Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 119 : Heavenly Prince Qingxuan 1

“Boom!” In a twinkling flash, the supreme formation was erected. Everyone felt the earth tremble as well as its rhythm.

Within this short period of time, the entire formation seemed to be moving the ground itself and fusing to be one with the world.

“Rumble!” It didnt take long before the power of the world melted into this formation.

It was as if Zhentian and his legions have opened a floodgate. The power of the grand momentum endlessly poured into the formation with continuous blasts. The entire world was now enveloped by the momentum. It was originally protecting the Reincarnation Nine-Leaves, but it has been borrowed by Zhentians group.

Looking at it from another perspective, if the power of the grand momentum was as vast as an ocean, then Zhentians formation was a port connecting this oceans power to their own formation.

Even though it couldnt borrow the power in its entirety as it was only a tiny portion, this minuscule amount in combination with the refined jades and the vitality from the troops culminated an unimaginable might.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” Four Immortal Emperor weapons appeared among the four legions and poured down endless imperial laws. These laws then quickly integrated into the formation.

This made the already-terrifying formation even more devastating. To the astonishment of the crowd, an array of this unprecedented level has been formed.

“What formation is this?” Even God-Monarchs trembled in fear. If any of them were to take a single step in this formation, they would be ground to dust without being able to resist in the slightest.

Li Qiye gently batted his eyes while standing inside the formation with a faint smile on his face.

“Li Qiye, you are very strong indeed, but we arent weak either.” The prince was emboldened as the formation took shape and exclaimed: “Even an Emperor Assailant might not be able to escape from our grand formation!”

This formation wasnt meant for Li Qiye alone. Its purpose was to deal with terrifying beings like the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess. However, the two of them didnt come, so they had to use this formation on Li Qiye instead.

“I do agree that this is powerful indeed.” Li Qiye perused the formation and chuckled: “Your efforts have indeed yielded some fruit. After so long, your abyss has figured out some secrets and are able to borrow some power from the momentum.”

“Looks like you know your stuff.” The prince spoke with a tinge of complacency. Keep in mind that even an Immortal Emperor might not be able to directly break through this grand momentum.

However, their abyss was able to unravel some secrets. It wasnt just the princes achievement alone. Many generations of their wise sages researched the Divine Tree Ridge before culminating in this feat carried out by the prince today.

“A grand formation such as this isnt something your Spirit Abyss can come up with.” Li Qiye revealed a carefree smile: “This is an array that imitates an Immortal Emperors Heavens Will. Not many people are qualified to do so. At the very least, your abyss cant accomplish this, so it must be the achievement of the treefathers from the Ancestral Terra.”

“Hmph, Li, I guess you do know a lot.” Even the vice ancestor felt some glee despite hating Li Qiye. This was indeed their Ancestral Terras proudest work. It was just that they never had the chance to use it in the past.

Moreover, they wouldnt use it frivolously due to the exorbitant price of opening such a supreme formation. Just the amount of refined jades was already too much for an ordinary lineage to bear.

“Dont be so smug.” Li Qiye casually countered: “Your legions are inferior to imperial legions. Plus, they havent undergone long-term training, its only a temporarily gathering. Not to mention the fact that you do not have the will of an emperor, you are forced to borrow the imperial weapons as substitutes. At the same time, there is no Heavens Will either, so a large amount of refined jades and vitality is necessary to support it. These factors limit this formation to ten to twenty percent of the true array at best. This is what people mean when they say,trying to paint a tiger but end up with a dog instead!”

To the chagrin of his foes, Li Qiye took his time explaining why their great formation was worthless. The vice ancestors countenance turned ugly since their masterpiece was being viewed with such disdain.

The vice ancestor declared: “Li, even if it can only exert ten to twenty percent of an emperors Heavens Will formation, it is more than enough to slaughter you!”

“What is a Heavens Will formation?” Many experts have never heard of such a thing before.

The old monarch mused before answering: “I have never seen it before either. Rumor has it that emperors have no need to use it because they, alone, are already invincible.”

“Of course, there are tales about emperors creating these Heavens Will formations too. In theory, they are formed by an imperial legion. If the emperor cant personally preside over the formation, they would let their Heavens Will do so. Therefore, such a formation doesnt only have the power of the legion itself, it also contains the Heavens Will — extremely terrifying.” He elaborated his response with uncertainty.

An expert repeated: “Such a formation has appeared before?”

The old monarch had no answer to this because he has never seen it in action. Logically speaking, there was no need for an invincible being to use this type of formation.

In actuality, these Heavens Will formations have been used quite often in many famous battles since the start of time.

In the past, during the offense to kill Immortal Emperor Long Ming, the Dark Crow and countless wise sages surrounded him. The experts of myriad races in the nine worlds completely blocked off the Ancient Ming Races paths of escape. At that point, the emperor had no choice but to use his Heavens Will formation in order to stop the onslaught.

Alas, he still failed in the end, resulting in his death and the destruction of the formation. His race was completely massacred!

The Prince of Darkness coldly uttered: “Li Qiye, it is a fools dream to think about breaking through this siege today.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye was still as carefree as ever.

“However, we do not have to fight to the death.” The prince said: “If you agree, your future will still be as bright as before, and you may even become emperor.”

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “Am I hearing things? Are you saying that you want peace?”

In fact, many spectators couldnt make sense of this either. The two sides should be fighting to the death, yet the prince wanted a ceasefire?

“Li Qiye, if you agree, we can forget everything.” The prince said: “Even in the future when you compete against Brother Meng, all sects in Heaven Spirit will be impartial. The stronger of the two will win the chance to compete. Moreover, they will also gain the full support of Heaven Spirit.”

People shuddered after hearing this. This was too tempting of a condition. Li Qiye had the absolute advantage while Zhentian was definitely not his match. If he could also have the full support of Heaven Spirit, it meant that he would have the resources and power to challenge the rest of the nine worlds.

This temptation was virtually irresistible for anyone who wanted to become emperor.

In this brief moment, everyone quietly glanced at Li Qiye, eagerly waiting for him to make his decision.

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