Elven Legacy

Chapter 2: Elven city & Elif?

Deep within the void was a lone soul wandering aimlessly with no direction in mind, the souls appearance was pure white, making it stand out untainted in the void full of darkness. As the soul continued to wander through the void for who knows how many years, as time within the void is ever chaotic, in a blink of an eye centuries could pass or time could even stop altogether.

Somehow or someway, the lone souls consciousness stirred awake, when the souls consciousness awoke Its reaction was quite unnatural, but then again a mortal souls consciousness shouldn have awoken without a body to anchor itself to in the first place.

Why can I see anything? Where am I, wait, why can I feel my hands or feet!? What are hands and feet, and whats happening? I can remember anything, ugh, memories, what are memories?…… Who am I, what am I?

As the soul was going through what seemed like an identity crisis for some time, it managed to reign in its panicking emotions after a while and calmed down. With the soul now calm, it finally tried to figure out its situation, and most importantly how to survive.

I need to calm down, panicking about my origins won solve anything right now, I can figure that out later. Right now I need to try and survive, because wherever I am currently feels dangerous, as if I might die? I don even know what the word ”die ” means, but from how Im feeling, Im going to assume its bad.

Now that the soul has an objective, it does its best at trying to figure out what its situation is, but even after spending days, the soul hasn come to find anything that could help him. Although the souls efforts were futile, it had an unnaturally strong will, and it persisted on with its endeavors, day after day, week after week it continued until finally, something changed.

What is this? I can sense it everywhere, and it feels comfortable.

What the soul didn know is it had managed to awaken an ability that shouldn be possible for a mortal soul to use, and said ability allowed the user to see or sense its surroundings through non-conventional methods. What the soul had managed to sense through its ability is a form of energy called Qi, Origin Qi to be exact, and Qi is the very foundation of everything in existence.

As the soul was quite curious about what it sensed, it followed its instincts and tried to absorb the Qi, luckily the soul didn manage to do that as Origin Qi is the purest and strongest form of Qi, and if the soul managed to absorb even just a wisp of Qi as it is now, it would explode instantly. But even though the soul hadn managed to absorb the Qi, just having its soul bathed in Origin Qi had given itself tremendous benefits, and that special ability is one of them.

Now that I can finally sense my surroundings, what do I? The only thing I can sense is this comfortable thing thats everywhere.

Now that the soul has finally accomplished sensing its surroundings after months of persisting, its now confused about what it should do next. So the soul just continues drifting aimlessly, while it constantly tries expanding its sensing range, after many months something finally changed in this void of utter darkness that has plagued the soul in confusion.

*Ba-dump* *Crack*

With the noise that sounded like a drum, a crack formed on the edge of the darkness, allowing small amounts of light to sneak through. Nothing happened for a while before another drum noise echoed across the darkness, causing the previous crack to grow in size and spread off into branches.

*Ba-dump* *Crack*

This time the drum sound came quicker than last time and caused new but smaller cracks to form around the edge of the darkness while still causing the first crack to grow slightly in size.

*Ba-dump* *Crack*

Again, even quicker than before as it enlarged the already existing cracks, now with enough light peaking through the cracks our soul has finally been given enough light to barely see just a few inches in front of him.

So this is the thing that always feels so comfortable, and its color is purple, which looks nice I guess?

Those noised would periodically come and go, causing more and more cracks to form over the edge of the darkness, and allowing more light to flow through and illuminate the void. But with each time the drum noise appeared, the intervals between each time continued getting smaller and smaller, until one day it never paused.


With the drum noise constantly sounding out, it shook the very darkness causing the already large cracks to grow, turning the darkness into a bright place, until the void of darkness shattered like glass and disappeared.

The sudden change in the scenery had affected the soul as it was used to the forever darkness, but with that gone, in its place now is a bright white light that illuminates everything, although there is a lot of light, its soothing and pleasurable to the one receiving it.

This feels much better than endless darkness, that place felt comfortable but I always felt like my very existence was in constant danger, here though it feels like home, a place I can feel safe and protected from everything. Whatever those words mean.

As our soul was enjoying the feeling of this place, it suddenly sensed something calling out to it, at first it was confused about what it was feeling, but it eventually tried moving in the direction from where the call was coming from. It took several tries but the soul finally managed to figure out how to propel itself, and once it did it shot off in the direction of the call.

As it floated in the direction of the call, it never once felt tired or exhausted which allowed it to save some time, but even though the soul never felt exhausted, it could perceive the passage of time much better in this place than in the endless darkness.

What felt like several hours later, the soul finally arrived at what felt like where the call originated from, when it tried using its sensing ability the first thing it saw or sensed was a physical body. The soul didn know it was sensing a physical body, and a babies at that, but what it did know was when it sensed the body, the call it was feeling increased by several times, to the point of where its instincts took control of its soul and slowly floated closer and closer to the body.

Once the soul was about to touch the body, its ethereal body phased right through it, but it didn stop and continued floating right through the body, as it headed to where the brain was. When it arrived at the brain, it floated right inside the middle, and once there its soul slowly dissipated into the rest of its body, with most of it getting absorbed by the brain.

When the soul had fully dissipated into the babys body, the hair which was originally pure silver slightly changed, instead, a small part of the hair was changed to purple, as well as the golden mark on his forehead, signifying its connection to having bathed in Origin Qi. Nothing else on the beautiful and smooth dark skin changed, nor on any part of the body that is readily visible.

Now that the soul had finally managed to find its rightful home, the benefits from bathing within Origin Qi finally started to form. His physique which was originally a low God tier has increased to a middle Immortal tier, and his Spirit Root which was also originally at medium God has risen to a high Immortal. But while those benefits are tremendous, the biggest benefit was his comprehension, comprehension can be categorized as it varies on what the person is trying to comprehend, but even still, his comprehension is currently incredible.

Even with all the changes that are happening to him, he is just sleeping soundly allowing them to happen on their own, now all thats left to do is wait until he wakes up once more, and see where this life takes him.

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