Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 125 : Furiously Massacring a Thousand Enemies 1

“Buzz!” The nine leaves growing on the old tree instantly lit up. The complete grass took the life force from three thousand worlds in a split second. Even though it didnt move in the slightest, everyone could feel that every leaf seemed to be stretching.

After the leaves absorbed the essences, the sea of blood seemed to soar through the veins of the leaves!

Someone shouted in the face of death: “No!” No matter how strong one might be, they would show fear at this time and scream uncontrollably. A trembling weakness permeated through the victims.

Many experts were creeped out by this scene. Zhentians group and their legions were instantly turned into decrepit men. After their essences were stolen, they no longer looked like the invincible men they once were.

Just imagine how unbeatable and dreadful Zhentian and the Prince of Darkness used to be. The vice ancestor was also quite mighty as well… Alas, before Li Qiye, they were mere fish on the chopping block.

Who would have thought that the once-invincible group would have such a result today?

However, no one could say anything since they were aware of the merciless path towards the throne; it was either one or the other. If Li Qiye were to lose today, he could have met an even worse fate.

No one would criticize this type of death from losing. The path towards the throne was paved with bones, after all.

“Buzz.” The nine leaves became endlessly bright as the veins showed up clearly.

Its affinity of reincarnation was spinning with the light and turned into vortexes. They seemed to be containing the Yin and Yang as well as the karmic and samsara cycles…

It was as if something inside each vortex was chasing after the ultimate profundity. The existences inside could reincarnate and live again!

“No…” A few experts screamed before their final second. They werent willing to die like this, but there was nothing they could do.

“Zzz—” The nine leaves continued to suck what little left of their essences remained. In the blink of an eye, the tens of thousands of experts in the four legions died one after another. They turned into dried corpses and have been robbed of all!

“Damn it all! Time didnt wait for me…” In the end, Zhentian cried out as well before his head fell to the side. He joined the others as a corpse.

The prince and the others couldnt stand it much longer and have died as well.

No one had any comments. Zhentian was an incredible genius. Even though he had avoided a generation, he still couldnt escape death. Only the person who survives until the end can become emperor since there is only one Heavens Will!

“Bang!” The leaves emitted a scorching wave. All the corpses here turned into powder and shattered completely.

“Screech!” The grass suddenly sang. There were cries of dragons and phoenixes in the air.

The iron roots of the nine leaves connected to the old tree suddenly shrank and began to withdraw from the ground.

“Buzz!” It actually started flying with an unbelievable speed in order to escape this place.

Peoples hearts skipped a beat after seeing this. They all wanted for it to escape successfully so that there was still a chance in the future. Maybe someone lucky could obtain it later on.

However, if it failed to run away and gets captured by Li Qiye, no one else should even think about interfering. Who would dare to compete against Li Qiye at this moment?

Alas, Li Qiye was prepared right when the grass tried to escape. Laws in the grand momentum turned into a prison and immediately suppressed the grass. With the momentum crushing down on it, an indelible mark was left behind.

It didnt have the power to run at all and obediently fell into Li Qiyes hand. He grabbed it with a faint smile on his face.

The crowd didnt expect for the grand momentum to have this effect as well. They knew that it was the grass protector, but now, it seemed that it also served as its prison to avoid an escape at the time of maturity.

Most people salivated while looking at Li Qiyes hand and felt quite tempted. However, that was only a thought. No one was actually tired of living enough to try anything.

Li Qiye slowly spoke with a smile: “If you dont need its words, Ill be taking it now.”

People glanced at each other in confusion. No one knew what he meant or who he was talking to.

Only Su Yonghuang was slightly startled. She didnt know whether the grass master would appear or not. What kind of scene would that be?

Just imagine, a person capable of growing this grass and waited for so long… It must definitely be a terrifying existence.

However, the world was quiet as no one answered Li Qiye. No one came out either. It was as if Li Qiye was talking to himself.

After seeing a lack of response, he chuckled and said: “Silence stands for agreement, I wont be so reserved then.” With that, he stored away the grass.

Everyone gulped after seeing this with an envious heart. The moment he put the leaves away, there was nothing else anyone could do. This was now a foregone conclusion. No one else had any ideas about it.

“It seems like everyone is preparing for the last moment. The disaster isnt far off.” He patted his palms and spoke with a tinge of regret.

Whether if its the last moment or the disaster, no one understood this either.

Finally, Li Qiye slowly walked out from the grand momentum.

Everyone looked at him carefully while quietly breathing. They all felt a sense of admiration not only because of his power, but also due to his merciless methods towards his foes!

“Lets go.” He smiled at Yonghuang. She nodded in agreement.

However, he suddenly turned around with a cold glare and said: “I dont like others tailing me like a ghost. It is best if you come out before I become angry.”

This astonished the crowd because no one noticed that someone was following him!

With a buzz, someone appeared out of thin air and slowly landed on the ground.

The newcomer said: “The younger generation will surpass us in time. Amazing, I was still detected by you.”

This was a strange old man. Half of his body was in human form while the other half had branches and leaves. The tree-like half was very green as if each leaf was a new life full of majestic vitality.

He wore ordinary clothing and didnt particularly stand out besides his eyes. When he opened them, they looked like two terrifying black holes. Even myriad dao and the deities would be instantly annihilated if they were to fall into his gaze.

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