Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 114 : Verdant Copper 2

“Boom!” The divine beasts came with a murderous frenzy. Their attacks destroyed the Yin and Yang as well as the karmic cycle and caused the nine heavens to tremble.

Countless slumbering existences opened their eyes while one of them exclaimed: “A real Imperial Massacre!”

“An Imperial Massacre!” A God-Monarch present started quivering and felt the urge to prostrate.

This attack seemed to have come from an emperor. Even the strongest here would be scared stiff.

This was more than an ordinary Imperial Massacre. It was fused with Zhentians ultimate grand dao attack. Because of this, its power far exceeded that of an ordinary Imperial Massacre and could be compared to a massacre that exceeds the limit.

Immortal Emperor True Treasures had their own spirits. Because of this, after these spirits wake up, they would be able to unleash the ultimate attack named Soul Annihilation, an attack one level above regular Heavenly Annihilations.

A life treasure had a long way to go compared to a true treasure. Nevertheless, they still had a limit-breaking attack above regular Imperial Massacres as well — Soul Massacre!

At this second, it looked as if an emperor has unleashed this attack capable of slaughtering gods and devils. All existences would turn to ashes; all grand dao would break instantly; all laws ruptured!

Countless people kneeled on the ground since they were suppressed by this ultimate attack and couldnt move at all.

Even a Godking would be killed if swept by this attack regardless of how strong they were unless they had an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye simply smiled in the face of this Soul Massacre.

“Whoosh!” One palace flew out after another. A moment later, they lined up high above his head.

“Twelve fate palaces!” The old monarch was stunned before turning pale and cried out: “No, there are thirteen palaces, yes, thirteen! How can this be?!”

He couldnt believe his eyes and had to count again. There were indeed thirteen palaces.

“No way!” Everyone screamed after seeing this. Even the most knowledgeable couldnt believe what they were seeing.

“What…” Even Zhentian, who had just unleashed a Soul Massacre, shouted in disbelief.

The thirteen palaces swiftly disappeared and left behind a primordial expanse. All things have yet to be born. At this moment, it was the primal beginning of the heaven and earth.

Footsteps sounded in this chaos. A stately figure walked out and stood in this expanse as the master of all.

He suppressed everything with his presence. The supreme grand dao, the imperial grand dao, and even the high heavens dao were suppressed. Everything seemed to have been trampled by him and were no longer worth mentioning.

This figure was Li Qiye. At this moment, he was an Immortal Emperor. No, he was above one.

No one could tell whether this was his true body or just an image. Once it appeared, everyone was filled with reverence and didnt dare to look straight into his eyes.

He loomed there above the high heavens. Perhaps he was the high heavens itself. Any existence would seem trivial before him.

Even Zhentians supreme dao dimmed right away. He could feel his dao being pressured by Li Qiye.

“Heaven Suppression Fist!” With his Nirvana Heavens, Li Qiyes fist came down and eradicated all things.

A magnificent scene unraveled before the crowd. In this instant, he shattered all limits. The limit of the grand dao, time, space, and all else…

If the high heavens existed in this world, it would face immediate obliteration after receiving this fist. This was the epitome of all fist techniques.

Even the old monarch couldnt stand straight. His knees gave way as he dropped to the ground. He didnt want to kneel, but it was not up to him at this moment for he lacked the strength to even resist.

This was an absolute suppression. In his Nirvana Heavens form, Li Qiyes Heaven Suppression Fist was absolutely overwhelming.

“Boom!” The Soul Massacre was destroyed. The divine beasts inside instantly turned to ashes. They felt incredibly vulnerable in the face of this punch.

“Crack!” The imperial weapon in Zhentians hand crumbled and the fragments fell to the ground.

“Bang!” He was also suppressed. All was futile, his grand dao shattered along with his bones. It had smashed his entire body into little pieces with blood oozing out everywhere.

“Boom!” Even the old battle stage couldnt withstand this relentless attack. All the laws around the stage lost their brilliance, then the entire place turned to smoke.

This was too shocking. This stage was once blessed by countless ancient sages. Even the Soul Massacre earlier couldnt destroy it. However, it couldnt take a single blow from Li Qiye and faced thorough destruction.

Finally, everything became quiet. The world fell into a stillness. Shortly afterward, the experts all bowed on the ground. Even though they were unwilling, Nirvana Heavens and the Heaven Suppression Fist were ultimate creations. The choice was not up to them due to the omnipotent pressure.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Black clouds gathered above Li Qiye and issued thunderous blasts. A heavenly tribulation was forming, but it still hadnt come down.

Li Qiye coldly looked at it with a grin on his face.

All were shivering, including Zhentian who was still alive. They stared at Li Qiye, who has turned into Nirvana Heavens, in astonishment.

Thirteen palaces have broken through the limit of everyones common sense. Everyone knew that twelve was the max.

There was an old adage in the nine worlds — nine deserves utmost veneration, ten embodies extreme perfection, eleven creates a miracle across the eons, and twelve decides the Immortal Emperors throne!

Since the ancient ages, only one person was rumored to have twelve palaces, and that was Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng. Of course, this was merely a legend because no one had seen his palaces.

The legend went on to say that it was precisely because he had twelve palaces that allowed him to remain unbeatable for a lifetime.

However, what appeared before them now werent twelve but thirteen palaces. This took their breath away.

No one had ever heard of this number, but Li Qiye has achieved it. Perhaps he was the only one in all the ages with thirteen palaces!

Fear permeated the crowd. What was the significance behind thirteen palaces? This was beyond their imagination. All they could say was “invincible”! An invincible Immortal Emperor.

Although he has yet to become emperor, everyone understood that the throne would take no one but him.

Li Qiye looked at Zhentian lying on the ground and smiled. Zhentian, on the other hand, was trying to support his body with both hands and retreated backward one step after another.

“Should I kill you now or let you live in my shadow forever?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Zhentians heart trembled as fear spread throughout his very being. Next came despair. At this moment, his dao heart was completely shaken. If he couldnt overcome this fear, even if he could stay alive, he would forever be under the shadow of Li Qiye. At that moment, he would no longer be qualified to become emperor.

Li Qiye stated: “Although I want to torture you with this fate, I like being decisive as well. Well just end it by killing you to save some trouble so that you wont come again.”

Zhentian shuddered again. At this moment, he was utterly defeated. It could even be said that he had lost everything and couldn ’t start fresh anymore. He was still as powerful as before, but this has gone past the point of return. There was no chance for him to surpass this mental blockade. Li Qiye had turned his dream into a nightmare!

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