Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 117 : God 1

The onlookers were full of respect as they watched Li Qiye boldly walk into a trap. Even those who disliked him in the past had heartfelt admiration for his decision.

A charming spirit expert said: “A man should always tread forward without fear.” In the past, he was a supporter of Zhentian and hated Li Qiye. Alas, he couldnt help but respect Li Qiye at this moment.

“If Li Qiye doesnt die, the throne will surely be his in this generation.” The old charming spirit monarch sighed and said: “He has a supreme cultivation and a rock-solid dao heart on top of being fearless. These are the necessary qualities to become emperor.”

It was hard for people to comment on whether an Immortal Emperor was good or bad. However, they do talk about the dao heart as the most essential requirement. As for the emperors morality, everyone had different opinions and standards. Only an unbreakable dao heart was the universal requirement.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye had arrived. He stared at Zhentian then looked around with a smile: “Come out, your stealth techniques arent bad, but they cant fool my eyes.”

“Whoosh!” An army appeared and blocked off Li Qiyes retreat, resulting in him being completely surrounded.

The Terra Ancestor, the Prince of Darkness, and the Conch Overlord all appeared at the same time with a powerful legion behind each of them.

In a brief moment, the four leaders and their legions presided over the four directions and sealed the area as well as all possible paths of escape.

Their vitality soared to the sky in a gallant yet murderous manner. Under the presence of such terrifying bloodthirst, the spectators nearby felt a chill.

“These are the strongest legions from the Spirit Abyss, Ancestral Terra, and Roaring Conch. It looks like all the elites from the abyss are here too.” Many experts couldnt help but gasp.

“But legions are useless when they reach this level.” Someone remained skeptical.

“Not necessarily.” The old monarch stared at Zhentians location and said: “In a regular bout of this level, an army will essentially be trivial. However, if they can utilize them correctly, this might no longer be the case. Each legion allows for one to have a majestic blood energy, a life force beyond imagination.”

Li Qiye glanced at the group before looking at Zhentian and chuckled: “To tell you the truth, I feel bad for your disciple. These old men have been here the whole time, but they chose to not do anything due to being afraid of alerting me. This ended with the death of your disciple. And maybe, you are aware of this as well. Your disciples sacrifice is still within an acceptable margin in your mind.”

Zhentians expression changed completely as his eyes narrowed. In fact, he knew full well that the princes group was here the whole time. In his mind, leading Li Qiye here was their final plan. This trap wasnt only meant for Li Qiye but also for the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess.

Unless there was no other way, they wouldnt go this far. It would be best if Zhentian could have killed Li Qiye by himself. If Li Qiye were to win or the women come to help him, they would lead them here into this trap and deliver a fatal blow!

The princes group had been hiding the whole time. They wouldnt take action unless Zhentian couldnt escape and until Li Qiyes group made it into the trap.

Li Qiye poured more salt over Zhentians wound. They indeed chose to sacrifice the general. This wasnt a simple disciple for him. All along, he showed absolute loyalty and had many meritorious achievements. He also adored the general and taught him everything. To a certain extent, he even viewed him as his son.

But today, the general died for his sake. From a different perspective, this sacrifice was worth it, but it was still his beloved disciple!

Zhentian took a deep breath to calm down. With a cold glare, he uttered: “Ill have revenge for my disciple!”

He didnt say so when Cao Guoyao died, but he had made up his mind to avenge the general!

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled and told them: “I actually dont see how you all can avenge him.”

Zhentians expression turned ugly after hearing this. In the past, who would dare to show such disdain? People respected him everywhere. Even those stronger than him would treat him cordially. However, Li Qiye let him feel the taste of being looked down upon.

“Junior, stop running your mouth.” The Terra King shouted: “Today will be your burial and here lies your tomb. Even if you have three heads and six hands or the ultimate power, you will still die!”

With an icy glare, the king spoke with great confidence.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye gave him a dismissive glance and replied: “You are still only a puppet. Either come out with your real body or Ill wring your neck when Im done with this formation.”

Not long ago, the Lunargrasp Fairy also looked down at him like this. Now, Li Qiye has done the same. This drove the king mad as he laughed maniacally: “Good, good, Junior, Ill let you see my true body then!”

“Buzz!” His body began to transform into wood as branches protruded out. Shortly after, leaves and an old face emerged.

He coldly declared: “Junior, Im not leaving until I kill you!” Not only did his appearance change, so did his voice. It became quite decrepit; the Terra King was no longer the same.

An old treant ancestor respectfully said: “The vice ancestor is here.”

Many people were shaken after seeing this. The Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor took root within the earth so he shouldnt be able to leave the Ancestral Terra.

However, he created a new method. He latched onto a disciple with a similar bloodline, allowing him to leave the terra.

Even though the Terra King had his own soul, consciousness, and ideas, he was still only a puppet. One of his three souls was left with the vice ancestor. Because of this, it was simple for the ancestor to take control of his body. He couldnt refuse for he lacked the ability to do so.

“You are far from enough.” Li Qiye sneered.

“You!” The vice ancestor was furious, but the prince stopped him and said: “Vice Ancestor, keep the plan in mind.”

The ancestor glared at Li Qiye and snorted with great bloodthirst.

Among them, the calmest was the Prince of Darkness. He stared at Li Qiye and said: “No one can deny your power, Li Qiye. It is worthy of pride, but it doesnt mean that you are invincible.”

Li Qiye leisurely countered: “Is that so? Ive always thought Im invincible in the nine worlds.”

“It cannot be denied that you are indeed invincible once you become emperor.” The prince slowly answered: “However, you must understand that the people here arent the strongest in Heaven Spirit. We might be formidable, but there are beings stronger than us still. Even if you were to escape today, you wont be able to evade all the ambushes from the real paragons!”

His words were quite insipid, yet people palpitated after hearing them.

“There are even more powerful characters?” An unaware person thought that this group was already the strongest in Heaven Spirit.

“Yes.” The old monarch turned serious in response: “There are still Emperor Assailants in Heaven Spirit, real assailants!”

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