Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 96: Complete Yang Saint Physique 2

After Ruonans group left, Li Qiye called for the girls. Yonghuang was present as well.

He wrote a letter before handing it to Sima Yujian: “You have learned all that you need. I have nothing else to teach you about the Godslaying Dao since you are only missing experience and more training. These things will be up to you to hone.”

Having said that, he paused and sighed: “It depends on your own fortune to see how far you can go in the future. It is possible to reach the end of the dao on this path to become an Immortal Emperor. An assassin isnt doomed to a lightless fate or to walk on an evil and unorthodox path.

“Your Godslaying Dao is still a majestic grand dao that can end at the throne. It can still open the doors to the great mysteries and beyond. Ultimately, all of this is up to you, no one else can help you.”

The cold Yujian quietly nodded and memorized each and every word from him.

“Becoming an emperor isnt dependent on your talents or how righteous your dao is, it depends on this.” He pointed at his heart: “An unchanging dao heart makes everything possible.”

She naturally appreciated his words carefully. After losing to the Swiftdao God, she had given up on becoming an Immortal Emperor. Moreover, she thought that an assassin would have no chance of becoming one. However, she gained something from his guidance; it was as if a great door has just been opened.

“Go back from whence you came.” Li Qiye said: “Give this letter to your ancestor as well as my regards.”

She quietly accepted his letter. Although she didnt know what the relationship between him and the Godslaying Night Corps was, logically speaking, he should be a talent from there as well since he knew their dao so well. Alas, no matter how she looked at it, he didnt look like one of them.

He finally gently waved his sleeve and told her: “Go.”

Yujian didnt know what to say at this moment. Their relationship was a little strange. In fact, she didnt even know what it was.

Li Qiye was originally her target, but he had turned into someone who answered inquiries about the dao for her. Of course, he still wasnt her senior or peer. It was a very vague relationship. Nevertheless, he still carefully taught her without any hidden motives. No one else would believe such a thing.

“Take care.” This was all she could say despite the many words scrambling through her mind. She didnt know what else to say other than this.

She nodded towards Ye Xiaoxiao to say goodbye before her figure flashed and disappeared.

After she left, Li Qiye smiled and told Xiaoxiao: “Little girl, you have played enough now, its time to go back to the Golden Isle.”

“Who says I have to go back?” She glared at him and declared: “I still havent had enough, Ill go back once Im bored!”

This girl had too much fun with her freedom and didnt want to go back at all.

How could Li Qiye not understand her? He shook his head and tried his best to convince her: “Listen, your bloodline is the most precious in this world, so you should treasure it. Since it has just awakened, try your best to understand it completely instead of wasting this opportunity.”

“Please, I am a genius that can easily understand its profundities.” She held her waist and fiercely stared at him a bit: “Oh, Ego King, seeing as how you want me to leave so quickly, are you up to something?”

Having said that, her gaze shifted towards Yonghuang standing next to him and smiled: “I see, Im the third wheel here and bothering the two of you. I got it, you two must have that type of relationship.” With that, she revealed a dubious smile.

Yonghuangs face turned red after hearing this, but she immediately regained her seriousness and said: “What nonsense are you saying? Im his master.”

“Stop!” Xiaoxiao spoke with disdain: “Please, the two of you dont look like master and disciple at all. You think I dont understand this Ego King? Hmph, he is the biggest narcissist in the world and considers everyone else beneath him. In my opinion, if he wanted to eat you, he would definitely have his fill. Plus, for someone like him, so what if you are his master? He doesnt follow any guidelines either and will do whatever he wants…”

Li Qiye didnt know whether to laugh or cry after Xiaoxiaos evaluation of him. He shook his head and said: “Okay, little girl, stop smearing me like that.”

She cheerfully retorted: “Who says Im smearing you?” Her eyes started shifting around as if she was coming up with a devious plan.

Li Qiye immediately knew she was up to something after seeing her expression.

