Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 110 : Godly Tree Covering the Sky 2

“Boom!” After a loud bang, the world lost its voice. The spectators couldnt hear the slightest sound as they were momentarily deaf.

This punch destroyed the whole era after fusing ten different fists. It exerted the maximum limit of power or even the limit above that. Everything turned into ashes before its might. The laws of the grand dao, the power of the world, time and space, and all else were beaten back to the origin.

The Heaven Suppression Seal instantly collapsed. Even though this was Zhentians proudest masterpiece and contained all of his energy, it still couldnt withstand this combination punch. Even a true seal that could suppress the heavens would be shattered by this blow.

This punch didnt bother deterring or suppressing anything. It was the purest force of destruction that blew everything back to nothingness!

One could hear cracking noises emanating from the entire stage. The lines intertwined with each other, making it seem that this whole place could crumble at any moment. It became a vast expanse like the birth of the primordial chaos because the punch had returned everything back to the primal beginning. Objects and laws as well as the fabric of reality were reverted. This was why the stage eventually turned into a vast nothingness.

“Boom!” After the seal was destroyed, Zhentian was sent downward by this punch and slammed into the battle stage, creating a huge pit. Just a bit more and he would have flown through it completely.

When all the cultivators could hear again, there was still no sound outside of their own breathing. They didnt dare to breathe either because it seemed as if a huge palm was gripping their necks.

They were speechless and couldnt even gasp or shout. There were no words to describe their feelings.

Even the white general who had the utmost confidence in his master was astounded and took several steps back. In his eyes, no one in this world could oppose his master outside of Emperor Assailants.

Alas, at this very second, his master was smashed into the stage, shattering both the floor and his confidence. The unbeatable image of his master was shattered.

This should have been impossible, but he was witnessing everything with his own eyes. This was more shocking than anything else in the world.

Zhentians supporters, in particular, felt despair. Some twitched while others bent over to puke.

“Boom!” Debris went flying. Zhentian jumped out of the pit. He looked quite embarrassed at this moment with bloodstains everywhere. This might be the worst state he has ever been in after becoming famous.

“Well done, very powerful.” He stepped into the sky again with bright glimmers in his eyes. Despite being bloodied, his spirit and energy were still high while his aura was still as suppressive as before!

His supporters finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this and said: “Thats Zhentian for you.”

As long as he was alive, there was still a chance. This was true for characters at his level.

In fact, losing wasnt a humiliating thing at all since the competition for the Heavens Will had always been cruel. Countless geniuses have lost in the past, even the emperors when they were younger.

“Li Qiye is worthy of his titleFierce. Only he can compete and defeat Zhentian among the younger generation in Heaven Spirit.” A few experts felt pride while watching Li Qiye.

In the past, a human like him was an object of scorn. Many people looked down on him as a human couldnt possibly compete against Zhentian.

But now, his abilities have proven his invincibility. He trod forward in an unstoppable manner. Those who hated and treated him with contempt in the past couldnt help but admire and even worship him.

This was the cultivation world. Respect and admiration had to be won with the fist. As long as one was strong enough, they could change all past sentiments!

Zhentian slowly spoke while gazing at Li Qiye: “It seems like I have still been underestimating you.” His eyes were extremely profound and bright. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Thats been the case the entire time. Go ahead and use your entire arsenal or there wont be a chance.” Li Qiye showed a carefree smile.

Such casual and domineering words stirred all the listeners. No one would question Li Qiye at this moment, nor would they call him arrogant for he has earned the qualifications to speak in this manner.

Just how tyrannical was it to claim that Zhentian had no chance? How many in this world would be able to utter such words?

But now, people took it in stride as if it was a natural and fitting occurrence.

“Boom!” Li Qiye slowly raised his right hand once more. At this moment, it was still shaking with the ten fists.

People felt their hearts tighten with anxiety as a cold sweat ran down their spines while looking at his right hand. This combination made their legs grow weak; they were no longer able to stand straight.

They could imagine that if this punch struck their bodies, they would be turned into mincemeat instantly. No, not even pieces of their flesh would be left. The residual mist would be blown away by the wind.

In fact, Zhentian was slightly alarmed as well. Even an informed master like him with an arsenal of all arts in this world didnt know what kind of punch this was. There were still merit laws that he hadnt seen before?

For him, this punch wasnt part of any of the laws in his knowledge. This meant that Li Qiye was the creator of this supreme punch. Just thinking about how Li Qiyes punch destroyed his masterpiece, the Heaven Suppression Seal, suffocated him. It implied that Li Qiye had a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the grand dao than him.

His current state of mind was completely understandable. Even if Li Qiyes cultivation was weaker than his, Li Qiye had traveled further on the path of the dao and surpassed him!

Zhentians eyes turned icy cold. If Li Qiye remains alive, he would lose to him and have no chance of reaching for the Heavens Will.

Zhentian cried out: “Fine, let me see your supreme fist again.”

“Buzz!” In the next moment, his divine reflection appeared.

It looked like a full moon hanging above him. It was as white as jade with a very gentle light that could ease everything in this earth back to the source.

The hearts of all spectators skipped a beat after seeing this moon.

“A perfect divine reflection.” Even charming spirit God-Monarchs felt jealous of this wondrous creation.

All eyes were fixated on it. Everyone knew that the empyrean had the best reflections among all the charming spirits. Just how powerful was this perfection reflection from Zhentian?

“Good, I also want to see how much you have learned from your progenitor, Shen Mengtian.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile while looking at the reflection.

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