Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 121 : Common Target 1

“Bang!” Li Qiyes power with his combination fist was marvelous. In fact, everyone saw that this punch had blown Zhentian away before.

Space shattered before its might as a chill invaded everyones heart. Despite it not being aimed at them, they felt as if they were the ones turning to ashes!

“Boom!” Unlike everyones imagination, Li Qiyes fist didnt blow the majestic figure away. On the contrary, the figure slammed down with its palm and pushed Li Qiye into the muddy ground. The ground around him actually sank down.

All were stunned by this development. Everyone had seen just how strong Li Qiye was, but his explosive fist was completely repelled. This figure was way too powerful.

While watching the palm on the ground, no one knew whether Li Qiye was still alive down there or not. They finally understood the significance of this supreme formation. No wonder the prince was so confident in even dealing with an Emperor Assailant.

Someone murmured with a cold chill: “Is it over?” If it was them, they would never survive such a blow.

“Rumble!” The ground suddenly quaked as the palm was pushed upward.

At this moment, Li Qiye was still using his twelve-fists combination, the same sky-breaking punch. However, his body was also bright as his four grand Immortal Physiques activated at the same time.

Under this new empowerment, the fist was able to push the figures palm back.

“Boom!” The four weapons engraved on the figure poured out even more imperial aura to boost the figures power.

Li Qiye, who had just made a successful counter, was slammed down into the ground again.

The crowd thought that it was a good thing that this was Li Qiye. Anyone else would have been annihilated completely. Even the Godkings here felt that they were inferior to ants in the face of this palm.

“Isnt this too ridiculously strong?” The old monarch quivered with fear.

“I dont think Li Qiye can survive this invincible formation.” Many experts felt worried about him right away.

In the past, the experts who hated him wanted nothing more than for him to be killed by stronger characters. However, it was now different. He had thirteen palaces, so he was someone who could create miracles. More and more wanted him to stay alive and hoped that he could concoct something even more magical to become the greatest emperor of the ages.

After all, to be able to witness such an emperor in their own generation would be a life worth living. It would be the most resplendent of eras.

“Boom!” When everyone thought Li Qiye was dead for sure, the gigantic palm was pushed back again.

At this moment, a divine mountain capable of crossing time itself was floating in the sky. Countless Buddhas were chanting. This mountain could shatter the entire world. It came from the sky and could suppress all things. Everyone felt an urge to worship them from the depths of their souls, it wasnt a type of fear.

The mountain forced the palm back and began to suppress the majestic figure!

Divine Mount Meru — the Declivity-Mountain Bells ultimate attack. Even the palm that could suppress the heavens was blown away.

“Bang!” The other hand joined in and had the momentum of a heavenly king raising a pagoda to stop this mountain.

“Rumble!” Under the suppression of this ultimate attack, the majestic figure began to sink. Its feet were swiftly sent into the mud.

“So domineering, does he want to sink the earth completely?!” The spectators were slack-jawed.

The majestic figure was completely unbeatable. Anyone would praise their fortune to be able to survive it, but now, Li Qiye was actually seizing the upper hand. Just how ferocious was he?

“Boom!” The earth quaked. It seemed that the figure was devouring the power under there. It grasped this worldly power and borrowed even more from the grand momentum.

“Boom!” It smashed the mountain bell away and slammed both of its hands down in the next second.

Many experts went limp on the ground after seeing this. Perhaps even the entirety of Godhalt would sink before this attack.

“Buzz!” Before it made contact, Li Qiye instantly summoned the Heaven Sealing Pentagate and unleashed a Resplendent Break.

“Rumble!” Next, five divine beasts emerged — Sun Consuming Bird, Moon Eating Wolf, Star Devouring Ant, Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and Earth Sealing Rat! The five beasts turned into five dao and coiled together in the sky.

Pentadao Timeless Seal! The ultimate attack of this treasure, the strongest defensive line in the world. No matter who they might be, they would have difficulty breaking through this defense.

“Boom!” The hands ruthlessly slammed down on the barrier. Even someone as mighty as this figure couldnt break through.

Despite not hitting the ground, the earth still shook because of it. Many beings in Godhalt were confused and horrified. It seemed that the end of days was coming.

“Boom!” Even though the majestic figure couldnt break the timeless seal, its unstoppable might pushed the entire seal down into the ground and suppressed it inside.

In a short period of time, the world turned quiet as all eyes were fixated on this scene. They all wanted to see Li Qiye rise from the pit to deter the palms again. For many people, this was definitely possible for there was nothing he couldnt do.

However, one second passed after another, but the world was still quiet. Li Qiye didnt repel the palms like they imagined. He didnt leap into the sky triumphantly.

After a long time, someone murmured: “Is this it? This is how it ends?”

The majestic figure stood up and raised its palms. Its eyes swept down towards the dark pit, but there was no movement down there.

“What now?” Many felt disappointed. One spoke in disbelief: “Is this how he dies? No way, he has thirteen palaces!”

His fans felt that this couldnt possibly be the end for Li Qiye. They were still waiting for him to launch a counterattack.

“Well, this is still a supreme formation. Even an Emperor Assailant wouldnt necessarily be able to handle it.” Someone else had to comment: “Li Qiye couldnt overcome it no matter how strong he is.”

The gaze of the figure swept by, nothing could hide from it.

However, Li Qiye was nowhere to be found. It was as if he vanished from thin air.

The old monarch could read the situation from the figures demeanor and shouted: “No, hes not dead yet, hes just completely gone.”

“Where did he run off to?” Many rejoiced upon hearing this. This was at least better than the news of his death.

1. This is a common image describing Chinese mythology. – this pagoda can grow much larger.Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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