Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4522: Offers

Li Qiye wasnt angered by Cao Guojians ridicule and replied: “Not to that level, but I hope that once I defeat your master, you wont shit your pants. Of course, this is predicated on the chance that you can live until that day.”

“You!” Guojian quivered from rage as he retorted: “Little animal, if it wasnt for the godking wanting your life, I would kill you right now!”

“Ignorant child, come already!” Resplendent, standing by the shore, was losing his patience.

“Coming, coming. Since you are this anxious to go reincarnate, Ill help you out.” Li Qiye remained seated on the deck with a smile.

“Buzz!” At this time, he opened his fate palace and an ocean of blood came out. It looked just like a majestic kingdom. One couldnt see the end in sight.

There was a giant vein running through this bloody sea. It looked quite archaic just like an ancestral vein in the earth. Its essence seemed to be inexhaustible and was fueling this kingdom of blood.

In the sky above the vein, twelve large floating figures could be seen. They were being gestated by the entire seas blood energy and the monstrous veins essence.

This kingdom had an amazing origin. Its blood energy was wondrous and vast like a true ocean. Moreover, it had an ancient air like that of a god or an Immortal Emperor. In fact, his kingdom of blood had a purity that exceeded even the existences listed above.

It had swallowed all of the ancient blood inside the blood pond as well as the Blood-devils kingdom of blood. After doing so, he had been refining it inside his palace to make it his own. He referenced the Blood-devils kingdom in this particular task.

As for the giant vein, it was originally under the Tiger Howl School with the name “Terras Root.” He eventually turned it into an ancestral vein before transplanting it into his kingdom of blood.

He spent a great amount of blood energy and worldly essence from the ancestral vein to create this great kingdom to cultivate twelve gods and devils.

They were enormous and floated above the vein. There were six gods and six devils with varying appearances.

“Bang!” One god came out of the kingdom.

With its first step, a golden light stretched out for millions of miles. Its body exuded a buddhist aura just like a supreme Buddha. However, despite its surging brilliance, it actually looked exactly like Li Qiye.

If there was something different, it would be the body. Its cold shimmer and tough outlook made it seem to be made from a golden metal.

“What is that thing?!” The crowd was stunned to see this deity that resembled Li Qiye. Even the two girls found it surprising. They didnt expect for him to have something like this.

“You are the Resplendent Godking, so you can play with my Diamond God.” The deity opened its mouth that let out Li Qiyes voice and laughter.

“Bang!” The Diamond God stepped onto the shore and unleashed a fist.

“Come then!” Resplendent didnt know what this was, but he roared in the face of the incoming diamond first. He decided to directly retaliate with his heavenly fist.

“Boom!” The Diamond God met this blow head on. It was unharmed while Resplendent took several steps back.

“Die!” Resplendent roared after seeing this and took out a spear. The sky was suddenly filled with stars. With a loud bang, he thrust the spear towards the Diamond God. It reached forward and only aimed for the Diamond Gods vitals.

“Clang! Clank! Clank!” Sounds of metal clashing resounded alongside sputtering sparks. Resplendent had stabbed the Diamond God several thousand times. Each thrust could pierce a mountain completely. Not even a Godking would be able to withstand this kind of barrage with their physical body.

However, these thrusts were completely useless before the Diamond God. They only left a yellow, shallow mark at best!

Resplendent was immediately shaken after seeing this. He was full of confidence regarding his abilities, but all of his attacks were nullified.

“Too weak, you are only scratching my itch.” The Diamond God opened its mouth and Li Qiyes laughter came out.

“Boom!” Before Resplendent could regain his cool, the Diamond God attacked with tw

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