Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 112 : Sky Shouldering Ape 2

Even the God-Monarchs nearby felt insignificant before this huge golden figure; they felt as if they were mere ants. No, they werent even ants, they were only grains of dust floating in this world.

“Boom!” The golden rays that were shot out this time had materialized and used the ultimate speed to attack Li Qiye.

This power was impossible to describe. Nothing and no one could stop its annihilative might!

“Rumble!” Even Li Qiyes twelve fist combination, that could pierce through time itself, couldnt shatter it. It was too ferocious and contained too much power.

“Boom!” It made contact with Li Qiye and pushed him all the way up to the sky vault. He slammed into it as if it was a wall, causing the world to shake. Even as he was being suppressed by this power, his fist still couldnt break it down.

“Rumble!” He continued to throw a barrage of punches at it with his right hand, but this retaliation was unsuccessful. He remained stuck to the sky.

The golden light this time acted as a gigantic palm holding the opponent in place. The spectators took a deep breath at this time due to this physical manifestation of the hand. It looked as if it belonged to an Immortal Emperor with the ability to suppress the nine heavens and the grand dao.

All resistance was futile in the face of this hand. Even the strongest character couldnt stop a single blow. The crowd felt a cold chill spread down their spines. Some couldnt help but touch their own necks after feeling a strangling sensation. They could even hear crackles as if this gigantic hand was crushing their throats. It wasnt only an immense pressure but also a soul-destroying sensation.

With cold eyes full of murderous intent, Zhentian uttered: “You shouldnt have opposed me!” He stood there proudly like a ruler. Everyone shuddered with fear after seeing his appearance.

Someone murmured: “Is it over? Is Zhentian about to win?”

A charming spirit expert said: “Thats Zhentian for you, only he will become emperor in the contemporary!”

Li Qiye only smiled in response.

“Whoosh!” His inner physiques lit up. In a split second, the Soaring Immortal, Hell Suppressing, Void Imperfection, and Sky Destroyer Physiques activated.

Speed, power, weight, and a power to disintegrate all things flared to their limits. They combined to form a monstrous domain. Inside this domain, there could only be one ruler.

“Boom!” With the help of the four Immortal Physiques, his right fist suddenly broke through another limit. It shattered time, space, and the shackles and restraints of all powers. All bottlenecks were suddenly meaningless.

Even the great emperors above the nine worlds would quiver before this fist.

It shattered everything. The materialized golden hand instantly crumbled. Everything seemed to be slowing down. Everyone could see a huge amount of golden debris swirling everywhere and falling from the sky like rain.

“Bang!” They felt that this scene had suddenly frozen the world, the scene of Li Qiyes right fist penetrating Meng Zhentians chest.

Blood spurted out and dyed the sky red. Zhentians chest was completely penetrated. He fell down with a loud thud onto the stage like a falling meteor.

His blood dyed the stage crimson. There was a huge pit on the old floor with cracks emanating from it. If this went on, the stage would actually break down completely.

In this split second, time was stopped and the crowd was speechless as they gazed at this scene.

Their mouths were opened so wide that one could fit an egg inside them. Now, it was Li Qiyes turn to be an untouchable godfiend instilling dread into everyone. The spectators were breathless and trembled helplessly.

The cultivators here didnt know how to describe their emotions and the scene unraveling before them. The charming spirits that thought Zhentian would win earlier were now pale with their legs shaking. Some couldnt help but drop down on their butts.

Earlier, they were praising Zhentian and thought that he had successfully suppressed Li Qiye. Who would have thought that Li Qiye would reverse the tide so easily and pierce Zhentians chest?

The white general paled as well. He didnt expect his master to lose like this. Being beaten by a junior was something unbelievable.

Everyone was silent for a long time. This was Meng Zhentian! The junior brother of an Immortal Emperor! Many experts couldnt handle this reality.

Li Qiye stood in the sky and insipidly stated: “Its my turn to sayyou shouldnt have opposed me!”

“Crash!” Gravel went flying as Zhentian got out from the pit. He was covered in blood with a terrifying hole in his chest.

This might be his worst defeat since the start of his journey and the first time having his chest completely penetrated.

“Hes still okay.” Some experts heaved sighs of relief. As long as he was alive, there was still a chance of beating Li Qiye.

At this moment, the crowd watched the two and didnt even dare to breathe loudly. Everyone could see that Li Qiye had the absolute advantage, but they still wondered if Zhentian could do something to change the situation.

“Buzz—” The wound on his chest began to heal. In a brief moment, his chest was restored to before it was penetrated.

At his level, recreating a body was a simple task. Nevertheless, Zhentian was still uncomfortable and had a pale expression.

The invincible attack from Li Qiye didnt only create an external wound. He had to pay a great price in order to heal his chest.

He glared at Li Qiye as his eyes darted about. Suddenly, he felt as if he was weak and lacking confidence. As a genius, everything was within his grasp. He was able to easily deal with any danger, but at this second, he became irresolute. This was the second time he had this kind of feeling in his life.

The first was a very long time ago when he faced the Black Dragon King. After being scolded by the king, he didnt dare to come out.

However, he didnt feel as if that was an embarrassing matter. After all, the king reigned for three generations. Even emperors had to be respectful towards him, let alone others. Even his brother, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, had his Heavens Will torn apart by the king.

Thus, even though this was a taboo matter to him, he himself didnt view being afraid of the king as a disgrace!

However, Li Qiye was affecting his dao heart as well as his confidence. One might even call this feeling “fear.”

This was disgraceful for someone like him who aspired to be emperor!

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