Yin Guo found that he played 9 goals, which was his own game.

“This is an amateur,” Su Wei pointed to Lin Yiyang’s back and whispered to Yin Guo, “Berry said he was challenging a regional championship here.”

Yin Guo nodded lightly, it turned out to be an amateur.

Berry was talking, and Su Wei was relaying: “And this regional champion has already won three games in this room.
This is his blessed place.
Berry also said that three thousand dollars are too rash.”

Yin Guo didn’t understand the amount of betting here, so she didn’t say anything.

Three thousand dollars is indeed not a small amount.

Lin Yiyang held the orange ball himself and handed the yellow ball to the opponent.

Yin Guo knew that they were about to compete for the kick-off.

He and the regional champion walked to the side of the table and each put the ball on the tee line.

It’s quiet all around.

Yin Guo and Su Wei stopped talking softly. Both of them know very well that in the nine-ball game, the right to tee off is very important, and the chance of winning is much greater if they get it, so when the two players start the game, they have to win the right to serve once.

The rules are very simple, two people have to hit the ball together at the tee line, and after each ball hits the opposite bank, it bounces back. Whoever is closest to himself when the ball stops, wins.

In the silence of the room, there were two slight knocks.

The two balls rolled out almost at the same time, drawn a straight trajectory on the blue table, hit the opposite side of the ball at the same time, and bounced back at a constant speed.

The speed of the two balls is getting slower and slower.

Yin Guo stared at them, she almost knew the result-

Slowly, slowly, Lin Yiyang’s orange ball surpassed the opponent’s yellow ball. The ball rolled in front of Lin Yiyang, stopped against the edge of the table, no more, no less, and stuck to the shore of the ball, no closer than this.

Yellow Ball was also in the applause, stopped, only 1cm behind.

In the face of the 1cm gap, Lin Yiyang won.

“Who will be the referee?” Lin Yiyang picked up the white ball and placed it on the serving line.

“I, I’ll come.” Berry volunteered.

He originally came for the regional championship, but after watching Lin Yiyang’s beautiful blow, his emotions were even higher.

He came to be the referee, he came to ensure fairness, in fact, he wanted to make sure that Lin Yiyang just got away with it.

There is a low long light on the table, which casts a soft white light on the blue tabletop. The light is very low, so low that it can only illuminate the position below his waist. Berry quickly stacks the balls in a nice diamond shape on the table.

Lin Yiyang switched to green powder and smeared the clubhead.
On the side of the table, leaned down, looked down on the white ball, and aimed the clubhead. One hit.

While the ball was pocketed, others had circled to the right side of the billiard table, caught up with the next blow, and another ball was pocketed. As soon as Yin Guo saw the pocket, he switched to the next position again and hit the ball quickly.

Is this for a fastball?

In general competitions, few people will play fastball, because it is all about career and world ranking games, and you must play steadily. On the contrary, there will be opportunities to meet fastball masters in the ballroom.

Some people just want to be fast and beautiful, but they have high requirements for positioning and accuracy.

The faster, the more accurate.

The nine-ball is different from the middle eight, and you can only hit the ball with the smallest number on the table.

1 ball, 2 ball, 3 ball…

In the end, when there were three balls 7, 8, and 9 left on the table, he hit the 7th ball with the white ball and let the 7th ball hit the 9th ball, and the two balls were pocketed one after another.

The round ended with applause.

In the nine-ball game, whoever scores the No.
9 ball, in the end, is the winner.

He won. One shot clearing the stage.

She stared at Lin Yiyang’s back, looked at him, and smeared the club head with skillful powder again.

If you don’t play fastball, in the official game, every shot is very important, and every shot must be played with skillful powder.
This is to stabilize the mind and prepare for the next shot.

Unlike tonight, it was more of a show.

“It’s still not too late, everyone,” this time it wasn’t Lin Yiyang who was inviting, but the excited Berry, who said in English with a smile, “We can still raise, there are fifteen games in total.
Don’t miss it, everyone.”

Everyone laughed and raised money.

Lin Yiyang’s first game conquered all the strangers present, including that regional champion.
Maybe before, he was the club and the district champion, and tonight, I’m afraid it will be a terrible match.

“He really looks like a professional.” Su Wei sighed softly.

In the end, he hit faster and faster.

The rod is in place, the ball is pocketed. No mistakes, zero mistakes.

You never saw him pause, aim, all, only the ball kept falling on the bag, and he kept changing position.
It was the first time Yin Guo had seen someone play a fastball at close range.

In the tenth inning, the No.
9 ball was hit and fell directly into the bottom pocket under everyone’s attention.

Lin Yiyang stood up straight.

Fifteen games have not been played, and tonight’s bet has been won. Perfect finish.

The regional champion who was sitting on the billiard chair and watching the last round stood up, stretched out his right hand to him, and smiled very happily.
This is the hearty feeling of meeting his opponent. After losing convincingly, naturally, there is no complaint.

