Chapter 1 – The Elf Who Hates Woman And The Distress of The Popular Person

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July 2nd, 2022

“Salute to His Excellency Laudense!”

Today, Hydrangea, the commander of magic division conducts morning inspection of the troops as well.

Once a month, he gathers the troops as much as possible, lines them up, and review them.

As he looked at the neatly assembled salutes, Hydrangea thought to himself. Well done, I am amazed to have brought up so many wizards.

He taps the ground with his crystal rod, and when he raises one of his hand, they beat the heels of their shoes in unison.

In the courtyard of the Magic Division, the number of members lined up in a row was about 3,000.

When the first head of the Laudense family started the army of wizards a thousand years ago, there were only five members.
In a thousand years, the number of wizards has increased to this extent.

This is due to the support of the royal family.

However, it is not enough to call it a division.
It is said to reflect the desire for the organization to eventually be able to take in tens of thousands of wizards.

The elven House of Laudense and the Royal Family of Lilliphiltia are sworn friends, and have been close friends over a thousand years.

The crown prince, Magnolia, is 16 years old, ten years younger than him.
It was Hydrangea who taught him magic.

Their teacher-student relationship continues to this day, and today he has been summoned because he has an important matter to attend to.

He finishes his review, hears a report from his adjutant and makes a decision, then he reads the letter he received.

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The appointment with Prince Magnolia was in the afternoon, so Hydrangea left the office.

As he walked down the hallway, he passed by with the maids.
The girls moved out to the side of the hallway and kept their heads down.

After passing them, he heard them talking.

“Kyaa! It’s His Excellency Laudense!”
“How wonderful!  I wonder if one day he will have a first time with me?”

Elves have good ears.
Even if they are far away, he can pick up their voices.
Hearing the conversation between the maids, Hydrangea’s skin cowered with fear.

The truth is, he is a huge misogynist.
There is a reason for this.
It was his over-privileged family background that had caused the incident.

As the most excellent marriage partner in the country, Hydrangea attracted a lot of attention.

In the year of his social debut, marriage proposal came in continuously.
And then, women who wanted to make a connection flocked to Hydrangea’s house.
The women keeps check at each other and engaged in ugly fight.

At one point, he were given a cup of black tea containing an aphrodisiac, and almost creating an established fact.

Furthermore, they tried to get close to Hydrangea by using all kinds of means, such as bumping into him by accident, barging into his workplace and house, and causing incident entwined with magic to try to have a relationship with him.

As these attempts were repeated, Hydrangea developed unpleasant feelings to all women.

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All of them probably do not see Hydrangea, but only the fortune and past glory of the Duke Laudense family.

It would be unbearable to welcome such partner to the Duke Laudense family and let them mess up their family.

Hydrangea dismissed the marriage offers as if he were trying to get rid of small insects.
Thanks to that, disgraceful names such as “The Lonely Noble Prince” and “The Ice Duke” have been spreading.

He knew that he would have to marry one day, but it is absolutely not right now.
Besides, he have other uncles and cousins.
Even if it’s not Hydrangea, it’s fine to let their children to inherit the dukedom.

For these reasons

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