Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 103 : Southern Heavenly Kingdom 1

A seasoned man dressed in white was guarding the entrance.

This middle-aged man emitted an immense aura. His robe was neat and simple. However, it looked extraordinary on him; he made it seem like armor instead.

It wasnt this robe accentuating his aura, his aura was the thing embellishing its fair color. He looked just like a general in his battle uniform!

He sat by the entrance with a spear on his knees. It acted like a mountain range, blocking everyone off from the snow valley. No one dared to take half a step forward.

This man was quite famous since he was Meng Zhentians leading disciple. He began to follow Zhentian at a young age and weathered many storms together. He has personally witnessed Zhentians glorious life. Because of this, Zhentian thought very highly of him and placed him as the commander of the Heaven Suppression Legion!

Another reason why Zhentian valued him so much was due to his exceedingly high talents. When Zhentian was deterring the world, he was also famous.

Rumor has it that he was already an Apex Godking. This was the highest level of ordinary Godkings. At this level, one must break the shackles of the grand dao in order to reach the next level — a World-Dominating Godking. A world dominator was on the other side of this particular realm. Even though both were considered Godkings, a world dominator was much stronger than an Apex Godking.

Another thing to note is that the apex level would allow one to chase after an emperor. In Heaven Spirit, someone once said that if this general had taken the path of the heavens, he might have had the chance to catch up to his master and even compete against him for the Heavens Will.

However, rumor has it that he was completely loyal to his master. Because Zhentian still hasnt become an emperor, he chose the path of the grand era instead to become Zhentians staunchest supporter. Regardless of the circumstances, he would appear in the nick of time to help his master!

All along, this white general had been protecting the Dream Empyrean. He was its pillar even when Zhentian was in this world, let alone when Zhentian was sealed underground. He rarely left his sect, so his appearance here carried a great significance!

Today, he wouldnt allow anyone to enter the snow valley. Although the crowd wanted to reach the next domain, no one could do anything with him blocking the entrance.

Any intruder must weigh themselves first against a potential Apex Godking to see if they were qualified to fight against this level of existence.

Moreover, this general didnt only represent himself. His presence here also meant that he had been given permission by Zhentian. One could even guess that this was under Zhentians orders.

Thus, the general had Zhentian, the Prince of Darkness, and the Conch Overlord behind him. Who would dare to oppose these supreme behemoths?

This made people think that the next jump would take people to the end of Reincarnation Valley where the immortal medicine was growing.

Everyone here understood the significance of this medicine. It was priceless and highly coveted. For many experts, even if they couldnt get the medicine itself, just one leaf or the mud where it was growing would be extremely beneficial.

But now, the general made everyone realize that Zhentian wanted everything for his group and didnt allow anyone else to meddle. Although the crowd was unhappy with this decision, they were also helpless.

That was until Li Qiye came and they saw hope in him. It was common knowledge that Fiercest was Zhentians mortal enemy; he would surely do something about the white general. Considering his ferocity and arrogant nature, he would definitely slay the general before entering.

Because of this, the cultivators here grew excited as they made way for him to deal with the general so that they can enter afterward.

Even if they couldnt get the medicine, they still wanted to catch a glimpse of it in order to have a nice conversational topic for the rest of their life.

As Li Qiye walked by, someone whispered with a hint of excitement: “Who can actually stop Fiercest once he decides to do something?” Even charming spirits were no exceptions.

In the past, who would actually care about a human, especially one who was about to face the white general, an Apex Godking?

However, the times have changed. Despite being a human, Li Qiyes notoriety was at an all-time high; he was completely unstoppable. In this short period of time, many cultivators in Heaven Spirit began to think highly of Li Qiye, even the ones from the charming spirit race.

Even the hostile sea demons began to change. Some became bullish about Li Qiye and thought that he could become the next emperor.

This shift in attitude should come as no surprise. Even the True Martial Goddess and the Lunargrasp Fairy held Li Qiye in high regard. This indirectly changed the publics opinion of him. Some even thought that he would defeat Zhentian for sure.

This was the brutal truth of the cultivation world. As long as one was strong enough to suppress the nine heavens, it didnt matter how many people reviled him in the past. When the person stood at the apex, many would start to worship them and even revile those who offered their criticism in the past!

At this time, all eyes were on Li Qiye. The crowd longed for him to fight against the white general.

He walked forward and glanced at his opponent before saying: “Good dogs dont block the way, move.”

“So domineering.” A cultivator secretly praised him right away. This was completely different than the past when someone would scold him for being ignorant and arrogant. His actions right now only looked domineering to the crowd.

After hearing this, the white generals eyes lit up like the stars in the night sky. He didnt become angry and only emotionlessly responded: “I am under orders to stop everyone from passing. Otherwise, face the consequences.”

He was completely confident and proud. Of course, he was qualified to do so as an Apex Godking. This was a dreadful and awe-inspiring character regardless of the time and place.

There werent that many Apex Godkings in this world.

“I dont have time to blabber with you.” Li Qiye flatly replied: “Scram now or Ill hang your head on the cliff.”

“Thats the future emperor for you.” Another secretly gave a thumbs-up after hearing this.

The general didnt like this comment and stood up to shout: “Li Qiye, I have heard of your fame before. Today, I will see if you are worthy of it!”

He stood proudly with his back as straight as a pillar. It was full of power like a bow ready to fire.

The spear in his hand became part of his body and issued a surging battle intent. This aura rushed out and was seemingly capable of tearing through everything.

At this moment, there wasnt an immense blood energy or blinding divine rings, only the battle intent was present on his body, one without fear. He was ready to fight to the end!

The cultivators nearby quickly retreated after the general revealed his boiling battle intent. It was simply too strong and made everyone else shudder with fear.

“Interesting, more so than your master. Very well, if you wish to die, Ill lend you a hand.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after seeing this.

The general slowly raised and pointed his spear at Li Qiye: “Come, the only way youre getting through here is over my dead body.”

“Bold and courageous.” Li Qiye laughed while clapping: “Lets see how much you have learned from your master, dont let me down.”

The crowd watched with bated breaths as the two sides postured for war.

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