. Those who knew him understood that this was his style regardless of who he was facing.

Ling Fengyun actually laughed in response without becoming angry: “Impressive, the future generation will surpass us. You cant be blamed for being so arrogant due to your achievements in spite of your age. Unfortunately, you are only missing a bit of finesse and wisdom. A wise person would have chosen differently.”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “I actually want to hear what kind of choice a wise person would make instead.”

Fengyun looked at him and replied: “In all of history, you might be the only one who has cultivated thirteen palaces. If you could have avoided today, the throne is certainly yours for the taking. I am someone who can appreciate talents and have no ill wills towards you. However, you have killed people from the Roaring Conch so you should have given them a reasonable answer.”

Li Qiye smiled: “Is that so? Sounds like you are willing to make peace.”

Fengyun responded: “Not to that level. However, seeing your supreme achievements and domineering courage truly moved me. It is a shame that such a peerless genius will have to fall today. A person like you should become an emperor for Heaven Spirit instead of dying like this.”

Such shift of attitude caught everyone off guard, especially the experts sitting in front of their mirrors.

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