Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 92: A Snail 2

Many people were holding their breath beneath the stage out of concern for the situation. They were anxious to see who would win in the end.

Many here wished for the princes victory, especially the sea demon race. Li Qiye was already putting enough pressure on their prince. If he were to lose to another human, their race would be completely overwhelmed.

Su Yonghuang stepped up and glanced around with her phoenix-like eyes. She was cold and proud without putting on airs. Nevertheless, her noble aura was still exuded. This wasnt consciously done since it was her natural and flawless temperament.

She coldly glanced at the prince before speaking: “Come.”

“Very well.” After replying, the prince immediately disappeared without a trace.

Even those with their heavenly gaze activated couldnt find him, he was completely gone.

This was one of the magical properties of the Void Physique. It allowed for its user to be undetectable while being able to reach any location.

At minor completion, their body could fuse with space. It could even be said that space became their body itself. Thus, they were omnipresent. Some people even said that Void Physique users were the most suitable to become assassins.

The princes physique hadnt reached grand completion just yet, but his half completion physique was enough for him to exert a mighty force.

“Buzz!” In a split second, a ray aimed straight for Su Yonghuang was shot. When it was mere inches away from her throat, the surrounding space finally shook a bit.

At this moment of life and death, Su Yonghuang shouted and her Extreme Yang Physique erupted with its powerful sunfire.

“Rumble!” The impossible happened. The fire wrapped around her body and stopped the ambushing ray.

“Boom!” This fire didnt subside after the successful block. It was akin to thousands of volcanoes erupting at the same time. This power incinerated the space where the prince was hiding. A black hole appeared, so he couldnt hide there any longer.

Alas, he was extremely fast and disappeared after his previous spatial location was ruined and entered another space.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Extreme Yang laws emerged from Su Yonghuang and turned into a suit of armor. Her noble aura was now even more heroic and valiant.

“Boom!” An endless amount of sunfire was still spewing from her body and ravaged the space around her.

“Zzz—” It seemed as if the sky was being incinerated completely as crackles could be heard everywhere. Under the destruction of her sunfire, even the void itself was being burned.

This pervasive fire wouldnt stop. It could reach and engulf any spatial area with haste.

The majority took a deep breath after seeing these flames. One would find it prohibitively difficult to hide in the presence of this amazing power since space itself was being annihilated.

Strangely enough, despite this havoc, the Seashield Prince was still nowhere to be found. It was as if he had evaporated from this world. Of course, the people here knew that he wasnt dead just yet. They were only curious as to where he was hiding.

Some began to sweat for him. Where the heck could he be to hide from this raging sunfire?

Su Yonghuang didnt become careless. With her Extreme Yang armor, she simply let her flames destroy the world without giving the prince the slightest opening to attack.

As an Extreme Yang Physique user, she knew full well that as another of the twelve, the Void Physiques profundities couldnt be inferior to her own.

“Whoosh!” The space where she stood suddenly twisted and morphed into a sticky quagmire, making her quite sluggish.

The prince suddenly appeared and seemed to have opened a spatial door to appear next to Yonghuang. He seemed to have isolated space itself so the fire couldnt reach him.

“Boom!” He formed a divine mudra that came crashing down like a tidal wave. Its water engulfed the world as if the entire force of the Dragon Demon Sea was slamming straight onto Su Yonghuang.

This power subdued her sunfire and dimmed her armor which, in turn, made his mudra attack even more powerful as its water swept through her space.

However, her fire only weakened for a short moment. The sunfire erupted again with loud explosions like iron chains locking down the area. Its power surged exponentially and the water immediately evaporated.

Even though her space was being controlled so that she was sluggish and had a hard time fighting back, she didnt use any merit laws or techniques. Erupting her vitality and the flames was her counter attack. The roars of fire dragons echoed as they split the earth and shattered his mudra seal.

When the ferocious dragons came for him, he swiftly vanished again. These huge dragons searched around but couldnt find any trace of him.

Suddenly, he emerged once more right behind Yonghuang for an ambush. The flames that were wrapped around her body instantly coiled around him in order to burn him to ashes. However, he was skillful and vanished again before being touched by the flames.

Several more rounds were exchanged. The princes attempts of ambushing Yonghuang ended in failure. However, by relying on his Void Physique and hiding in space, Yonghuang couldnt do anything to him either.

The spectators watched with bated breaths. They didnt only want to witness the victor of the duel, they also wanted to see which Immortal Physique was stronger.

The battle was completely even for a while. The two sides held back their killing moves while trying to find their opponents weakness before delivering a fatal attack.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye simply smiled without giving Yonghuang any pointers.

Looking at the physiques themselves, it was impossible to categorize them in order of strength. Each had their own advantages and disadvantages. Their users actually mattered more than the physiques.

Li Qiye naturally knew the weaknesses of the Void Physique, but he didnt tell Yonghuang. He wanted her to learn about her physiques shortcomings and advantages in battle!

Prior to this, the prince couldnt last a single move against Li Qiye. It wasnt only because Li Qiye was powerful and knew the Void Physique like the palm of his hand. The fact that he cultivated the Space Scripture played a great part to this. Thus, the Void Physiques strong points were nullified by Li Qiye.

However, this wasnt the case for Yonghuang. She wasnt well-versed in spatial manipulation. Because of this, despite clearly having the upper hand, she couldnt do anything to the prince.

The other real experts present, like the prince and Zhentian, also realized this. In terms of power and cultivation, Su Yonghuang had the obvious advantage. However, there was no way for her to suppress or kill the prince without understanding the weaknesses of the Void Physique.

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