Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3: Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect 1

While Li Qiye was meditating inside the tower, a loud blast occurred on a mountain on the other side of the continent, alarming everyone.

They looked over and saw a portal opening in the sky. This was the area Li Qiye connected the forbidden zone to in order to suppress Meng Zhentian with the borrowed power.

The dark lights were pouring down on Zhentian, but everything changed after this explosion. The portal in the sky was actually refined by him. At this moment, his laws became a huge cauldron. He used an unbelievable might to refine all of these dark lights.

With a continuous buzzing noise, the lights were slowly altered, changing its affinity of darkness to an immortal affinity.

Many were shaken while watching this astonishing scene. The knowledgeable ones suddenly realized something.

A paragon gasped in fear: “Too powerful, he actually refined the dark judgment into laws. Hes turning the power of the forbidden zone into his own.”

Everyone knew that this forbidden power was unstoppable. Even the strongest Godkings wouldnt be able to survive, let alone refine them into their own laws. This was an extremely heaven-defying task. Only geniuses with absolute confidence would even attempt this because they risked suffering the retaliation of the dark judgment and turning into ashes.

“Thats the most promising candidate for you. Such a solid foundation, exceeding all expectations. Theres no trickery or lack of skill at all.” Someone from the same generation as Zhentian lamented.

He had been this powerful even during Immortal Emperor Ta Kongs generation. The emperor himself had also lost to him and called him his senior brother. It was a period where he found it difficult to find a match.

Even after ascending, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong maintained these respectful honorifics. Zhentian was the pride of Heaven Spirit. For some unknown reason, he left the competition for the Heavens Will and handed the position over to Ta Kong.

Later on, a certain belief circulated in Heaven Spirit: if he didnt quit, it wouldnt be Immortal Emperor Ta Kongs turn for the position.

Right now, Li Qiyes fame has completely surpassed the rest of the younger generation, including the Seven Martial Goddess and the Seashield Prince. He even caught up to Meng Zhentian.

This left many charming spirits out of breath. They were the favored children of the heavens. They might deny it out of modesty, but this pride definitely existed in their hearts.

Alas, Li Qiyes momentum was very ferocious. Not only did he oppress the sea demons, he also eclipsed the charming spirits. Not many humans lived in Heaven Spirit, but one of them now lorded over the other races.

This situation naturally left a sour taste in the mouths of the charming spirits. They grew a bit worried when Li Qiye was on a tyrannical rise when Meng Zhentian should be the next emperor for their race.

It was tough for everyone to accept that Zhentians future had become quite precarious. Li Qiyes appearance would challenge Zhentians position sooner or later; he was a great rival on the imperial path.

“Boom!” Zhentian erupted with an immortal radiance. Plumes of immortal light spread out like a peacocks tail.

A mystical power emanated from the mountain with continuous explosions. The entire Bonesea began to tremble in a very light and rhythmic manner. This comfortable and pleasant feeling made others think that they werent in a dangerous land but safely back inside their mothers womb.

The frightening part was that many places had objects resonating with Zhentians light and grand dao. At this moment, his grand dao shared the same beat as the Bonesea. It gave the illusion that he had become the master of this sea and its power.

However, this feeling was short-lived; it was only a harmonization that lasted for a second. Nevertheless, the powerful cultivators still knew the significance behind this and understood just how terrifying Zhentian was.

Someone exclaimed in horror: “Is this him grasping the heavenly grand dao?”

While the crowd was shocked, the immortal light disappeared and tranquility returned. Nevertheless, this mountain now emitted a different feeling since it was shrouded with a faint mist that looked just like immortal energy. Standing in this place would give the feeling of walking on air.

Unfortunately, it was surrounded by Meng Zhentians legion. Outsiders couldnt enter, let alone experience this kind of energy.

People started to see things from this aura, making it seem as if immortals were pondering the dao up there. Because of their presence, this mountain started to have this appearance.

“Is his grand dao about to reach perfection?” A paragon noticed the faint aura and said: “If this is the case, he will immediately become emperor once the Heavens Will appears since he has been accepted already.”

Someone else commented with admiration: “It looks like he is still meditating and wont come out right away. His dao heart is firm, hes not someone we can compare to.”

Cao Guojian, someone who had also been suppressed by the forbidden power, had been killed by Li Qiye. However, Zhentian didnt become crazy or angry. He maintained his calm heart in order to ponder the dao. His dao heart was still without the slightest signs of ripples. Perhaps it was difficult for someone to not become emperor with all of these great characteristics.

While looking at the mountain, an excited expert wondered: “I wonder who will win if he comes out and fights Li Qiye right now.”

The story has changed. In the past, Zhentian was the clear favorite to win, but this was no longer the case. Just imagining two prime candidates going at each other left others eager with excitement.

“Hmph! Reaching Immortal Emperor relies on ones own strength and their sturdy foundation instead of trickery.” A charming spirit coldly replied with a sarcastic tone.

Right now, Li Qiye was very powerful and also notorious for his ruthlessness. He would destroy a sect right away, so many didnt dare to belittle or ridicule him. Nevertheless, some charming spirits were unhappy after being pressured this much by him, so they indirectly insinuated their displeasure instead.

“A battle for the Heavens Will is really worth looking forward to!” Even the Profound Monarch slowly uttered: “The victor between these two is not yet clear!”

With that, he looked over at Puresun and said: “What a shame, Brother. If you chose the path of the heavens, you would play a part in this battle as well!”

Despite his pride, he still chose the path of the grand era due to his senior brothers existence. How could he even think about the Heavens Will when he was so inferior to Puresun?

Nevertheless, he was full of regret for his brother due to his opinion of his brother choosing the wrong path. In his mind, regardless of the era and enemy, his brother definitely had the ability to put up a good fight for the Heavens Will.

“Theres no need for remorse.” Puresun was still very nonchalant as he smiled and shook his head: “Even if I chose the path of the heavens in this era, the outcome would still be the same. This Heavens Will belongs to Li Qiye. Anyone who competes against him is doomed to a tragedy.”

Profound disagreed with this sentiment: “Brother, you are raising Li Qiyes prestige while lowering your own morale. He is indeed powerful and devilish, but you still have the qualifications to compete against him. I dont believe that there is anyone in this world who is more gifted than you.”

The daoist shook his head again: “Thats because you dont know. Li Qiye is far more terrifying than you can imagine. In short, a tragic end awaits anyone who goes against him in this generation!”

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