Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4: Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect 2

“Buzz!” In front of the great mirror, Li Qiye had entered a state of zen as his body was immersed in the void.

All things familiar to the world were missing, such as time and space and all the creatures… However, everything was also here, including the heavenly grand dao and its breath along with the wondrous laws…

At this moment, Li Qiye was emitting a bright light with his thirteen palaces floating above his head in full force. They spun like thirteen stars and derived a supreme grand world. Inside this world was the inhabitants of the universe, billions and billions of them basking in the brilliance of the sun and moon…

After some time, the palaces disappeared along with Li Qiye. The only thing left in their place was a vast emptiness with a primordial force. This energy pervaded the area without dispersing.

A new life seemed to have been born in this primordial chaos in the form of a new world. An unprecedented grand dao was taking shape… After a long time, all of the aspects of a universe could be found.

This was a place without the concept of time. Eventually, lightning appeared in this chaos, issuing thunderous blasts. Countless planes were moving with the coming of a new world.

A while later, a boom resounded. It wasnt particularly loud, but it seemed to travel from the past to the future — a force capable of crossing one era to another. The primordial chaos was finally opened. If anyone was standing here, they would feel that this was the beginning of a new world.

The thing splitting the primordial chaos open was not the legendary great axe but a particular grand dao. It was simple and unadorned yet very real and coarse. A pure energy slowly came by while the impurities descended. A light flashed everywhere in this new dawn. This energy turned into stars and the flow of water turned into an ocean. The quaking of the chaos turned into the sounds of the world…

The dao did its work inside this heaven and earth. It seemed to have been slumbering and existed even at the initial inception of the world. An outsider would be able to see the evolution of this land. As moments passed, the stars in the sky became brighter with the sun and moon floating up and down. Time came into existence at last.

Creatures were being born on this plane. Beasts roamed the earth while birds soared in the sky. Some began to cultivate and made their mark in this world.

The years went on and the nebula became brighter. It was leading this world to a new golden age. The creatures here became exceedingly powerful. Some were able to grasp the sun and moon and pluck the stars. They traveled through the sky freely while refining all in their path…

Alas, such a splendid era didnt last for long. A disaster eventually came as stars fell from the sky. The celestials lost their brilliance as the inhabitants of this world put their greed first…

Under this disaster, repugnant beings came into existences. They ravaged the land and murdered the inhabitants. It became a scene of carnage very quickly.

Eventually, all creatures headed for extinction. The repugnant beings ruled the world after killing everything.

Kill one hundred to be a marquis, one thousand to be a monarch, ten thousand to be a king, one million to be an emperor, and kill them all to be the greatest fiend!

An ultimate fiend finally emerged in this bloody era. It swallowed all the other evil creatures and annihilated this land in its effort to become the master of the Yin and Yang.

Finally, with the greatest explosion, the world collapsed along with the howling fiend. It all returned to the void. There was no longer a great world or any existence for that matter. Even time was no exception…

The wheel turned again with the emergence of a glimmer in the empty void. The chaos began to gestate life, time, and the grand dao once more…

A new cycle and era begun. In this one, immortals were climbing to the peak and prosperity was everywhere…

Over time, some immortals turned evil. The world was destroyed once more to enter a new cycle. This cycle of creation and destruction continued, only the grand dao was unchanging.

The world was able to begin anew due to this dao. Myriad existences were able to climb to the top in their golden era thanks to this dao. The collapse of all things was also because of this dao…

This was a force beyond time and the reincarnation cycle. Regardless of whether it became a god, devil, or immortal, it continued to exist in spite of its form.

Astonishment would be the only emotion found in any spectator privileged enough to see this scene. This was a world-creating dao that continued for countless cycles — an eternal dao. Of course, its form was always different.

This was Li Qiyes grand dao. Creation into reproduction into dissipation, all for the sake of this timeless dao. This dao dominated all aspects. It dominated the heavens, the reincarnation cycle, creation and destruction…

Any knowledgeable person would be frightened if they were here to see this. A cultivator could create a grand dao. However, to a large extent, it would only be grasping the heavenly dao and using its rules to create a new dao. Because of this, the path of the heavens became a popular belief. A dao creator could eventually be recognized by the Heavens Will and compete for it to become emperor.

There were also levels on this particular path. From weakest to strongest, they are Dao Apprentice, Dao Master, Dao Sovereign, Celestial Mortal, Celestial General, Celestial God, Emperor Reserve, and Emperor Candidate.

Within this realm, Celestial Mortal was the start of dao creation. From that, one would gain the ability to sense the Heavens Will.

At the level of Emperor Reserve, their dao would be perfected and readied to shoulder the Heavens Will along with its power. If this dao failed to be recognized by the Heavens Will, the user wouldnt be able to enter the competition to be emperor. Only grand dao recognized by the Heavens Will would earn this opportunity to vie for the throne.

However, Li Qiyes grand dao wasnt created for the Heavens Will. It has directly opened up its own world and started a new era. In this place, his dao was alone, he was the lord of all.

Due to its domination, even if Li Qiye wanted to seize the Heavens Will, his grand dao still wouldnt accept it. It would control the Heavens Will instead since this could only be considered a certain force within his grand dao, not its entirety.

In this manner, this dao continued to develop cycles of reincarnation. After countless eras, everything disappeared while Li Qiye took form in front of the great mirror again.

At this moment, he opened his eyes, revealing an extremely clear and simple glare. There was no frightening glint or profound look, it was the simplest and most sincere pair of eyes.

“A grand dao just like the genesis of all.” A wisp of a smile appeared. This was not only the start of his dao, it has taken a step further towards improvement. Although there was still a long way to go before perfection, this step made him understand his dao even more. He knew what path he was taking and what was needed.

To a certain extent, he didnt need the Heavens Will that has become dispensable for he will surely become an emperor that will start a whole new eon.

“It doesnt have a name, so I might as well give it one now.” Li Qiye laughed and freely said: “Since it was created by me, lets call it the Dao of Seven Nights!”

Seven Nights Dao, his casual comment has decided the name of his creation.

He stood up and looked at the big mirror. Its original appearance was restored. The void was no longer there, so it looked like a moon once more, one with a rough surface and undecorated form.

He smiled and said: “A Kun Peng, maybe I should groom a unique divine beast one day, one that will surpass all the others.”

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