Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 123 : Heaven Extermination Devil Ape 1

The stalwart figure never answered Li Qiye, it only firmly locked onto him with its eyes.

Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as ever: “I have to admit that your abyss has figured out many things and has a decent understanding of Godhalt. Unfortunately, you have met me. This is the same as courting death.”

“Li Qiye, stop running your mouth. Do you dare to come out and fight?” The Prince of Darkness answered instead of the figure.

Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh: “I have nothing to be afraid of. However, killing all of you like that is too much of a waste. I still have uses for you.”

“Li Qiye, show some courage. If you win this time, I will leave forever.” Zhentian chimed in as well.

Li Qiye casually retorted: “A mere loser is not qualified to speak to me like that.”

Such words left Zhentian quivering with rage. There was nothing he could do since he wasnt a match for Li Qiye on the battlefield or with rhetoric.

“Junior, come out and obediently surrender and well spare your life.” The Conch Overlord finally joined in.

“All of you are going to die, theres no need to boast so shamelessly. I pity you all, you wont even know how youre about to die.” Li Qiye smiled in response to the provocation.

The vice ancestor coldly challenged him: “Youre the one boasting. I want to see what you can do to break our supreme formation.”

In his eyes, this formation was his Ancestral Terras masterpiece with the combined effort of two sea gods. Because of this, he had the utmost confidence in this formation and that Li Qiye couldnt ever break it.

“Break this formation, right?” Li Qiye was quite carefree: “Not the least bit challenging, it will be as simple as a meal.”

“Arrogant brat!” The vice ancestor was livid to hear such an outrageous answer: “Okay, come out this instant! I want to see what heaven-defying means you will employ to break my formation!”

Li Qiye chuckled: “Open your eyes wide and watch how I shall break this trivial formation and torture all of you!”

The vice ancestor felt like puking blood after hearing Li Qiye refer to their masterpiece as a trivial formation.

All the spectators in the distance watched with bated breaths. They were ready to see how Li Qiye would utilize all of his skills to break this supreme formation. They knew that he was a man of his word. If he said that he could break it, then he was definitely capable of doing so.

“Buzz!” In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye suddenly disappeared inside the grand momentum. The figure swept around the world but still couldnt find him.

This was difficult to believe for Zhentians group because they had their eyes fixated on him earlier. There was no way for him to disappear right before their eyes.

“Boom!” As the figure continued its search, it suddenly exploded. The formation broke down as the refined jades were scattered. All laws were shattered. Under such a powerful blast, Zhentians group was completely blown away.

“Bang!” They couldnt even react in time before a powerful force instantly suppressed them. It was as if a giant in the sky had trampled on all of them, completely immobilizing everything.

“Whats going on?” No one could tell what was going on. Such a sudden reversal left them astounded. From start to finish, they had no clue as to how the great formation was broken.

In fact, even Zhentians group didnt know how Li Qiye destroyed it so quickly.

Li Qiye reappeared at this time. He was still standing within the grand momentum with laws appearing all over his body. Countless laws emerged everywhere on the momentum as well. At this moment, the momentum looked like the laws of the world or the laws of the ocean. It was as if every single law originated from this source. Li Qiye seemed to be fusing with these laws, as if he was part of the center.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Li Qiye was one with the momentum: “You borrowed some power from the momentum, but you dont know that when I am controlling the momentum right here, I can easily detonate the power in your formation. This is too easy, you brought a wolf into your own home.”

“You!” Zhentians group was both angry and afraid. The vice ancestor was especially furious. He didnt expect his sects proudest masterpiece to be destroyed in such a simple manner.

“Open!” They roared, wanting to repel the power pressuring them. However, despite mustering every fiber of their being, they still couldnt escape from this power. The more they struggled, the stronger the pressure.

“Dont waste your energy. This is the suppression of the momentum, its full power, unlike the tiny portion that you borrowed earlier. Unless you are an emperor, dont even think about moving this power.” Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh while looking at the group trying to overturn the suppression.

The spectators from afar were amazed and speechless. This grand momentum was powerful to an unimaginable level. How could the four and their legions be able to escape from its pressure?

“Li Qiye is too devilish.” Someone had to say: “Reversing the situation like it was nothing. He is truly bizarre.”

“The winner takes all, we have nothing else to say. Li Qiye, do as you please. I only blame myself for not being capable enough and dying here today!” In the end, Zhentian gave up after failing to lift the suppression. He was a true man and remained proud before imminent death.

After hearing this, everyone was slightly startled. The fate of the four experts and their legions were at Li Qiyes whim. A single thought of his could decide their death.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Rest assured, all of you will die. However, the process will be very painful, and you will wish for death. Dont blame me for being ruthless, blame yourselves for letting go of the chance to run.”

With that, Li Qiye slightly moved and the laws of the momentum followed him. A terrifying event ensued.

“Zzz—” A strange sound came about. Roots suddenly appeared among the thousands of experts. After growing out of their bodies, they immediately took root within the earth.

“No!” The experts among the legions turned pale from fear. They wanted to struggle but couldnt move at all.

“Li Qiye, what demonic art is this!” Even the four top experts were frightened.

“This is no demonic art.” Li Qiye chuckled: “This is the most esoteric law of the grand dao. You should know that after borrowing the momentums power, everyones vitality had fused. Thus, on top of the refined jades power, the momentums power had fused with your blood so its laws are inside your body! At this moment, these laws are relying on your flesh and blood to grow, thats all.”

“What, what are you doing!” Even the Prince of Darkness was aghast for what was to come.

“Not much.” Li Qiye replied: “Didnt you want to borrow the grand momentums power? You have to repay after borrowing, right? It is time for the momentum to borrow your vitality to nourish this so-called medicine of immortality so that it can mature a little earlier.”

Everyone without exception was astounded after hearing this. It wasnt only borrowing vitality, Li Qiye might be wanting to squeeze them dry to nourish the nine leaves!

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