Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 120 : Heavenly Prince Qingxuan 2

“There is no free lunch in this world.” Li Qiye revealed a lackadaisical smile.

“Thats correct.” The prince slowly said: “However, we dont want much, only one thing. Just hand over the method to cultivate thirteen palaces, then well drop everything. Your future will most likely be one of an emperor.”

The spectators were robbed of their breath and began to palpitate after hearing this.

All along, the limit was twelve palaces — this has been common knowledge for millions of years. However, someone like Li Qiye broke this belief; no one knew how he did it.

There have been countless incredible talents across the eons as well as peerless emperors. However, none of them had achieved thirteen palaces unlike Li Qiye, the shatterer of norms. This meant that a mystery, a method remains unknown to the rest of the world.

If he could actually hand over this method, it would mean that others could also have thirteen palaces in the future.

Just how tempting was this? The rumored Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng was already unbeatable with just twelve. If one could have thirteen palaces, just how far could one go? Li Qiye was the perfect example. Perhaps he could even exceed Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng if he became an Immortal Emperor in the future.

A moment later, everyones eyes brimming with greed were on Li Qiye. Of course, no one dared to have any ideas, their desire remained an internal thought.

The other top experts didnt have any objections to the princes request. Even Zhentian didnt say anything. Without a doubt, the four of them had quickly reached a consensus and remained on the same side.

Li Qiye couldnt stop smiling after hearing this demand: “How wishful. Unfortunately, I can only say that you are all daydreaming. I have never negotiated with my enemies before.”

He continued on: “Be smart and scram this instant. Oh, Zhentian will have to stay behind. Only then will I spare the rest of your dog lives. Otherwise, itll be too late for regret.”

The Conch Overlord furiously shouted: “Ignorant brat, prepare to die!” He has endured Li Qiye for a long time now. Since when has a sea gods son been looked down upon like this before? If it wasnt for the method to reach thirteen palaces, he would have attacked long ago.

“You have missed the opportunity. What a shame, a future emperor has chosen his own death today.” The prince spoke with a sinister smile.

Li Qiye was still relaxed: “Okay, no more wasting time, lets fight. After dealing with you, Ill be taking the so-called immortal medicine.”

“Such haughtiness! You cant even keep your life, yet youre still talking about the immortal medicine?” The vice ancestor sneered.

In the past, the group had also wondered how to get past this grand formation. Alas, they were completely helpless with no methods of entry. Otherwise, they would have taken it away long ago.

Zhentian roared: “Li Qiye, accept your death! I shall have vengeance for my disciple!”

At this time, the four of them took action at the same time. If Li Qiye didnt wish to make the deal, he would only be a great threat later on. When would they kill him if not now?

Moreover, he was trapped inside their supreme formation right now. They were completely confident that even if he had the strength of an Emperor Assailant, they could still besiege him until he dies in this place.

“Boom!” The supreme formation emitted a blinding light that illuminated the entire Godhalt Continent.

Basked in this boundless light, the four of them and the legionnaires vitality erupted. No one held anything back as they unleashed their energy into the formation like a howling flood.

At the same time, all the refined jades carved into this formation also poured out their worldly energy. There were too many to count; it could be said that Zhentians group had gone all-out to produce this number of jades. An incredible amount of worldly energy was being spewed out, so much so that it seemed just like an earth vein.

“Boom!” With the flow of the formation came the connection to the grand momentum. Its power made the formation even more resplendent and majestic until it reached its highest state. When it erupted, it carried a force seemingly capable of shattering all of Heaven Spirit.

Afterward, the four disappeared with their legions as well as the formation.

A majestic figure emerged in front of everyone. It emitted countless immortal rays and had an imperial aura that could shake the world.

Its resemblance to an emperor made it seem as if there was a real emperor standing right there.

“An emperor…” Numerous experts hastily prostrated. This aura was completely unopposable and made them tremble in fear.

The old monarch murmured: “No, it is an imperial will. All of the formations power has been injected into it to summon the wills of the four imperial weapons. These wills then came together to create a complete imperial will. At this moment, this is the formation itself.”

At this moment, one could see the four weapons that were fused with this stalwart figure. Two were on its wrists while the other two on its shoulders.

This was an entity with the will of an emperor as well as the power of the supreme formation.

Even though it wasnt a real Heavens Will formation and only carried ten to twenty percent of its power like Li Qiye had stated, it was already terrifying. Even an Emperor Assailant might not be its match!

This force immediately ravaged the world. Many old existences woke up, stunned by its overwhelming might.

An old undying mumbled in a daze: “Did someone become an emperor just now? No, the Heavens Will hasnt appeared yet.”

“Its a Heavens Will formation.” A more knowledgeable monster carefully gauged this power and asked: “Wait, thats not right. Is it that supreme formation from the Ancestral Terra then?”

The towering figure stood there, basking in the admiration and reverence of the crowd while suppressing all of them with its aura.

Even the strongest would feel insignificant in its presence.

After a long time, an expert that was forced to the ground mumbled: “How terrifying would a real Heavens Will formation created by an emperor be?”

People had a hard time imagining the type of opponent that would force an emperor to use their Heavens Will formation. This also prompted another question — if emperors were already invincible, why did some of them create this particular technique? Did they also have something to fear?

“Can Li Qiye break through this siege?” Some felt their mouths go dry and had to lick their lips. The idea of speaking became painful.

The figure turned its body and redirected its encroaching gaze. This was an invincible will; when its gaze came down, many people instantly collapsed and trembled.

Li Qiye was still all-smiles: “I also want to see how strong it is.” Having said that, his right hand flashed brilliantly.

“Rumble!” In the blink of an eye, he punched with a twelve-fists combination. No one could look straight at this blinding light. Some even had trouble keeping their eyes open.

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