Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 115 : Little Silly 1

Zhentian resorted to using his elbows to support his body while staggering backward. Terror overwhelmed him; the ever-present confidence he once had has crumbled; his fearless being felt apprehension.

At this time, he was drowned in despair because of Li Qiyes thirteen palaces. This wasnt something he could ever surpass regardless of how powerful he became in the future. Li Qiye would always be a demon in his nightmare and never allow him to find solace.

Like Li Qiye had said, even if he were to survive after this defeat, he would never be able to escape from Li Qiyes shadow. He would be subjected to living in fear for an eternity.

The crowd, at this moment, was rightfully apprehensive. Some gasped for breath due to the terrorizing atmosphere permeating the air. They knew that Zhentian had lost himself.

“Master, go!” At this time, the white general suddenly rushed forward and blocked Li Qiye.

“Baier!” Zhentian trembled and shouted after seeing this.

“Leave!” The general shouted again as his blood energy poured out completely: “As long as the verdant hills remain, there is no fear of running out of firewood. You can still start over again later!”

Having said that, a loud blast resounded. He had begun to burn his longevity blood.

In this split second, he burned his own grand dao as well. Everything was sacrificed with this final attack. A crimson spear as red as blood appeared before him.

Zhentian shuddered as he knew what his disciple wanted to do. He bit his teeth and entered the valley to escape by jumping into the next domain since he agreed with the generals belief.

“Boom!” A dao of the spear condensed on the physical weapon itself. It shouldered everything from the general; all of his vitality, longevity blood, life force, and his grand dao.

Without a doubt, he has given up everything and focused it all in this spear. This was his final and most powerful attack!

The middle-aged generals hair turned white. He instantly turned into an eighty-year-old mortal. Even his back hunched over.

Everyone was shocked to see this scene. They understood that this was akin to an act of suicide. Even if he could somehow win this battle, he would surely die for all of his essences have been used up.

“Li Qiye! Talk to my spear before thinking about crossing!” The decrepit general might be bending over, but his battle intent was still surging like before. He came forward without any signs of fear.

Li Qiye, in his Nirvana Heavens, form flatly said: “Commendable courage. Alas, it is throwing an egg at a rock.”

“So be it!” The general cried out.

“Whoosh!” A spear crossed the sky courageously with no return!

This move was the definition of total offense. The general had openings everywhere as he flew forward with his spear to kill Li Qiye.

In his mind, the outcome didnt matter. He only wanted to buy time for his master to escape.

This attack created a solemn and stirring atmosphere with a resounding war intent. The White General gripped his spear while veins popped up everywhere. One could see the determination and seriousness in his eyes!

“Boom!” Li Qiye threw a direct punch at the tip of the spear. Under this crushing blow, the spear began to bend.

The general howled: “Die!” The blood staining his clothes didnt deter him at all. He continued forward in a frenzy. Even though his spear was becoming deformed, he still mustered all of his strength.

Despite knowing that he was no match for Li Qiye, he refused to let go and was ready to face death. It was nothing to him as there was only one firm will in his mind — stopping Li Qiye!

“Boom!” Like Li Qiye had said, this was only throwing an egg at a rock. Even the White Generals ultimate attack with his spear that contained his everything was futile against Li Qiyes Nirvana Heavens.

The spear eventually shattered and the punch made contact with his chest. With a bone breaking sound, Li Qiye actually showed mercy and didnt pierce through his opponent.

The truth was that it didnt really matter for the end would be the same. Whether Li Qiye killed him or not, the general wouldnt be able to escape this fate due to his offering to the ultimate strike. His conviction was the only thing that allowed him to stand right now.

He fell from the sky and slowly closed his eyes. Even though he couldnt stop Li Qiye for long, his master was still able to escape. This was a death without any regrets.

The crowd lamented with sorrow while watching his falling body. For many people, the result didnt matter either. The most important thing was his admirable courage.

“Boom!” He slammed into the ground and died without any resentment or regrets.

“Thats a real man.” Li Qiye said: “Any master would be proud to have such a disciple.”

The crowd gazed at his corpse and was shaken. The older cultivators were sighing left and right. For them, if they could train such a disciple, their life would not have been wasted due to the pride they would have.

“Bury him.” Li Qiye glanced at the corpse before taking Su Yonghuang deeper inside the snow valley to jump into the next domain.

The majority of the people here gave chase right away. Some charming spirits stayed behind and buried the general and even erected a tombstone for him.

No one knows if Meng Zhentian or the Dream Empyrean will ever come back to pick up his remains for a proper burial later.

After the jump, people found this domain to be a vast prairie. It was a scene of green as far as the eye can see. This prairie was filled with the scent of flowers and plants. Taking a deep breath here would raise ones spirit a hundred times and make people relaxed and happy.

Zhentian was on the run without even bothering to look back. Despite having to drag his wounded body, he didnt have time to worry about it. He used his greatest speed to flee since this was his last chance.

Li Qiye gave chase with considerable agility as well. However, he didnt go all out since there was no rush to catch up.

During the hunt, Li Qiye smiled and spoke: “It looks like some people can still endure for a while longer. I wonder what tricks you have left.”

His voice traveled far and wide. Everyone could hear him clearly, including Zhentian up ahead.

However, Zhentian didnt dare to reply and kept on desperately running for his life.

The spectators behind them were astounded. No one would expect for the day when Zhentian would have to run like a dog that had lost its master. He should be the hunter, not the hunted. The scene today was hard to take in for many people, especially the charming spirit experts.

They were the most optimistic about Zhentian and thought that he could kill Li Qiye, but today, it was the complete opposite.

Nevertheless, this escape made many people curious. Where was the Prince of Darkness group? Why havent they showed themselves to help Zhentian who was running like a dog?

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