Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 131 : Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School 1

The goddess was surprised. The Hallowed Ancestor rarely evaluated someone so highly. His favorable view meant that Ling Fengyun was indeed very mighty.

“Since he is so strong and is standing on the side of the Roaring Conch, I wonder if Young Noble Li can handle it? Ancestor, should we go and lend him a hand?” She became worried after being aware of Fengyuns power.

The ancestor turned silent for a bit.

“Whats wrong, Ancestor?” She found this strange because Li Qiye was very important to their pavilion. She was confident that if he actually needed help, their Hallowed Ancestor wouldnt sit idly by.

“This Li Qiye…” The ancestor paused for a bit before replying: “Although I havent seen him before, he wont need our help from what you have told me. Hell be able to surpass this danger and even sweep through all of Heaven Spirit until blood runs like the ocean along with echoing cries of anguish.” His eyes turned serious.

“How is that possible?” The goddess was skeptical. She wasnt doubting Li Qiyes power, but it was difficult to sweep through all of Heaven Spirit.

“Theres a high chance.” The Hallowed Ancestor spoke with a profound gaze: “If I am not mistaken, no one will be able to stop Li Qiyes conquest. And not just Heaven Spirit, all of the nine worlds wont be able to do so.”

“Really?” She was stunned for a bit. Even an Emperor Assailant wouldnt bombastically talk about sweeping through the nine worlds.

“If he is that existence, then yes, and it wouldnt be difficult at all.” The Hallowed Ancestor explained: “No, hell easily take care of the ten worlds too. If Immortal Emperors were still in this world, they would retreat before Li Qiye and not dare to block his path!”

“How outrageous!” The goddess felt that this conversation was becoming more bizarre. She wouldnt believe it if the speaker wasnt her ancestor.

He slowly uttered: “Its not outrageous at all if hes that existence. It is to be expected as a matter of course.”

“What existence?”

“An eternal legend about a dark hand hiding behind the scenes of the nine worlds, an existence that has ruled for one era after another.” Hallowed became quite dignified talking about this issue.

“Ancestor, thats just a legend.” The goddess had to interject: “Its not necessarily true. Moreover, no one has ever been able to verify this legends existence. Li Qiye doesnt look like it at all. If he had ruled the nine worlds in the past, he wouldnt need to run around like this, he could directly become emperor.”

“No, this isnt an empty legend.” He solemnly responded: “This existence does exist. Fewer than few can touch this level, and even less have been able to recognize it. However, I dont know if Li Qiye is that legendary existence or not.”

“Such a character is real?” The goddess was stupefied. Even though she had heard this tale from the other ancestors in the past, they all thought that it wasnt real.

However, the Hallowed Ancestor has verified it today. He continued on: “Yes, this dark hand behind the curtains has always been controlling the flow of the nine worlds.”

“What is it then? How is it able to control the nine worlds?” This prompted even more questions from the goddess.

“I dont know.” The ancestor shook his head right away.

“Ancestor, you certainly know more.” The goddess acted like a young girl trying to get something with her playful tone.

He sighed in response: “Its not that I dont want to tell you, I really dont know much more. I have never made contact with this existence and have only heard from the sea god.”

His expression turned earnest and serious after a brief pause: “Moreover, we shouldnt talk about this matter so casually with other people. This is a taboo, so those who know about it wouldnt bring it up. Recklessness will result in overreaching and can bring about a fatal disaster or even sect destruction. This is why people keep quiet about it all the time.”

The goddess took her time processing all of this. A long time later, she repeated: “So Li Qiye is really this existence?”

The ancestor sighed once more: “I dont know. In my opinion, even if he isnt, he is definitely related to that existence. I cant think of anyone else in this world who can train such a disciple. Thirteen palaces… that existence is definitely the one to break all common sense in this world.”

The goddess became extremely curious and interested in Li Qiyes origin after hearing this.


Ling Fengyun has come into being in order to demand justice for the Roaring Conch — this news made all of Heaven Spirit quite shocked, especially the people who knew about Fengyun.

“Whoosh!” On the same day of his emergence, an immortal light soared from the Ancestral Terra. Three ancestral trees emitted a majestic life force that engulfed the entire world. An invincible will-like aura from the depths of the terra seemed to have awakened from the past and traveled to the present. Many people trembled before its coming.

“No mercy to those who oppose my Ancestral Terra. However, Li Qiye, I might spare you if you come to profess your crimes at the Ancestral Terra.” A decrepit voice came from the depths of the terra and echoed across Heaven Spirit. Despite its coarse nature, it sounded like the voice of an immortal.

“Who is that?” Even though no one could see the speaker, it must be someone terrifyingly powerful to utter such words. Moreover, after awakening, his will swept through all of Heaven Spirit and robbed many beings of their peace.

“Creek-Bamboo Immortal.” Some ancestors were stunned to hear this echoing voice: “Even someone as reclusive as him is coming out. Does the Ancestral Terra want to go all out in this generation?”

“Who is that?” A junior asked his ancestor since he hadnt heard of this title before.

“The Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestors forefather. He might even be the founder of that branch.” The ancestor responded: “Rumor has it that out of the three treefathers from the terra, two of them came from this branch. Even though hes not the terras progenitor, some say that his status is the same as a treefather there.”

The junior took a deep breath upon hearing this. This was quite a history from this newly arrived existence.

The ancestor emotionally said: “This person hasnt come out in a long time. Some even believed that he returned to the earth. Who would have thought that he would come out in this generation? Li Qiye did stir up quite a mess.”

Li Qiye on the True Martial Island also heard of this voice and simply smiled.

“Creek-Bamboo is out as well.” Ruonan smiled: “It looks like hes coming for the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves in your possession. This so-called revenge is only an excuse. After millions of years, many geniuses and children from the Ancestral Terra have died on the battlefield. Some brilliant prodigies were killed during the competition to become a treefather as well, but he never came out for retribution. What makes the vice ancestor so special? Its only for the grass.”

“Well, its about time for the old geezer to die.” Li Qiye smiled casually: “He wont last much longer since he has renewed his life several times already, so he really wants the nine leaves this time.”

Ruonan stated: “It looks like things are about to get fun. Im afraid many reclusive old men will not be able to watch any longer since you have the grass. Moreover, they feel that they can win if they work together.”

“Thats a good thing. I was about to go cause some more trouble because no one else might give me a good reason to unsheath my blade. Now, someone is coming to our doors, theres no need for excuses to kill anymore. How convenient is this?”

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