“It’s an honor.” Lin Yiyang held the club in one hand and shook hands with the opponent.

The other side patted his arm heavily: Young man, tell me, are you here for this year’s National Open?

Lin Yiyang smiled and shook his head.
He put the club back in place and put it on the club rack.

Unlike these professional players, even if he came to bet such a huge round of billiards, he did not bring his own clubs, but only used the public clubs provided by the club.

The owner of the ballroom smiled and handed him a towel, along with a cup of hot water, which Lin Yiyang asked for from the owner just before the last game. He is thirsty.

Lin Yiyang held the cup to his mouth, drank a small sip, and moistened his throat.
He had been bowing his head and drinking water midst of his body, which seemed to have taken a lot of energy, and was severely short of water.
Almost half a cup after a drink.
He looked up, as if he had just seen Yin Guo, and set his eyes on her, smiling: “Hi.”

She was going to wait for Lin Yiyang to finish drinking the water, and then came forward to say hello.

“Hi.” She waved her right hand lightly.

Because she was nervous watching the game and didn’t speak for a long time, and her voice was still a little hoarse.

Unconsciously clearing her throat.

“You know each other?” Su Wei asked Yin Guo in surprise.

“Are you friends?” the lost regional champion also asked Lin Yiyang at the same time.

“I recently met her,” Lin Yiyang put the water glass on the billiard chair, looked at her seriously, and said to the gossipy crowd in English, “I really hope she treats me as a friend.”

“Of course,” Yin Guo, in the eyes of everyone, seemed to have done something bad and admitted her mistake, with a correct attitude and sincere tone, “We have always been friends.”

Lin Yiyang was amused by her seriousness, and changed back to Chinese: “Just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

Yin Guo also breathed a sigh of relief, and replied in Chinese: “I thought I saw the wrong person at first.”

Lin Yiyang smiled and said nothing.

However, he seemed to be in a good mood.
He quickly took out a sticky note from his trousers pocket, handed it to the regional champion, and told him that this was his classmate’s account, and he could just credit it to the lost money.

The regional champion happily took it and said with a smile that he would save money and wait for another game with Lin Yiyang.

“There should be no next time.” Lin Yiyang said.

The other party didn’t take it seriously and patted him on the shoulder: “You are welcome here at any time.”

The crowd quickly dispersed, and each returned to his own table.
Because of Lin Yiyang’s wonderful game, they were all motivated to play. It didn’t take long for everyone to start tonight’s battle in full swing.

Only they are quiet here.

Yin Guo introduced Su Wei to Lin Yiyang: ” This is Su Wei, she came with me.”

Lin Yiyang nodded.

He handed a bill to the waiter and whispered. After a while, the waiter came over with two drinks, he picked them up and handed them to Yin Guo and Su Wei.

After Su Wei thanked him, she was dragged away by Berry, went to start a game, and turned around to thank him as she walked.

Yin Guo stayed here alone.

She bit the straw and sat on the pool chair next to Lin Yiyang’s table, leaning against the wall, with both feet on the bar under the chair, watching the battle situation at the next table.

Suddenly realizing that there was no one around Lin Yiyang, she looked back and smiled at Lin Yiyang.

Lin Yiyang was leaning against the pool table, playing with a white ball.


This was the first time the two were alone, without Meng Xiaotian present.

He put the white ball in his hand on the tee line: “Why did you come so far?”

He knew the location of Yin Guo’s hotel, and of course, he knew very well that her hotel was far away from the ballroom.

“Berry, who was talking to you just now, was brought by him.
I heard that there are a lot of contestants here tonight, come and have a look,” Yin Guo thought for a while, and then explained, “I signed up for the U.S.

Lin Yiyang nodded. Actually, he knew.

On the first day at the bar, Lin Yiyang knew that the brothers and sisters were coming for the Open Championship when he saw a club box on three suitcases in the corner.
A Hiding in a bar with a custom club on a Blizzard day is just that reason, for this identity.

But at that time, he thought the club belonged to his younger brother.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Yin Guo continued to bite the straw.

There are a lot of questions in her heart, but she don’t know him well, and not used to chatting like friends, so she have to hold back.

Lin Yiyang took out the balls he had just hit from the bag one by one, put them on the table, and arranged the nine balls into a diamond shape. She thought he wanted to start a new game, but he just wanted to tidy up the table.

After everything was done, he picked up his winter clothes from the chair : “That friend of yours lives in the same hotel as you?”

He pointed at Su Wei with his eyes.

Su Wei was leaning over, aiming for the ball she was about to hit, at a table in the distance, by the door.

“Not a family, but not far away ,” she also thought about the question of going back, “but she lives in Flushing tonight, her boyfriend’s house, I guess I have to go back by myself.”

Lin Yiyang had already put on his winter clothes and zipped up: “I’ll take you back.”

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