“Ma’am, aren’t I right?” Sally, who came next to me, pulled on my arm.
“Oh, this is so exciting!”

“Please, don’t…”


The reason why those three were confronting one another like that.
Moriarty found a clue while wrapping up the Greyfriars Kirkyard incident.

As soon as he told me—

[Attend the secret masquerade and uncover the truth.]

…The King in Yellow had given out a new order.


James Moriarty put his hands in his pockets and observed the confident person speaking.

“I, Jimmy Barry, will take care of her.
You two should just shut up and go along with it.”

Jimmy Barry.

He was said to be an excellent doctor who graduated from the Edinburgh Medical School.
Moriarty stared at the skinny boy, refusing to believe this person was an adult over twenty years old.


As if still having a bone to pick, he smiled at Henry’s riled-up appearance. He’s not even worth my time.

…It was amusing he had to fight such a man.
And in the eyes of James Moriarty, whose gaze was sharper than everyone else’s, Jimmy Barry was clearly a woman.

If that wasn’t the case, why else would “he” wear such uncomfortable clothes in this weather?

It wasn’t just an outfit that hid Jimmy’s neck.
Jimmy Barry was already well-known locally, and there were rumors that he was either gay or a handsome woman.
Most of these aforementioned rumors were groundless, but…

Some of them have a grain of truth.

Baron James Moriarty turned his attention to Emily, who stood next to Jimmy.

Emily Carter.

The wife of the novelist Randolph Carter, who died more than a decade ago after being involved in a bizarre incident.
That was all the information Moriarty had, but his opinion had changed a lot as of late.

She’s the descendant of a druid.

James Moriarty, the last living member of the Moriarty family.
His inheritance was considerable, but thanks to the investment into illegal and legal businesses, including smuggling, he was known as the Back-alley King.
Very few knew that Baron Moriarty had connections to numerous criminal organizations, thanks to his reputable image as an art lover and art enthusiast, known for his generous patronage for various genres of art, especially painting.

It was why James was even more surprised. You even figured that out using white magic, hmm?

That his parents were killed by the Church of Starry Wisdom.

That he was obsessed with anagrams.

Emily knew two of his secrets that no one else was aware of.


Moriarty’s intuition told him there was more to it.
He met with her several times under the pretense of discussing the cemetery case, but his curiosity did not fade.

Rather, instead of disappearing, it only grew more fervent.

What exactly are you hiding?

James Moriarty glanced at her.
While he wasn’t very interested in women, he acknowledged her looks were enchanting enough to draw attention from anywhere.
Then there was….

That gaze.

One that seemed uninterested in the world.

Every time he saw it, her aloof expression even as she had a pistol pointed at her, kept appearing in his mind.

…It wasn’t unfamiliar to me.

He himself wouldn’t like to admit it, but he did sense her aloofness was quite similar to his own.

Regardless, it wasn’t the only question he had. There’s Enoch Bowen.

Supposedly, she had been pursuing the Church of Starry Wisdom and captured some of its followers herself in the process.

“If you don’t believe me, contact Inspector Lestrade from the Metropolitan Police Service.
He can vouch for me.”

It was as she said.

The old raccoon, who was also an ally of that bastard Holmes, had met her on more than one occasion.

“Oh, Mrs.
Carter? We’ve been on good terms for a long time.”

Despite Lestrade’s willingness to prove she wasn’t lying, Emily herself still had unanswered questions.

It occurred a few days ago.

He had called her to his mansion to tell her the conclusion of the cemetery incident.
She didn’t look well then.

She shook her head when asked if she was sick, so James guided her to his private study.


Among his precious collection of books, one in particular was crammed into the shelf.
Emily was astonished when she saw it and didn’t move from where she stood.

…There was a mysterious symbol on the back of the book.
“Why… Why… do you have this?”

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