Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 133 : Evil Root Underground 1

The world was shocked by the emergence of the three great masters. Not to mention the other experts, even ancestors of the Godking level didnt dare to say anything. This was a confrontation of the highest order.

“Anyone else?” After the Stygian Monarch came out, Li Qiye once again showed up with his overbearing avatar. He loomed over Heaven Spirit as his voice echoed: “Any more random dogs and cats willing to crawl out? If you want to fight, then come out already. I will take all of you on so just come, dont waste my time.”

All who heard him took a deep breath without commenting. Li Qiye didnt give a damn against these three existences and still boasted in front of the world as if he alone was untouchable. The word “domineering” wasnt enough to describe his current bearing.

“I alone am invincible.” In the end, people could only use this common phrase to describe Li Qiye.

He might be the only one who would dare to act without scruples like this against his opponents. Even Meng Zhentian wouldnt dare to do so when he was alive.

“He must have other unstoppable means that we havent seen yet.” An expert who had seen Li Qiye in action before speculated with dread.

In the past, Li Qiye also called Zhentians group random dogs and cats. Nevertheless, he stayed true to his words and slaughtered all of them.

At this moment, he was doing the same thing against Emperor Assailants. The crowd had learned that this wasnt due to arrogance but absolute confidence and power. This meant that he didnt use his full strength against Zhentians group and still had other tricks up his sleeves.

This thought scared many people. An ancestor murmured: “Just how strong is Li Qiye then? Is he really capable of challenging everything?”

Another speculated: “Thats probably the case. What cant he do after coming up with thirteen palaces?”

“Boom!” An answer came to Li Qiye. A divine light soared from the Dream Empyrean and a bright moon emerged. It was gigantic and encompassed the entire territory of the sect. From a distance, it looked just like a planet with the shape of a moon.

Its light illuminated all of Heaven Spirit. Even the sun hanging up high dimmed in the presence of this bright light.

“Li Qiye, dont think Heaven Spirit has no one to stop you. I, Shen Mengtian, will take you on!” A voice erupted and made everyone dizzy!

“What?!” Someone screamed after hearing this: “Shen Mengtian? Isnt, isnt he dead already?”

Shen Mengtian — when this name echoed across Heaven Spirit, many sealed undyings underground were shaken. No one expected this development.

“Why is Shen Mengtian still alive?” Some undyings couldnt believe their ears and were stunned.

Shen Mengtian was the Dream Empyreans progenitor. He came from the Spirit Abyss and created his own sect later using his own name.

There was a rumor that he has cultivated his divine reflection to the limit. Some even believed that he had the highest achievement in this aspect out of all the charming spirits.

Because of this, he could derive and calculate everything. Emperors had asked him and borrowed his ability to figure out some mysteries.

Because of this, Shen Mengtian was called an immortal teacher by future generations because some emperors referred to him in this manner out of respect.

Later on, he stopped appearing so people thought he was dead. Even a lot of disciples from his own sect believed this. Thus, his sudden appearance took everyone by surprise.

“A centipede just wont give up. Looks like this old geezer has been trying all this time without dying.” Another ancient being murmured: “It appears that he needs the nine leaves for the final gamble before death.”

Li Qiyes avatar looked at the moon above the Dream Empyrean and smiled: “Shen Mengtian, right? Come, Im waiting. Anyone else? One last chance to join in. Miss the chance today and there will be no more!”

The people in the world wryly smiled after seeing his eager appearance. Anyone else would be pissing their pants in fear if they had to face this many powerful foes, but he didnt give a damn.

“Count this old man in.” A tired voice came about with the appearance of an ordinary old man.

“Imperial Dualchild!” Many recognized him right away because he showed up at the Reincarnation Valley before.

“Okay, youre in. Is that it? Anyone else want to fight?” Li Qiye revealed a carefree grin and looked around once more.

In this brief period of time, the world went silent. Everyone knew that only the strongest characters in Heaven Spirit were eligible to participate. These were apex existences, the most mighty experts outside of Immortal Emperors.

No one answered him after this final call. Not just anyone was qualified to enter this war.

“Okay, so just the five of you.” Li Qiye laughed: “Come and do your best, this is your last chance. Five days later at the Broken God Cliff, Ill be waiting!” With that, his avatar disappeared.

“Five days later at the Broken God Cliff!” This news spread across Heaven Spirit like a storm.

An expert asked his peer: “Shall we go watch?”

“Are you insane?! Even if you are standing outside of the cliff, a remnant gale alone will annihilate you instantly. People like us cant watch a battle of this level. Only Godkings can.”

“Focus on the cliff right now! I dont care how many refined jades we have to use, open the heavenly mirror right now and lock onto it!” Many imperial lineages and ancient sects hastily made this decision.

“Come, come. Five invincible masters against Li Qiye. The victor will be determined in five days.” Many bets surfaced overnight.

“Going against five by himself, can Li Qiye do it? Theyre all Emperor Assailants. I dont think anyone nowadays can take on all five at the same time.” Those who held Li Qiye in high regard felt worried.

“He definitely can. Just look at his thirteen palaces.” Some of his supporters had blind faith and thought that he was omnipotent.

“Li Qiyes victory is imminent for he is unbeatable.” Some crazy fans even started a slogan for him.

However, the majority of the great powers were very careful. Even the sects who wanted to get close to him had to pause.

In their eyes, if Li Qiye were to lose, it would be a disaster for them to pick his side.

While the world was in a furor, Li Qiye was relaxing back at the True Martial Island with Tantai Ruonan by his side. It was a moon viewing party.

Ruonan smiled and began: “Young Master, youre finally going all out this time.”

“Not quite. Im just baiting some snakes from their caves so that I can conveniently destroy the Ancestral Terra. Since this is a lineage with three ancestral trees, I want to see how the Divine Tree Ridge will react after I destroy them.” Li Qiye couldnt help himself from smiling.

If outsiders were to hear this, their faces would turn pale instantly. Li Qiye actually wanted to destroy the terra. This was a place known to be unassailable even by Immortal Emperors.

Ruonan simply smiled for she has always been full of confidence about her Young Master. If he had such a plan, it meant that this was his goal from the very beginning.

The reputation of the terra was meaningless against her Young Masters schemes.

1. Shen Mengtian = Divine Dream Heaven or Dream Empyrean.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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