Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 109 : Godly Tree Covering the Sky 1

In this instance, everyone looked at Zhentian to see if he would use his own arts.

After all, the cultivators here knew that practicing one hundred merit laws wasnt a match for focusing on just one.

Zhentian indeed used all the top arts in this world, but he still hasnt exerted his real fighting potential.

Zhentian calmly said: “Let me see your top techniques too then.”

The past exchanges didnt include their personal best since they were only warming up. Zhentian was trying to find Li Qiyes openings while Li Qiye simply retaliated.

“Very well, its time to broaden your horizons.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly raised his right hand forward.

“Boom!” He suddenly made a fist that held golden glimmers. At this moment, his right hand seemed to be made from gold.

“Boom!” A second explosion occurred. This golden fist poured out an endless power as if it wielded the power of the world concentrated in a particular domain.

“Boom!” It quaked for the third time. In the blink of an eye, an immortal radiance poured out. It seemed as if his fist was soaring in the sky towards ascendency.

A witness of their previous fight in the Bonesea murmured: “Li Qiye is using his killer move, I wonder what this technique is. His last punch penetrated Zhentians avatar.”

After hearing this, everyone felt excited. They didnt want to miss a single technique.

Indestructible Diamond, Sacred Spring, and Soaring Immortal Fists — these three fists united in a split second and granted Li Qiye a world-destroying punch.

Zhentian turned serious after seeing this. He knew just how powerful these fist techniques were after experiencing them last time.

“Activate!” Zhentian smiled and stepped even higher into the sky before he began to make a seal with both hands.

After batting his eyes, a divine seal was formed within his ten fingers. This seal looked down on the world with disdain. All existences seemed incredibly insignificant and not worth mentioning. This blow could annihilate everything before him.

All the people nearby felt suffocated by this attack. He seemed to be gripping everyone by the throat and suppressing the grand dao. There was no chance of resisting.

Such power stunned the crowd. Without a doubt, he has created a heaven-defying merit law. If he could become an emperor, this art of his would shine for a generation!

This was the Heaven Suppression Seal, a supreme art that Zhentian took nearly a thousand years to hone with painstaking effort. This seal took the good and removed the bad from all other techniques.

“Boom!” It came crashing down. All of his energy was focused on this particular seal, causing the nine firmaments to lose their light. Even the sun in the sky lost its colors while the stars rustled from its impact.

“Completely matchless!” Even God-Monarchs turned pale after sensing its power. How could anyone stop this seal?

“Well done.” Li Qiye smiled and unleashed his triple fists.

Zhentians seal might be peerless, but Li Qiyes fusion fist wasnt weak either. It instantly crossed through space and slammed into the seal.

“Bang!” A tempest swept through the sky because of this impact. It continued to spread and would have annihilated everyone nearby if they werent standing on an old battle stage.

“Boom!” Some remnant shockwaves still rushed to outside the stage. Dozens of peaks nearby immediately collapsed as if they were heaps of powder and turned into ashes.

“Get back now!” This scene made the knees of the spectators go limp. They leaped towards the horizon in order to maintain the farthest and safest distance.

Such a terrifying storm would turn even paragons to ashes if struck.

“Boom!” At this particular juncture, Zhentians Heaven Suppression Seal spewed out an overwhelming light. His blood energy soared even more as he stepped inside a peerless grand dao and spewed out like a primordial flood into the seal. This made the seal even more powerful as it now had a god-slaying might!

“Bang!” With the sudden eruption of power, Li Qiye was slightly suppressed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The Sacred Spring portion of the attack was enraged and frantically gathered more energy in order to stop the seal.

“Suppress!” Zhentian shouted in the face of this retaliation and added even more energy. He channeled his boundless force into the seal in order to destroy Li Qiye at all costs.

“Rumble!” This triple fusion couldnt withstand the seal any longer, so Li Qiye had to raise his right hand one more time in this split second.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” His fist shook three times. The Sky Destroyer, Furious Immortal, and Hell Suppressing Fists instantly burst open, turning the attack into a fusion of six fists.

The power of his right punch wildly soared. The Sky Destroyer Fist granted him an endless strength capable of destroying everything in this world. The Hell Suppressing Fist made this punch have an immeasurable weight capable of suppressing gods and devils. Lastly, the Furious Immortal Fist exploded crazily and made the other five fists several times stronger. In a brief moment, Li Qiyes fist was dozens or even a hundred times stronger than before.

“Rumble!” His fist had turned invincible under this new empowerment. Even a god would be rendered into a bloody mist.

The seal couldnt suppress Li Qiye any longer. He slowly rose against the pressure.

The collision between the fusion of six fists and the Heaven Suppression Seal ravaged the entire stage, causing it to shake and be on the verge of falling apart.

“Activate!” Zhentian howled again after Li Qiye started gaining ground. In an instant, his fate palaces rushed to the sky. A supreme grand dao emerged. He gathered the power of the heaven and earth to control all the dao in the universe.

“Boom!” His seal immediately became incomparably resplendent. Incredible laws appeared inside as if they were created by an ancient creator god. Each law carried an untouchable divinity and power capable of pressing down on all things. Nothing was more sacred and powerful than them.

He had derived his own seal to its limit. The limit of this seal was the limit of the grand dao, allowing him to easily take down a Godking!

“Boom!” The stage trembled even more violently. The six fists couldnt withstand the unstoppable seal in its ultimate form.

With a loud blast, Li Qiyes body was pushed down from the sky and slammed into the stage. This created a pit with half of his body buried underneath.

The spectators shuddered after seeing this. The seal was too powerful. If it was them, they would have been crushed to smithereens already.

“Too overbearing, just this law alone is enough for Zhentian to be proud for an era. This art is enough for him to look down on the talents of this world.” Even powerful existences from the previous generation had to admit this.

The world soon became quiet. Everyone held their breaths; some couldnt breathe at all while watching Li Qiyes inability to resist the seal.

Some could even hear his bones creaking beneath its pressure as if his frame couldnt bear this any longer. If this went on, his body would shatter and turn into a bloody mist.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” A moment later, his fist shook four more times with the Extreme Yang, Heaven Devourer, Void, and Solar Fists.

His punch now became a fusion of ten fists. His right hands light illuminated the world; no one could keep their eyes open due to this brightness.

His right hand already had six before this, so now with the eruption of four more, the power of refined sunfire, a heaven-devouring strength, the power of space, and the might of light gathered together.

At this time, there seemed to be countless suns exploding on his fists along with numerous black holes as well as gods of light in their fury… All of this on top of the empowerment of the Furious Immortal and Sacred Spring Fists increased the power of this punch by ten thousand fold.

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