Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 93: Master is a Beautiful Woman 1

While Yonghuang was searching for the Void Physiques weakness, the prince was naturally searching for her Extreme Yang Physiques opening as well.

A while into the fight, things turned into a stalemate where neither side could do anything to the other. The prince couldnt break through the dominating solar flames since he couldnt withstand its heat. Meanwhile, the Void Physique allowed him to be completely undetectable, so Yonghuang couldnt kill him either.

All the spectators now understood that Yonghuang was also unaffected by the suppression from Godhalt. A while ago, she was wounded by the prince due to this suppression, but without it, the prince had no advantage to speak of.

“Buzz!” The space around her began to melt like liquid similar to the snow in spring.

Without a doubt, Seashield was changing his strategy. After several unsuccessful ambushes, he has decided to refine space instead.

The Void Physique was capable of this task. At this moment, he was still nowhere to be seen, but the surrounding space turned into a furnace that began to burn with an invisible flame.

The crowd felt anxious after seeing this. The majority thought that the prince could decide the outcome of this battle with this move.

“Whoosh!” With the hissing of fire, the unbelievable happened. The location where Yonghuang stood crazily shrunk. The large amount of sunfire was being compressed into the space around her.

In the past, her flame was all-encompassing and devastated the void. But now, it was being pushed down by a powerful force and became a small fireball.

This fireball was wildly collapsing like a sun. One could easily imagine the power contained within. All of the melted space around it was also condensed into a tiny section. The collapsing of this sun also made the space around it shrink.

This was Yonghuangs chance to counterattack. The prince wanted to refine space while she was waiting for this moment in order to make the space inside collapse entirely.

“Boom!” After the process reached a certain level, this space suddenly exploded with an incredible power. Space itself shattered into little pieces and left behind only black holes and indelible scars in the sky.

“Pluff!” Blood spurted out. The prince, who was refining space, was affected by this blast. He couldnt suppress this space any longer. The explosion blew him outside, causing him to spew out blood as his body seemed to be crushed and battered.

“Buzz!” Before he had the time to stand, the broken fragments of space along with the refined fire instantly turned into a dao chapter. It diligently followed the prince and left behind a mark on his body that would last as long as the prince was still stained with the presence of space.

The Void Physique specialized in hiding in space, so how could he not be touched by it? Because of this, he couldnt escape the mark left by this dao chapter.

This was Yonghuangs counterattack. The fragmented pieces of space had fused with her flames after the monstrous explosion and turned into this chapter. This made it impossible for the prince to escape from being marked.

“Buzz!” Right when he was injured, he vanished again and hid in the void.

However, Yonghuang didnt even bother looking this time. With a loud bang, she raised her hand and a gigantic fire dragon roared. Next, a huge dragon claw slammed down and blotted out the sun.

The space shattered while the prince, who was in hiding, was blown away again. He spat out another mouthful of blood, but his speed was still fast enough to disappear once more after the initial contact.

“Bang!” The other claw of this dragon slammed down and shattered the region again, blowing the stealthy prince away.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The nearby space continued to be smashed. Regardless of how he tried to evade Yonghuangs Extreme Yang Physique, the prince had nowhere to hide.

It was extremely difficult for him to run due to the mark imprinted on his body. The only way was for him to abandon this fight and run far away. Of course, Yonghuang wouldnt be able to hold him back should he choose to do this. After all, she was no match for him with regard to spatial movement.

There was no doubt that she has found the flaws of the Void Physique. Her mark from the fusion of her fire and fragmented space allowed her to detect him.

An ordinary mark could be dispelled by the prince in a brief moment. However, due to the nature of its parts, it wasnt easy for him to do so for this particular mark.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye flatly spoke without looking: “An imperfect Void Physique cannot compete with a perfect Extreme Yang Physique.”

He had expected this outcome long ago. Even though the Roaring Conchs Void Physique had been improved and derived from two generations of sea gods and was heading towards perfection, it was inferior to the real deal from the scripture itself. This made it possible for Yonghuang to find its weakness during this battle. Thus, the prince could only await his death.

“Open!” In the end, the prince knew that he couldnt erase this mark, so he had to counterattack and used his killing move. With his cry, the space around him fluctuated.

“Bang!” With a loud blast, nine Seashield Princes appeared. He has finally used his greatest technique — Nine Images Physique Art.

“Die!” His cry echoed across the world. All nine of them wore the sea god gloves that poured out an endless light, illuminating the sky. It looked like a storm of brilliant powder falling down.

Without a doubt, he was using the power of his gloves as well in order to destroy Su Yonghuang right away!

In the beginning, he didnt want to rely on these gloves. Unless there was no other way, he would rather use his own power to kill her — this would boost his prestige even more. If he used his sects strongest weapon to kill her, outsiders would think that this was an empty victory.

“Bang!” All of the sunfire returned to Yonghuang. Her nine palaces soared to the sky and formed a kingdom.

This kingdom was extremely vast and contained an inexhaustible sunfire. The fire turned into countless creatures. There were dragons flying in the sky and elves swimming in a sea of flames. All of these existences here were worshipping the many sun gods inside.

Su Yonghuang stood there with sun palaces behind her. They were all created from solar metal with a sun god presiding in each one. All of them were giving birth to the most tyrannical flame in this world.

She was the ruler of this kingdom, the supreme sun goddess. Inside this kingdom, everyone was subject to her punishment and suppression!

Four palaces to form a domain, eight to form a kingdom. She had nine, thus she could create a kingdom with herself as the ultimate sun goddess.

Even the prince, with his best techniques, was sucked into this kingdom. With a loud bang, all nine princes were suppressed. To a certain extent, even the gloves werent spared from this fate. Their brilliance that was blinding the sky earlier has dimmed down quite a bit.

All nine princes howled: “Break for me!” They wished to tear apart this kingdom and destroy Yonghuang.

At this critical moment, nine monstrous palms came down. Each of them was accompanied by the laws of a sea god. They came crashing down on the entire kingdom and caused it to tremble. The sun gods in the palaces felt this immense pressure.

The power of a sea god was ravaging this world. The prince was already powerful, so he was able to use these gloves to an outstanding level.

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