Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5: The Fiance 1

On the outside, many looked at the octagonal tower, waiting. Although none of them knew how to enter, no one was willing to give up. This was especially true for the stronger crowd. They all wanted to take a look inside in hopes of obtaining a supreme creation. Eventually, the gate opened with Li Qiye coming out.

There werent that many changes in his appearance, but Ruyans group was quite discerning. They clearly noticed from his expression that his wounds have been healed in full.

The daoist noticed even more than this group of geniuses. His eyes flashed upon seeing Li Qiye. In the past, he saw Li Qiye as being unfathomable like a slumbering beast that could devour all enemies at any moment. But now, he felt that Li Qiye was too simple, as if nothing was there. Finally, he noticed an ephemeral glimpse, one where Li Qiye was the world and the world was Li Qiye, an all-encompassing and omnipresent being.

With this fleeting thought, the daoist suddenly caught onto something. He saw an eternal grand dao, one capable of creating a new eon!

“The Heavens Will has a master now.” He gently sighed after seeing the foregone conclusion.

Prior to this, he still had some doubts, but after Li Qiyes emergence from the tower, he knew that the suspense was gone. Li Qiye was sure to become emperor in this generation.

Not everyone was as insightful as him. Others grew curious while staring at this fella, in particular, the treasures or fortunes he might have obtained inside the tower.

Alas, no one would dare ask Li Qiye especially when he didnt like to mince words.

“Congratulations, Brother Li. Nothing will be able to halt your path in this generation.” The daoist slightly bowed and spoke with sincerity.

Li Qiye chuckled while staring at the daoist: “Its a shame that you didnt pick the path of the heavens.”

The truth was that Li Qiye really liked Puresun. If he didnt come into being in this generation, perhaps he would have trained Puresun.

“With you around, Im already satisfied if I can laze off somewhere.” Puresun spoke in a carefree manner.

He was an open-minded individual and knew just how sad it was for Li Qiyes future rivals in the competition for the Heavens Will. Of course, this meant nothing to him since he had no such ambition.

“You can still evade this era!” Li Qiye smiled.

The daoist shook his head: “No need, I dont want much in this generation. Being able to stroll through life is enough for me. It will be worthwhile just to see your brilliance in the future.”

Li Qiye commented with a tinge of respect: “Not many people can be as free as you across all the ages. I must befriend someone like you.”

To earn such a remark from Li Qiye could be said to be an incomparable honor. Not many people enjoyed such a high evaluation from him.

The daoist didnt answer and only bowed deeply.

It was no wonder Li Qiye thought so highly of him. If the daoist really wished so, he still had a chance in the future by giving up everything for a restart. With his talents, becoming an emperor would only be a matter of time.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye happily smiled. After notifying the group, he was ready to depart.

Puresun looked over at Profound standing next to him and asked: “Junior Brother, do you have any plans?”

There was still some grievances between Profound and Li Qiye. Even though he didnt try to fight Li Qiye, he also found the guy quite unpleasing to look at.

Profound was a proud person like that. Despite knowing that he was inferior and that Li Qiye might become emperor in the future, he still wouldnt try to curry favor. Nothing would change his general annoyance towards Li Qiye.

“I found a place.” Profound pondered for a moment before answering: “I intend to attack it and see if I can enter.”

“Want me to lend you a hand?” Puresun smiled after seeing Profounds uncertain expression.

Puresun had always viewed Profound as a real little brother while Profound respectfully treated him as an older brother. Puresun would use all of his strength in order to help Profound when necessary. As for Profound, he would never say no to his older brother.

“Good. With your help, well get it done for sure.” Profound didnt bother putting up an act and agreed right away.

He would usually never get help from someone else, but since his brother asked, there was no need for a prideful refusal.

“Brother Li, we shall meet again as long as time continues to flow.” The daoist cupped his fists to Li Qiye.

“I hope that day will come.” Li Qiye laughed in response.

The daoist and Profound bid farewell to Ruyan and Jianshi. Profound didnt bother saying goodbye to Li Qiye. Courtesy wasnt necessary for someone he didnt like. Li Qiye didnt mind this prideful gesture and kept a smile on his face.

Their boneships eventually left the lake and sailed deeper into the main area in the sky.

Everyone was relieved to see Li Qiye leave. One spoke with a hint of regret: “What a pity, we wont see a fight between him and Zhentian.”

Someone looked over at Zhentians mountain and replied: “It will happen. Once Zhentian comes out of his cultivation, he will probably come and seek Li Qiye for revenge. Just stay at the Bonesea and well see the fight for sure.” The immortal energy was still faintly showing on the mountain so Zhentian was surely still meditating.

Everyone calmed down after Li Qiyes departure. Their eyes turned towards the tower. Some were quite excited and even thought about trying to enter.

However, they didnt dare to take action and looked over to the Swiftdao God instead. He was the first to occupy the entrance. Even though he gave it to Li Qiye earlier, logically speaking, he should be the first to enter now.

Of course, reason faltered to strength in the cultivation world. The only “justice” right now was that he was too powerful and no one here dared to oppose him. Thus, as long as he was here, no one tried to compete. He looked at the tower and gently sighed. He decided against entering and drifted away instead.

This was his style. He wasnt one to underestimate himself and was even confident in catching up to Meng Zhentian in a few years. Nevertheless, he understood the gap between him and Zhentian right now. Furthermore, the one suffocating him was actually Li Qiye; he was even more deterring than Zhentian.

The gap between him and Zhentian was discernible, but Li Qiye was completely unfathomable. He simply couldnt see through Li Qiyes true strength at all.

At the same time, Puresuns appearance also moved him. He has become quite complacent recently, but now, he had no choice but to admit that Heaven Spirit was full of talents. If Puresun was also on the path of the heavens, he would definitely be a great rival in the future. The Swiftdao God left, exasperated from knowing that there was still a long way to go. He must work even harder.

With his departure, everyone excitedly competed to go up the altar in order to enter the tower.


As the boneship was floating in the air, Ruyan and Jianshi eagerly stared at Li Qiye. As supreme beauties, their current expressions were full of temptation and made them even more irresistible.

“You dont have to look at me like that.” Li Qiye laughed and casually threw a bone at the two of them: “This is your Void Imperfection Schools Windchase Break. Take good care of it. If you lose it again, it wont be so easy to find it a second time.”

The two of them accepted the bone and carefully perused it before exclaiming: “Its real, we finally found it!”

Their excitement was uncontrollable. Their school had been searching for this technique to no avail until now. They felt that this would be able to comfort their ancestors souls.

Both of them caressed this piece of bone while murmuring: “Windchase Break…”

Not even in their dreams would they expect for them to be the ones bringing it back to the schools.

“Thank you, Young Noble!” Ruyan was unrestrained and passionately kissed Li Qiye in her fervor.

“Is this you taking advantage of me?” Li Qiye chuckled after falling victim to the kiss.

She pouted and glared with her pretty eyes: “Even if I am, just let me for a bit!”

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