Send me?

”It’s on your way?”

Probably not, the first night when they took a taxi, the driver clearly said that he would take Yin Guo and the others to the hotel, and it was a detour to Queens.

“I’m a man, it doesn’t matter how late I go back,” Lin Yiyang glanced at the wall clock on the wall, “You’re different.”

It’s quite late. Her friend also warned her seriously that she should never go out alone at night as a girl, in addition to living in Manhattan in New York. Because she knew that Yin Guo had to practice in the ballroom until it was dark, and told her to have Meng Xiaotian pick her up back to the hotel every day.

But it’s too far from the hotel, and let him take a detour to see her off?

Isn’t it prudent to take too much of a favor?

Yin Guo was still confused.

“Are you afraid I’ll sell you?” Lin Yiyang joked with her.

“No, no,” Yin Guo shook his head, “I don’t want to trouble you all the time.”

“It should be,” he said.
“I’m a man, and there’s no excuse for sending girls home.”

Lin Yiyang didn’t give her a chance to think about it, he pointed to Yin Guo’s clothes and bags piled on the billiard chair next to him, meaning to let her put them on, he directly picked up the bucket for Yin Guo, carried it, and walked to the front desk.
, and check out with the boss.

The old rule, whoever wins the ball, pays the table rent.

Yin Guo didn’t have time to think about it, she returned the cup to the bar, went to say bye to Su Wei, put on a down jacket, carried her bag, and followed Lin Yiyang who pushed open the door.

In less than fifteen innings, it was already snowing outside.

“Let’s take a taxi, wait a minute,” Yin Guo took out his phone from the pocket of his down jacket.

“It’s been so long, and you’re still taking a taxi? Why don’t you take the subway?”

“I came last year and sat in the wrong place several times.
Later, I didn’t dare to sit casually.” She said depressingly.
In fact, the entrance to her hotel was the subway entrance, so she didn’t need to take a taxi all the time. But when she thinks of the subway, she has a psychological shadow.

The subway here is over a hundred years old, and many of the carriages are very dilapidated.
She is not afraid of getting dirty, but she is afraid that there is no electronic display screen in the subway car, because it is not in the mother tongue to announce the station, and she has to listen to the station name carefully throughout the whole process.

Worst of all, usually in this kind of broken train, the stopped horn is often broken.

Once there is no broadcast sound, it will become confusing.

She once sat in a subway car with no electronic display screen and no station announcement sound twice in a row, and she happened to encounter the subway’s draft, and it didn’t stop for four stops…..

Standing in the goose feathers like snow, Lin Yiyang smiled.

He pressed Yin Guo’s phone and pointed to her hat: “Put it on, we have to walk three intersections, and it takes at least fifteen minutes to get to the subway entrance.
Follow me, don’t get lost.”

After he finished speaking, he put Yin Guo’s club barrel on his back and walked into the wind and snow.

Yin Guo put on her hat and followed him closely.
It was so cold that she didn’t dare to take her hands out of her pockets.

Her boots kept stepping on fresh footprints on a layer of fresh snow, following in Lin Yiyang’s footsteps. Lin Yiyang was looking at the condition of the train.
He lowered his head and saw the pair of little boots walking very fast, and looked tired.

He was used to striding, and never tried to slow down for anyone. Tonight, it was very graceful and slowed down.

When he slowed down, Yin Guo breathed a sigh of relief.

She breathed white air and walked silently with him for five minutes. It’s not right to be so quiet, I need to find something to talk about.

“Do you like to gamble?” She took the initiative to chat.


“It’s all this big amount? Or do you like such a big bet here?” Yin Guo was taken aback when she heard the numbers just now, but she didn’t expect such a large amount.

Lin Yiyang shook his head: “One of my classmates was betting with others, and he didn’t dare to come after he made a heavy bet.
He kept begging me for half a month.”

Lin Yiyang stopped, they had reached the intersection after a while.

There is a red light in front of them, and have to wait for the green light.

Seeing that Yin Guo was so quiet, he looked down at her: “Why don’t you ask?”

“I was thinking, are they good friends of yours?”

The trip from Washington to Flushing, New York, must have been for a very important friend.

Lin Yiyang shook his head, not counting.

“It’s me who wants to invite someone to dinner, but I don’t have money,” he noticed that the green light had changed, put his hand on Yin Guo’s back, pushed her onto the sidewalk, and walked to her right side, “It’s a quid pro quo.”

As Yin Guo crossed the road, she thought, it turned out that Lin Yiyang really likes inviting people to dinner.

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