Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 132 : Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School 2

First it was Ling Fengyun, now its the Creek-Bamboo Immortal. In a short period of time, Heaven Spirit seemed to be exploding with news.

“This is insane! Both of them are Emperor Assailants, but it isnt time for the Heavens Will competition just yet. If that day comes, just how many more existences of this level will come out?!” Even characters of the ancestor level were amazed.

“I think the Roaring Conch didnt want to give up and spent a lot of effort to beseech Ling Fengyun. They want to use this chance to re-establish their prestige and pick up the pieces that were trampled by Li Qiye.” A knowledgeable ancestor said: “As for Creek-Bamboo, Im not quite sure. He must be aiming for the medicine of immortality.”

Many juniors and elders in the sect agreed with this analysis.

The conch suffered heavy losses this time. Their most promising talent died along with their strongest ancestor. This meant that the conch has lost their successor and their strongest ace. Under such conditions, they wouldnt be able to hold on to their status. Other sects that have been wanting to usurp them could strike at any time and even divide their sect.

Because of this, they tried their best to invite Ling Fengyun for revenge and to be their backing.

After two Emperor Assailants announced their messages, the frightened world paid attention to Li Qiyes actions. They wanted to know his response.

“Boom!” Right at this moment, an overbearing energy surged to the sky. One could see a huge figure over at the Jade Sea.

It was Li Qiye exerting his avatar. His head was above the firmament while his feet crushed the earth. His eyes looked like two suns hanging in the sky. At this moment, he has released all of his blood energy. This terrifying mass looked like a tsunami assaulting the sun. Even the stars would be cut down like specks of dust.

At this moment, he held nothing back in his effort to deter the world while sweeping across all existences.

“One or two random dogs come out and think it is enough to force me to submit? You all think too highly of yourselves! Dont think that youre actually an Emperor Assailant after exchanging a few moves with an emperor!” His tyrannical voice flowed across Heaven Spirit: “Very well, come. Name the time and place; make sure to come together so that I can kill everyone at once to avoid wasting time.”

The world turned silent. Many people were befuddled and couldnt say anything.

In the past, they had seen just how arrogant and aggressive Li Qiye was back when he dealt with Zhentians group, but he was now treating Creek-Bamboo and Ling Fengyun in the same manner.

Keep in mind that these two are Emperor Assailants. Theyre much more powerful than Zhentian and the prince.

If assailants were random dogs in his eyes, could anyone be considered an expert in this world then?

An ancestor murmured: “How imperious! Is there someone more arrogant than him?”

“Ancestor, you havent seen Li Qiye in person. His overbearing nature is much more than this, a few sentences cant describe it.” An expert replied: “I feel that he is definitely strong enough to kill an Emperor Assailant. His personality is one that stays true to his word. His arrogance is predicated on his absolute confidence and strength.”

“This is Li Qiye who will be the Eternal Prime Emperor!” Some people had a blind fanaticism towards Li Qiye at this moment: “No one but him will become emperor in this generation. No one can deter his merciless path!”

“There might only be one Fiercest in all of history.” No one mocked his declaration. Instead, they became sentimental from his achievements. They felt that this was how he should be acting, the natural order of the world.

This was a world of the strong. Once a person reaches a particular level, many people would have blind faith in them and give them their unconditional support!

“Whoosh!” After Li Qiye answered Ling Fengyun and Creek-Bamboo, a portal seemed to be opening back at Godhalt.

“Booom!” Endless darkness enveloped all of Godhalt and eventually spread across all of Heaven Spirit.

“Count me in.” A supreme voice in the darkness coldly uttered: “Killing my descendant is a crime that deserves death!”

People shuddered after hearing this voice. They felt as if they had fallen into a gap in a glacier that exuded a biting coldness!

A devil seemed to be awakening in the depths of the Spirit Abyss. Everyone could smell the stench of blood in the air. This was the harbinger of death.

“Who is this person? He feels just like a devil king.” Even ancestors had goosebumps once the darkness dissipated.

“He can be considered a godfiend.” An ancestor seriously replied: “He is the Stygian Monarch. Like his title, his existence itself brings darkness to the world.”

“What kind of character is he?” The juniors had many questions about the ancient beings coming out today.

An older ancestor explained: “The only surviving founder of the Spirit Abyss. Among these founders, he might not be the strongest, but he has been sealed for the longest time in the earth, so he has become the strongest there.”

This prompted the next inquiry: “How strong is he?”

“I dont know.” The older ancestor gently shook his head: “Rumor has it that this old sect has an incredible treasure. The charming spirits believe that this is one of their races primordial artifacts left behind by the charming spirit progenitor. Back in that era, countless experts in the nine worlds desired this artifact, and countless charming spirit lineages demanded it, including one sect with three emperors. The charming spirits back then believed that this treasure belonged to all spirits, so they demanded the surrender of this treasure.”

With that, the older ancestor turned silent for a moment.

“The abyss founders refused?” A younger ancestor broke the silence.

“Yes, their founders refused.” The old ancestor nodded: “This artifact is too tempting and powerful. Of course, with their refusal came the outbreak of a terrible war. Blood stained all of Heaven Spirit.”

“Did they win?” The experts here were moved by this tale. After all, this was a war involving all of the nine worlds.

“I dont know, even my ancestors havent been born during that era.” The old ancestor smiled: “However, later on, rumor has it that the abyss barely won using the power of the treasure. They killed numerous experts from the nine worlds. Some said that these founders darkness shrouded the worlds during that battle.”

The young ancestors were amazed after hearing this. They could imagine how terrifying and bloody this war was.

“In any case, the founders there managed to protect this treasure and established their sects current position.” The old ancestor continued on: “Of course, they paid a great price as well. After the war, only three founders managed to survive, and the Stygian Monarch is the last one to make it to the present.”

The young ancestor didnt know that the Spirit Abyss had such a glorious past. Despite not producing an emperor, they still fought against the nine worlds — this was a feat worthy of pride for many eras.

“What is this treasure?” An ancestor asked the key question.

The old ancestor shook his head: “Who knows? The future generations might not be privy to this information since the abyss stopped coming out after the war. However, because of its existence and the Stygian Monarch, no one had any ideas about the abyss again. Rumor has it that this treasure is definitely stronger than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure and maybe a bit weaker than the Trident.”

This came as a shock to the ancestors here. In the minds of many, true treasures were already invincible enough.


“So there are three Emperor Assailants wanting to fight Li Qiye?” Someone found this unbelievable after Stygian came out.

“This devil is crawling out too.” An old undying sneered after hearing this news: “Looks like hes about to die too, so he wants the nine leaves!”

In fact, there was no lack of dying monsters wanting this medicine of immortality. However, because these three have shown their faces, these undyings had to give up. After all, they were a bit weaker than the three.

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