Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 6: The Fiance 2

Jianshi was much more reserved compared to Ruyans unrestrained personality. She contained her excitement and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble, this is the greatest kindness you have given to our Void Imperfection Schools. We will never forget and hope that we shall be able to repay you one day.”

While looking at her elegant and mature expression, Li Qiye smiled and joked: “Dont worry about repaying me. The future is too distant, who can say what will happen? But if you insist, follow your sisters footsteps and give me a kiss. I dont mind being taken advantage of again.”

Her face turned red despite knowing it was an obvious joke. She didnt know how to properly respond.

“Oh? Young Noble, I didnt expect a peerless character like you to have some improper thoughts about someone elses wife.” Ruyan cheerfully quipped before giving implicative glances at the two.

“There will always be some interesting things in life.” Li Qiye didnt mind the comment and laughed as well.

Ruyan happily grinned: “Sister, what are you afraid of? You want to marry him anyway, so why be hesitant about a kiss? If he actually becomes emperor one day, it will be you taking advantage of him. Not just anyone in this world is qualified to kiss an Immortal Emperor.”

Li Qiye didnt know whether to laugh or cry at this bold girl. She was a demoness who dared to speak her mind, a strong person who could love and hate and be true to her desires.

Jianshis face blushed even more after being teased like this. She looked just like the sunset on the horizon. Despite her always elegant and graceful bearing, she couldnt help but lower her head at this moment.

However, she mustered courage out of nowhere and seemed to have discarded her inner inhibitions. With a rosy countenance and moist lips exuding her sweet orchid scent, she gave him a kiss on the lips.

Though this kiss didnt last long, she felt a shock run through her body while her heart thumped violently. Li Qiye didnt expect the dignified Jianshi to actually kiss him.

He smiled and didnt think too much of it. This was just an ordinary event to him, like water flowing downstream. It wasnt enough to leave any ripples in his dao heart.

“Look, the beginning of everything is difficult, but it will be much easier later on. Perhaps this will be the start of a good marriage.” Ruyan chuckled in response: “Sister, just make up your mind and seduce him to leave behind an imperial bloodline.”

This directness embarrassed Jianshi completely as her face became even hotter.

“Stop fanning the flames.” Li Qiye pinched Ruyans nose and shook his head.

Jianshi was still a schoolmaster, so she quickly dispelled her bashful state to regain her graceful bearing.

Li Qiye smiled at the two of them and said: “Okay, the two of you can take a look around. Ill leave the boneship to you.”

Jianshi found this surprising: “Where will you go?”

His eyes turned towards the distance: “I want to go check out the forbidden zone. Theres something I want there.”

This was his real purpose in visiting the Bonesea. It wasnt for any treasure, it was solely for this item. After so many years, he finally understood its mysteries and uses.

“The forbidden zone!” Both the girls were shaken. This was a place no one dared to enter outside of Immortal Emperors!

Many brilliant geniuses have tried to do so. Some Godkings who considered themselves to be invincible also entered. Alas, few could come out alive. Even those who escaped successfully had indelible wounds.

“Do you really want to go there? I heard the injuries gained in the forbidden zone are impossible to cure.” Jianshi became quite worried.

It was too terrifying of a location. Even the mighty Zhentian wouldnt easily tread into that area. He had the ambition to become emperor, so he would still be confident about coming out alive. However, an indelible wound was a real worry. This was something that could shake his dao heart.

For a cultivator, having an affected dao heart was the most serious of taboos. It would affect one for a lifetime, and their cultivation might be stuck in the same place forever as well.

Of course, they were confident in Li Qiyes strength. Alas, no one could truly be confident in escaping the forbidden zone unscathed.

He smiled and replied: “Its okay, its just the forbidden zone. Its still not the most terrifying place just yet. There are worse locations in this hellhole.”

After seeing that he had made up his mind, Ruyan and Jianshi didnt try to persuade him anymore.

“Are you going there for the item of immortality?” Ruyan winked with a coquettish smile.

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “I know what you are thinking, but forget about it.”

“I didnt even say anything yet, do you need to be so cautious and treat me like an outsider?” She pouted in response.

“If you are going to the forbidden zone, what should we do with Fairy?” Jianshi was much more careful and looked at Fairy lying inside the wooden coffin.

Ruyan was startled as well and added: “Thats right, what if she wakes up and goes crazy again when you arent here? We cant do anything about it.”

Their fear was reasonable since outside of Li Qiye, no one else could appease her. Judging by what they had seen before, once Fairy loses control, the world itself might be destroyed!

Li Qiye turned quiet for a bit while looking at Fairy. He eventually smiled and said: “Dont worry, her mind is clear and her emotions are very stable right now. She is only resting, so even if she wakes up, she wont lose control again.”

The two sisters felt relieved after hearing this.

Li Qiye eventually told the two: “Okay, the two of you can wander around freely. This continent has lost a lot of things, but if you are lucky, you might still find something good.”

“If thats the case, you should give us some hints. For example, where we should go and what we should pay attention to.” Ruyan was quick on the uptake.

“Bottomless greed like a snake wanting to swallow an elephant.” Li Qiye jokingly scolded her: “This place is different from the legacy treasure sea. You can bring treasures away from that place, but here, the focus is on fortune and adventures, not treasures. The latter is not something you can chase after.”

Ruyan replied: “But there should still be some treasures here. Like you said before, isnt this the corpse of a Kun Peng? Im sure it has some supreme treasures hiding inside.”

Jianshi agreed with this sentiment. They wouldnt be thinking too much if they didnt know that this was the corpse of a Kun Peng.

“Indeed, the legacy treasures of a divine beast can make the heart beat fast.” Li Qiye spoke with a tinge of emotion.

Ruyan half-jokingly said: “Should we dig 30,000 feet down to the deepest part of the continent? Maybe we will be able to find its legacy.”

“Not to mention 30,000 feet, even if you flip the entire continent over, it still wont do. This Kun Peng has been guarded in the past, so even if you dig everywhere, you wont be able to find anything. Without the right fortune and the corresponding key, the legacy treasures will be unobtainable.”

“The key? Do you know what it is? How about telling me?” Ruyan chuckled.

“Of course I know where it is.” Li Qiye smiled: “However, forget about the legacy treasures because even if I told you, you still wouldnt be able to get this key.”

The key to obtaining the legacy treasures of the Kun Peng was the yellow bell from the Gu Clan!

“Young Noble, are you intentionally teasing my curiosity?” Ruyan angrily stared at him and said: “Since this is the case, you shouldnt have told me in the first place. Now Im itching all over with this knowledge.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “What a greedy little beauty. Finding the Windchase Break is already a stroke of luck, so dont force other things. Just go play around and test your fortunes without being so insistent.”

“I got it.” Ruyan pouted. She was only trying to satiate her curiosity. The other treasures werent too tempting for her because her schools already had too many.

Jianshi asked: “What should we tell Fairy if she wakes up?”

Li Qiye remembered something and said: “If she wakes up, tell her that if it is meant to be, we will meet again. I hope to see her if such a day does come.”

“She wants to leave?” Ruyan was surprised.

Li Qiye nodded: “She will. She has her mission and burden while I have my own path.”

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