Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 124 : Heaven Extermination Devil Ape 2

The four experts and their tens of thousands of supporters had roots growing from their bodies that then connected to the ground.

“Zzz—” The roots sucked away their blood energy, longevity blood, life force, and grand dao; virtually all of their essences were being drained.

After taking away the groups vitality, all of these essences were refined through the grand momentum before being passed to the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves.

“The medicine of immortality isnt that old tree?” Many people were stunned to see the essences flow into the small leaves. From the very beginning, they thought that the tree was the real medicine. No one expected that this small grass with nine leaves was actually the real thing.

The truth was that none of them knew what it was since the news was purposely spread by Zhentians group.

“Li Qiye, are you not afraid of being punished by the heavens for your heinous deeds?” Even characters like the prince were frightened as their essences were being sucked dry. After all, few could face death without fear. Moreover, being squeezed dry like this was even more terrifying.

Li Qiye simply smiled in response: “Punishment from the heavens? Killing a few of you wont do anything. Ive already killed billions in the past! This is nothing in comparison. Plus, dont try to be all moralistic before me. Your abyss has committed countless evil acts as well! Not to mention robbing and killing people in Godhalt, burying babies underground is already heinous enough since not all of them made it! I am simply devouring my enemies essences while you all are the ones burying your own children. Who is more disgusting here?”

The prince who was shouting earlier had no response.

“I have never feared the villainous heavens.” Li Qiye continued: “Plus, even if this is worthy of punishment, it wouldnt be descending upon me. The thing taking away your essences is the immortal grass and the grand momentum. All I did was change the rule.”

No one dared to speak at this moment since the crowd was creeped out by this spectacle.

“The victors are kings while the losers are bandits, there is nothing else to say. But Li Qiye, you used trickery to defeat us, its not honorable at all. If you used your real strength to defeat us, we would have nothing to say. In this manner, the Ancestral Terra and the three great races in Heaven Spirit will avenge us!”

“Okay, dont try to scare me.” Li Qiye was quite amused: “What is this about Heaven Spirits powers? Since when have I been afraid? If they want to come, then come! Bring one million and one million will be slaughtered, bring one billion and one billion will be slaughtered! Its no big deal at all!”

The vice ancestor threatened him out of fear, but Li Qiye didnt bite the bait.

Many cultivators got chills around their necks after hearing this. His words were like sharp sabers hanging by their necks. Anyone who dared to oppose him would be decapitated instantly.

Li Qiye went on: “And what is this about trickery? When Zhentian lost, all of you were still hiding and didnt do anything, why? Wasnt it just to lead me into your trap? Since you were the first ones to resort to scheming, I decided to play along. Plus, think about it, where else am I going to find four people as powerful as you to act as nourishment? Moreover, there are another ten thousand experts here. This is especially true for Zhentian and the prince; they have high cultivations and are also young… this majestic vitality and prosperous spirit thats full of life — so nutritious. They are much better compared to the old geezers like the vice ancestor and Conch Overlord. Thus, I was more than happy to jump into your trap. As the saying goes, how can you catch the cub without entering the tigers lair?”

Having said that, he smiled and gently shook his head: “Im not trying to belittle all of you, but this scheme or strategy is not worth mentioning. As long as I spend a little effort, all of you were doomed from the start.”

The spectators glanced at each other. Not even in their wildest dreams did they expect for Li Qiye to scheme against the group. This was a real ploy compared to the trap laid by Zhentian.

Zhentians group was currently silent. The prince and the others personally planned this for the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess in order to capture them. They didnt expect that Li Qiye alone was enough to deal with them all.

“To be honest, using so many experts as nourishment is a bit cruel. However, you came on your own, so dont blame me for doing so.”

“Brother Li, there is an adage — one should make friends instead of enemies.” The Conch Overlord spoke with a smiling face: “You have bested us this time and we accept our defeat. What do you want? Just say the word, everything is negotiable.”

The overlord has conceded even though everyone else was watching. In his mind, face was nothing compared to being alive. He naturally agreed to put down his pride in order to stay alive.

“Overlord, you still havent changed at all. In your youth, you relied on your fathers prestige to do as you please. After meeting Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, you crawled up into your hole like a turtle for countless years by living a borrowed life. But now, noticing that no one stronger than you came out, you crawled out to act all imperiously only to hit an iron wall. And now, you have to beg for your life once again. You have wasted your origin and lost all of your fathers face.” Li Qiye smiled and scolded him without any reservation.

The overlords expression changed color repeatedly from being livid, yet he couldnt act out since he was a fish on the chopping block.

“Brother Li, everyone makes mistakes at times.” In the end, he took a deep breath and said: “Do you think that you make the right choice every time? Even if you kill us today, dont you think someone even stronger will try and avenge us? We didnt only make it this far by relying on the forces you see before you…”

The overlord had given up completely and started calling Li Qiye “brother.”

Many people felt contempt towards his actions, but they did realize that they might not necessarily be able to face death so freely either. It was better to live a dog life than to die.

“I know.” Li Qiye interrupted him: “Your Roaring Conch can also beseech another person, but I dont care. In my eyes, all opponents are the same, and Im not in the mood to show mercy at this moment! It is too late to beg now. Just try your best and be food for the medicine.”

The overlord was distraught. Even an ancestor like him felt fear at this moment; otherwise, he wouldn ’t be begging right now.

Contrary to the overlord, Zhentian had some backbone and shouted: “Li Qiye, give us a swift end if you are so great!”

“Very well, I shall lend you a hand.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Buzz!” The moment he finished speaking, the laws inside the momentum turned even more dazzling as if they were coming to life.

“Ah!” The experts with roots growing out of them couldnt stop screaming from the pain.

The absorption speed was now countless times faster. In a short period of time, the group completely changed in appearance. Their hair turned gray and their skin became loose.

Even young experts like Zhentian and the Prince of Darkness aged right away.

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