Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru – Chapter 12 – The Elf Suspected As A Pervert And Clearing His Name? – Galaxy Translations

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5-7 minutes 08.07.2022

The red ribbon given to Violette by Hydrangea is a magic item with spells engraved into it.

In addition to restricting Violette’s movements so she cannot escape from Duke Laudense house, the ribbon also contains cleaning spell to prevent the fabric from getting dirty, a defense spell in case someone tries to harm her, and a tracking spell to monitor her movements.

It is a unique item that Hydrangea made for the girl who would become his wife.
He had been diligently working on it since the engagement was decided.
It is the masterpiece of Hydrangea von Laudense , the most powerful wizard in the country of Liliphiltia.

Since a while ago, Violette had been scratching the ribbon to take it off, but no matter how hard she tried, it wouldn’t come off.

“Just give up.
That ribbon is absolutely impossible to take off”
“W-What did you say!!”

Seeing Violette was angry with her tail in the air, Hydrangea laughed.
No matter when she is bewildered or angry, when she is in her cat form everything is cute.
Making the magical ribbon was extremely difficult, but it was paid back at this moment.

“I will never forgive you for tying a ribbon to me!”

Violette was trembling and glaring as hard as she could.
It would be better not to say that there are more than twenty other enchantments engraved on it, so as not to put her in a bad mood anymore.

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“For the time being, it pains me to spend any more time in the same space with you”
“Then you can go wherever you like”

But only on the site of Duke Laudense house, though.
Hydrangea snapped his fingers, and the door opened automatically.

“Wow! I-Is this, by any chance, magic?”
“Yes, it is”

Violette’s eyes sparkled brilliantly like gems as she turned around.

“It’s ama…… not amazing, at all!”

She seemed excited to see magic, but she came to her senses halfway through.

“W-Well then, farewell!”
“Yes, rest well.
My dear fiancée”

Violette stuck her tongue out at those words.
Hydrangea laughed out loud at her childish response.

Violette let out a frustrated “grrr” as she walked out of the room.
After the storm had passed, Hydrangea rang the magic bell and called the lady-in-waiting, Verbena.


In Duke Laudense house, where there is no mistress, there is only one lady-in-waiting.

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Verbena Ranunculus.
She used to be Hydrangea’s wet nurse.
She is forty-seven years old, she claims that her plump figure is a mass of tolerance,

She guides the maids on etiquette and assists the butlers.
Currently, she was ordered to focus on the preparations for receiving the bride.

“How unusual, Master.
I didn’t expect you to call me at this hour”
“Yes, I have something to talk to you”
“Is it about the little kitten that was running down the hallway?”
“Well, something like that”

Violette seems to be running around the mansion cheerfully.
He would like to confirm her eager appearance later.

“It’s an unbelievable story, but that cat is the woman who will be my wife”

Verbena’s expression was astonished.

“M-Master…… Did the cat lover finally turned into that? I-It’s true that she was the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen, but……”
“It’s not like that!”

He likes cats, but he never wanted to marry a cat.
It’s important, so he will explain it clearly.

“Her name is Violette von Northpole”
“I-Is that the young lady from Count Northpole family!?”

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She was cursed, when the opposite sex touches her, she turn into a cat”
“Oh dear, what a pitiful young lady!”

Verbena easily believed about the curse.
The treatment of a perverted man who wanted to marry a cat only lasted a moment.

“So, I would like to ask you to take care Miss Violette”
“It would be a great honor”
“I’m counting you”

In the meantime, he strongly asked her to keep it a secret.
Also, since she was a lively girl that was like a bullet, it would be hard for her to take care Violette alone.
He ordered her to promote a few of her trusted maids to be a lady-in-waiting to serve her.

“And also, because of the curse, please keep men away from her”
“And, please catch Miss Violette right away.
Surely, she will be in big trouble if the curse is lifted”
“What do you mean by big trouble?”

That is─when the curse is lifted, she will be in a naked state.
Verbena’s face instantly turned pale.

“W-We need to bring her into the room as soon as possible”

He stopped Verbena as she was about to run out of the room.
he took out a crystal from the desk drawer and checked Violette’s current location.

“Right now, she─ seems to be running around the kitchen are”

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“O-Oh no! That’s the men’s workplace!”
“I’ll lend you the crystal, so go look for her”

Verbena instantly ran out of the room to protect Violette.
Thirty minutes later, Verbena returns, breathing heavily.

“T-Thank you for the crystal.
Lady Violette has been taken to the prepared room ”
“Good work.
So she was captured obediently”

It seemed Verbena was kneeling on the floor, she tried her best to persuade her and bring her into the room.

“So, she really Is a young lady who was cursed”
“You must have doubted me in your heart”
“Things like this, I’m half-convinced, okay”

It seems Violette’s curse has not been lifted yet.
When he received the crystal, Violette was curled up asleep in a basket covered with a velveteen blanket.

“I prepared it for her, because she said she felt more at ease in the basket than in the big bed”
“S-So cute……!!”
“Yes? Did you say something?”
“No, it’s nothing.
It’s enough for today.
Go down”

For a while, Hydrangea watched Violette asleep through the crystal.

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