Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 127 : Six Dao Lotuses 1

Some became more aware after being reminded by Li Qiye. This prince did offer many advantages compared to other Emperor Assailants.

After all, as long as he was still in this world, he would have connections, resources, and knowledge among other things…

“Young Friend, it is as you say.” Dualchild didnt humbly deny Li Qiyes words and continued: “When that day comes, you will have more than just those things.”

“No, I am someone who prefers tangible benefits.” Li Qiye stated: “One leaf for your labor. Think about it and accept if you wish.”

Li Qiye made it very clear with no room for negotiation.

Dualchilds expression turned lukewarm. His condition was already excellent. Anyone else wouldn ’t be able to say no, yet Li Qiye directly refused him.

Many felt worried for Li Qiye. Refusing an Emperor Assailant required a lot of determination and strength. Nevertheless, he still did so without any hesitation as if he didnt care for Dualchild at all. The only thing worthy of his attention was his own whim.

“Looks like youre not willing.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I have given you the chance. Unfortunately, you chose not to accept it.”

Having said that, he turned and left.

“Young Friend!” Dualchild called him back and took his time persuading him: “Everything should be done in moderation. You must be sensible and not seize every inch of benefit you can get. Sometimes, acquiescing is a blessing in disguise. Everyone should be flexible and choose the right battle.”

Dualchilds answer suffocated many experts. It was very vague, but people could hear that this was a warning or even a threat towards Li Qiye.

If anyone were to be threatened by an Emperor Assailant, their food would become tasteless due to them feeling restless. Perhaps a nightmare would greet them every night as well.

Li Qiye immediately turned around and smiled after hearing this: “Threatening me? No one has ever dared to threaten me in this world! If you are smart, tuck your tail between your legs right now and I can pretend as if nothing happened. Otherwise, so what if you are the child of an emperor and a treemother? In my eyes, not any random dog and cat can claim to be an Emperor Assailant. Dont think that just because you can handle three to five hundred moves against an emperor that you are qualified to call yourself an Emperor Assailant and think that you can oppose an emperor. I am not like your father who will go easy on you. Provoke me and I will make a chamber pot out of your head even if you are the child of the high heavens!”

The crowd turned silly after hearing this. Threatening an Emperor Assailant was too domineering. This proved that Li Qiye didnt care for Dualchild at all.

Dualchild grimaced after hearing this and glared at Li Qiye with fury oozing out of his mind.

Not to mention his origin, his power was also undoubtable. In Heaven Spirit, few dared to oppose him. Even characters like Zhentian would assume the role of a junior when talking to him with respectful formalities.

But now, a human junior like Li Qiye dared to threaten him with disdain? How could he not become angry?

After saying his part, Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the old man any longer and left with Su Yonghuang.

Shortly after, the crowd stood still since they were slightly worried for him. Dualchild could go mad and kill Li Qiye. They didnt know whether Li Qiye could defend himself against Dualchilds wrath or not.

However, the furious Dualchild didnt take action as Li Qiye was leaving. He simply watched Li Qiyes back with a terrifying glare.

Such a frightening pair of eyes made everyone shudder. Even though they were fixated on Li Qiye, everyone felt that they would have nightmares due to this ominous foreboding.

In just one night, this news took Heaven Spirit by a storm. Meng Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor, and the Conch Overlord along with their legions were completely annihilated by Li Qiye.

This set off a tidal wave across the world. Many experts were stunned along with their sects. Everyone was in a furor.

“What, Meng Zhentian is dead!?” A big shot from the charming spirit race couldnt believe this and thought that it was falsified.

After repeated confirmations, the big shot still couldnt calm down. Keep in mind that many charming spirits held Zhentian in high esteem in the race for the Heavens Will. He was the most hopeful to become emperor.

“Zhentian is now dead, what should we do? We, we have invested a lot of manpower and resources into him.” Some sects that had allied with him felt downtrodden. Their sect masters slumped back into their chairs with blank looks.

These alliances had costed them a great deal of resources. With his death, all of their efforts have gone down the drain. All of their seeds were akin to bubbles dispersing in the ocean.

Some imperial lineages were out of words because they wanted to marry their princesses to Meng Zhentian and even advertised the event publicly! His death was a heavy loss to these lineages. There was no turning back now.

“So heaven-defying, its a complete reversal!” An ancestor was shocked upon hearing this news: “Hes only a human in Heaven Spirit. In terms of resources and connections, he is no match for Zhentian. I have to say that it is magical for him to make it this far. It looks like the throne is his for sure now.”

At the same time, news of Li Qiyes thirteen palaces acted as a heavy bomb exploding in this world. The masses simply couldnt believe it.

“Thirteen palaces…” Even old undyings that had been sealed for a long time were stunned: “Is he a monster? How could someone have thirteen palaces in this world?”

In just one night, Heaven Spirit was lost in a torrent of bewilderment.

“Go, inquire whether Li Qiye has a dao companion or not. Our princess wants to marry him.” Some imperial lineages immediately sent out their best disciples for scouting.

“No disciple or member in the sect is allowed to oppose Li Qiye. If you meet him, it doesnt matter what he wants, show your full support or report back to the sect. We will provide full assistance.” All the great powers reminded their disciples.

Li Qiye became a hot character overnight. Countless discussions involved him and how to befriend him for he has reached the pinnacle of Heaven Spirit.

These sects even hoped to find those close to him in order to use their connection.

“Thats the next emperor.” Many experts and sects had this thought.

“Our Spring God Gate supports Young Noble Li. If you ever need anything, just say the word and we shall even jump into boiling water.” A few sects couldnt contact him, so they sent out news about their support.

Everyone knew that there was still a chance to create a relationship with him before the ascension. After all, it would be too late once he becomes emperor.

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