Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 97: Accepting the Ancestor 1

“Is Li Qiye really going to become the Immortal Emperor of this generation?” Many charming spirits were shaken and muttered to themselves.

In the past, everyone was optimistic about Meng Zhentian. In their eyes, even if the nine worlds were to be connected again, Zhentian would still have a great chance of winning. After all, he had experience in the battle for the Heavens Will. Moreover, his strength was virtually flawless. Some were certain that no one else would become emperor but him.

Plus, at the final battle, the charming spirits in Heaven Spirit would all help Zhentian. Even the sea demons and treants would be on his side.

After all, after one full generation of accumulation, Zhentian had ample resources and connections in Heaven Spirit. If he were to call for it, many experts from the previous generation would be willing to follow. There wouldnt be any shortage of God-Monarchs or even Godkings.

However, this Li Qiye came out of nowhere and resoundingly at that, killing both gods and devils standing in his way. In a short amount of time, his fame completely eclipsed Zhentian, especially after this convention. He became even more brilliant with the support of the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess.

Zhentian was overshadowed while standing beneath Li Qiyes radiance. Some charming spirits who were optimistic about him were quite stirred.

“It looks like both the fairy and goddess are bullish about Li Qiye.” A charming spirit clan leader spoke: “With them as his dao protectors, it would be even more difficult to do anything to him in the future.”

Everyone knew that before the appearance of the next emperor, many imperial lineages and great powers would place their bets. If they picked the right candidate, it would be another generation of prosperity. If they guessed wrong, it would bring about declination or even total collapse.

Thus, these sects needed to speculate whether they should support a particular candidate or not. After all, these candidates required help before ascension.

If, say, they finally showed support after he became an Immortal Emperor, it would be completely futile to try and gain anything out of it.

Because of this, after the convention of myriad races, the great powers in Heaven Spirit began to hesitate. They didnt know whether to place their money on Li Qiye or Meng Zhentian unlike the past when Zhentian was the clear victor in the eyes of all the races.

After all, humans were too weak in Heaven Spirit. Everyone felt that Li Qiyes chances were too small regardless of his great talents.

However, everything was now different. Li Qiye was exceptional and ferocious. The tide was reversed since he had won some new and powerful support.

Because of this, a few lineages who were on Zhentians side started to waver.

“Not necessarily!” Some of Zhentians stout supporters still believed in Zhentians chances. A few charming spirit lords continued to support him and even tried to lobby the other great powers.

“Li Qiye might have the fairy and the goddess as his backing, but remember, Heaven Spirit is a vast world. The three races are very powerful, and its not like the two women are the strongest. There are still existences at the Emperor Assailant level yet to come out. I have received some reliable news that more Emperor Assailants have agreed to come out and become Zhentians supporters…”

His steadfast supporters continued to talk to the wavering powers.

After hearing about some more Emperor Assailants coming out, the hesitating sects palpitated. If Zhentian truly had such protectors, his chance would be greatly boosted.

On the same day, people also heard about the fairy and goddess leaving Godhalt and heaved a sigh of relief in response. This was a rare opportunity for the few who wanted to scheme against Li Qiye.


The True Martial Island was very mysterious and elusive. Some said that it could travel and appear anywhere in Heaven Spirit.

As for why it wandered around so much, this remains an unanswered mystery. One particular hypothesis was that the island was on a divine turtle that carried it around. Another one stated that the reason why it had such mobility was that the sea god had refined the entire island into a moving ancestral ground…

Regardless of the speculations from outsiders, not many have been able to see the island itself. Only extremely amazing characters were privileged enough to be invited to the island.

The scenery was very charming on the island with great peaks, verdant thickets, and towering waterfalls. Auspicious beasts and birds were everywhere to be found, but they didnt disturb its serenity and peace.

Li Qiye and Tantai Ruonan sat by a precipice and enjoyed the breeze while playfully swinging their feet.

She leaned on his shoulder and looked down on the entire island. The two of them didnt say anything and basked in the peaceful silence.

Li Qiye wistfully spoke: “Millions of years have gone by, but the mountains and rivers remain the same, unlike the fleeting inhabitants.”

“Yes, it would be amazing if Father was still here.” Ruonan gently sighed and added: “I couldnt send him off back then.”

“He only wants you to leave and go far away. He didnt want you to come back. Even though you couldnt send him off, Im sure he feels very happy to know how far you have come.”

As the Dark Crow, Li Qiye naturally knew what True Martial was thinking. This was an unfathomable character since he was on the same level as Prime.

Being a child of the sea demon race, True Martial understood their races mission. However, the love of parents trumps everything in this world, and True Martial was no exception.

He didnt want to see his daughter having to face this mission. As a sea god, he naturally knew what his daughter would have to do after becoming one herself. Because of this, the price didnt matter in his search to sever his daughters bloodline. This was why he paid an exorbitant amount for the Dark Crow to do so.

He wanted his daughter to soar to the free sky and swim in the liberating ocean instead of being shackled in Heaven Spirit. Of course, Ruonan understood her fathers good intentions and actions.

Nevertheless, a full circle came around since she still returned to Heaven Spirit, the thing her father didnt want to see the most.

It wasnt for that mission or whatever but for the land itself. She truly loved it.

“I know…” After a long time, she lamented and continued: “I still want to see him again in this lifetime.”

Li Qiye slowly answered: “Its not impossible. Even though the world says that sea gods are dead and no longer in this world, many things are still alive and continue to exist. This is just like the ancient bloodline itself. After generations have died, it will continue to be passed down.”

She quietly nodded and knew what Li Qiye was referring to. She eventually asked: “When the Heavens Will comes back, will you start your journey, Young Master?”

“I dont need the Heavens Will for something so simple.” He gently shook his head: “In this generation, there is no turning back. I have to move forward until my death or the start of the new epoch! It isnt easy to win in the final battle.”

“What are you waiting for then?” She knew just how cruel the final battle will be. Despite knowing that Li Qiye could very well die in battle, she still wouldnt try to stop him.

This has never been her intention, and she didnt want him to stop either for it would go against his courageous creed that has lasted for millions of years! No regrets, no retreat, no stopping!

“Im waiting for grand completion!” Li Qiye explained: “I need a chance to reach the ultimate grand completion, a Heavens Will at its pinnacle, and the highest of accumulations. Otherwise, death will await me regardless of how powerful I am.”

“Im certain you can wait until then.” Ruonan gently replied: “You have been plotting for generations so waiting a bit longer wont cause any harm.”

“Indeed, it shall come. Too many people have been buried and too many bones have been paved. Gods and emperors, how many of these invincible beings became nothing but bones in the end?”

“Maybe Ill be around long enough and see your triumphant return.” She held his hand tightly and intertwined her fingers with his.

Li Qiye declared with a smile: “When I am victorious, it will be a glorious and beautiful era.”

Their casual conversation would make others think of two lovers sweet-talking to each other. No one would expect it to be a discussion about a heaven-shattering event!

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