She grabbed his arm and told Yonghuang with a gloating look: “Its no use even if you are his master. See, I am his wife, his official wife, the number one, the biggest. So in the future, if the two of you want to exchange flirting glances or engage in some, you know, you have to get my permission first. So, heh, use this opportunity to win my favor.”

Xiaoxiao wasnt only gloating, she even showed her dominance over Yonghuang.

Being teased like this by a little girl left Yonghuang quite annoyed. Alas, there was nothing she could do. The girl was too crazy.

Instead, Yonghuang placed her frustration and blame on Li Qiye with a side-glance. This playboy went everywhere and always fooled around. Now that he got this little girl involved, things like this will keep on happening.

“Hey now, stop flirting with each other in front of me as if I dont exist.” Xiaoxiao immediately took advantage of Yonghuangs weakness and laughed.

“Okay, little girl, stop.” Li Qiye playfully flicked her nose and smiled: “Whether you are willing or not, get ready to pack up and go back to the Golden Isle. This is your time to understand your bloodline with an isolated cultivation. Moreover, the two ancestral trees there will help you. Others wouldnt even be able to dream of such a divine opportunity.”

Even though Xiaoxiao understood the intricacies in this matter, she still had no interest: “I know, but cultivating all day is so boring.”

Li Qiye explained with a grin: “You will still have to do it even if its boring. Otherwise, you will waste your bloodline. If you dont try your best now, your future will be bleak. Even your amazing blood will be reduced to something ordinary. The heavenly dao requires hard work, it doesnt favor the lazy.”

Xiaoxiao angrily said: “I know, dont nag like my mother.” Coming from a treefather lineage, how could she not understand this logic? However, she was still young and didnt break her habits just yet.

Li Qiye continued: “Keep working hard on cultivation. Once your bloodline reaches grand completion, maybe Ill take you to an even more brilliant and magical place. If you are too weak at that time, I wont bring a stepchild like you along. If thats the case, youll be missing the best chance to broaden your horizons.”

“Where?” Her interest was immediately piqued after hearing this.

“Ill naturally tell you once you accomplish something.” A mysterious smile appeared on Li Qiyes face.

“Forget it then, no one wants to know anyway.” She spoke with contempt, but this was the opposite of what she was thinking.

Despite her unwillingness, Li Qiye still sent her away since he valued her greatly. Her bloodline will be very useful in the future, so he didnt want her to waste this peerless bloodline.

“You keep on using these tricks to fool little girls.” Yonghuang angrily glared at him after Xiaoxiao left.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely commented: “Do I sense some jealousy right now?”

With an annoyed expression and a slight blush, she replied: “Stop thinking that youre a gift to all women!”

Li Qiye laughed and lightly said: “Come, well visit the True Martial Island for a bit. Its a good place with countless wonders.”

Yonghuang didnt say anything, but she did feel a strange sense of indescribable loss in her heart that lingered for a bit.

The convention ended so quickly that it set off a wave at the Divine Ridge Citadel. Before it began, no one expected for it to end in such a manner.

The main characters were Meng Zhentian, the Conch Overlord, and the Prince of Darkness. However, they left in dejection. The entire process shocked all the participants.

The citadel was in a clamor with many discussions everywhere. The main character became Li Qiye. The most shocking thing was a human winning the support of both the Lunargrasp Fairy and the True Martial Goddess. Those who didnt see it with their own eyes would never believe such a thing.

“Its really incredible. The True Martial Goddess and the Lunargrasp Fairy actually supported Li Qiye. Hes a human though.” Both sea demons and charming spirits were confused.

One was the daughter of a sea god while Lunargrasp was from the charming spirit race. From many different perspectives, the chances of them helping a human were minuscule. After all, the human race had no status to speak of in Heaven Spirit.

Alas, the goddess didnt support the Seashield Prince and the fairy didnt help Meng Zhentian! Before the convention, many people speculated that even if the Lunargrasp Fairy didnt support Zhentian, she would at least remain neutral towards Li Qiye due to being from different races. Therefore, this result went against everyones expectations!

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