Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 122 : Common Target 2

The crowd opened their heavenly gazes in order to find Li Qiyes whereabouts. However, they still couldnt detect him.

“Do you know the mysteries behind this grand momentum and its real effects?” Li Qiyes leisurely voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The majestic figure immediately turned around and stared at him.

“Over there!” Someone followed the voice and pointed over.

Everyone followed the direction of his hand and saw Li Qiye standing below the old tree. He was actually standing within the grand momentum, gazing at the nine leaves growing on its roots.

The majestic figures eyes flashed as if it wanted to cross through the eons to kill Li Qiye inside the momentum.

Unfortunately, its gaze alone couldnt kill Li Qiye due to his location.

“How, how can this be?!” The old monarch found this unbelievable and took a deep breath: “Even emperors in legends cant break down this momentum. How, how did he get in?!”

Everyone stared at him, no one knew how he got in. Keep in mind that the princes group failed to do so since they couldnt come up with a suitable method. Otherwise, they would have taken the medicine long ago.

Of course, most experts heaved a sigh of relief to see him safe and sound. They were still eagerly waiting for him to come up with another miracle.

“This is another miracle!” A master emotionally exclaimed after Li Qiyes stealthy entrance into the grand momentum.

A charming expert had to say: “What miracle cant he perform when he can even train thirteen palaces?”

“Boom!” The figure stepped towards the momentum with the intention of going inside. When it stomped down, even Godhalt itself seemed to be caving in with the momentum.

“Boom!” However, it didnt matter how strong it was. Its stomp couldnt infiltrate this momentum and was sent backward.

People gasped before this scene. Everyone saw just how powerful this figure was, but it was actually forced several steps back. One could easily imagine the strength of the backlash.

“Bang!” It whirled both arms around and ruthlessly smashed down again. Both arms seemed to be gathering the weight of countless stars. The earth shook once more with incredible intensity.

Alas, the ground was still fine while the figure was bounced off a fair distance before stabilizing.

“This grand momentum is unreal.” Someone commented after seeing the figure unable to withstand the backlash.

“How could it not be strong?” The old monarch replied: “This is the legendary medicine for immortality. If the momentum protecting it isnt strong, it would have been taken away by someone long ago; it wouldnt be someones turn from our generation.”

Someone couldnt help but ask: “Then how did Li Qiye go in?”

The monarch couldnt answer this question. In fact, no one could.

“Rumble!” The majestic figure launched an unending storm-like barrage on the momentum. To the dismay of the crowd, it looked just like a raging dragon. Such terrifying power was the harbinger of doom.

The world trembled as its power assaulted the momentum one wave after another. Even Godhalt itself looked like a tiny boat floating in the torrential ocean that could be destroyed at any time in this violent situation.

Meanwhile, the experts here were the ants aboard this boat. If the boat were to be destroyed, they would also die without a burial.

Because of this, many fell to the ground, throbbing with fear. Some almost pissed their pants.

Only Li Qiye was as calm as ever inside the grand momentum. He carefully appreciated the nine leaves on the root as if it was the most beautiful thing in this world.

From start to finish, he didnt bother looking at the majestic figure.

Ultimately, it still failed to push through the momentum. In fact, it couldnt move it at all, so it had to give up and stood outside.

People held their breaths before this scene. They thought that it was waiting. If Li Qiye dared to come outside, it would immediately kill him without giving him the slightest opening.

In this moment, everyone wondered how Li Qiye will deal with this crisis. After a long time, Li Qiye turned around and chuckled: “Giving up is the right choice. Even an emperor has to pay a great price to break through it, let alone a supreme formation.”

A large part of why this momentum was impregnable was due to its connection with Godhalt and the Divine Tree Ridge. If one wanted to successfully do so, they must be able to affect the entire continent or even lift the Divine Tree Ridge from the ground.

This was easier said than done. An emperor would still find the price exorbitant.

In fact, Li Qiye had been wanting the nine leaves for a long time. He even researched the grand momentum for many eras and brought other emperors here to join in.

Later on, he was able to figure out its mysteries, allowing him to silently enter right now.

The figures eyes were fixated on Li Qiye as if there was no way for him to escape from it. Li Qiye didnt seem to care and turned back to look at the nine leaves: “This thing that you all refer to as a medicine for immortality… emperors and sea gods have come as did treefathers. Do you know why they didnt take it away?”

This was indeed the question looming on everyones mind. They knew full well that emperors could take down this place. The issue was whether it was worth it or not.

The majestic figure glared at him but didnt say anything. Perhaps it couldnt speak since it was only derived from a formation.

“Outside of the difficulty in attacking it, there is another reason. These leaves have yet to mature, so forcefully taking it away is even harder. And once taken away, it would immediately wither and become a useless grass.” Li Qiye explained as he turned back with a thick grin on his face: “However, it is near maturity right now. It only needs a little bit more before it leaves the roots. As the idiom goes, the melon will fall when the time is ripe.”

“The medicine of immortality is almost ready.” Many cultivators lying on the ground felt their hearts beat faster.

It would be deceitful to deny ones interest. This was a medicine for immortality; anyone would desire such an item, especially the older experts on the verge of death.

“How much longer will it take to mature?” Someone at this time actually shouted at Li Qiye as they were unable to restrain themselves.

“A tiny bit longer.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile: “However, I can lend it a hand to accelerate the growing process so that it can reach maturity right away.”

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