Chapter 1(part 2)


    Not long after the train left the station, Meng Xiaotian had already covered his face with his coat and fell asleep.

    The ticket inspector walked from the last carriage to this one and started to check the tickets one by one.
Yin Guo took the mobile phone from Meng Xiaotian’s palm, found the electronic ticket, asked the ticket inspector to check the ticket, and stuffed her cousin’s mobile phone back. 

    She sat up straight.

    Lin Yiyang happened to also reply to WeChat……

    Lin : You’re welcome.

    Four words, very short.
Transfers were also rejected.

    Yin Guo didn’t have Meng Xiaotian’s familiar temperament, she stared at the phone for a long time, then put it aside, and thought to herself :’ Let’s talk about it when we meet.’

Not long after, the train stooped at a small station, and there were only a few passengers on the platform outside the window waiting to get on the train.
Yin Guo looked at the carriage all around.
There were not many people in the carriage.
Two more people went down this station, and there were less than ten people in the carriage.

It’s okay to go to the bathroom, she pushed her cousin to wake up :”I’m going to the bathroom.”

Meng Xiaotian agreed in confusion.

Yin Guo carried her bag with her, Meng Xiaotian’s backpack was stuffed under his legs.

Within two minutes of Yin Guo’s departure, a Chinese man walked here from the rear carriage.
He was the man with glasses that day.

Just got in the train.

Because Meng Xiaotian’s face was covered by the clothes, the man with glasses had no chance to recognize him, so he walked past the carriage, followed the instructions on the phone, walked forward, crossed two carriages, and saw Lin Yiyang’s duffel bag.

    Looking at the window again, it was him.

    The black mother next to Lin Yiyang just got off the station holding the child and the seat beside him was vacant.

    “Fortunately, I caught up,” Wu Wei pushed Lin Yiyang and told him to go to the window, while he sat outside, unbuttoned his winter clothes, and panted, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up with you.”

    Lin Yiyang knew what he was here for, so he didn’t speak.

    Wu Wei said,”Everyone is going to arrive, but you are running away, what’s the matter?”

    Lin Yiyang pulled up the neckline of his sportswear, covering most of his face trying to avoid the rhetoric.

    Wu Wei tried to pull his clothes.

    Lin Yiyang closed his eyes, put his head on the window glass, and whispered, ”I invited little friends to drink that day.
I ran out of money, and I don’t have the money to buy a ticket.”

    ”I’ll go out with you,” Wu Wei took out his wallet and opened it to show him, “Look at how much is left, let’s spend it together and die together.”

    After Wu Wei shook him a dozen times, he had no choice but to sit up straight and glanced at Wu Wei’s wallet.

    Two poor ghosts, half a catty and eighty taels.


    The train arrived in Washington D.C.
before dark.

    The school was also suspended for two days because of the Blizzard shutdown, and it just returned to normal yesterday.

    Meng Xiaotian had been looking for the hamburger chain that Lin Yiyang mentioned since he got off the train  He walked all the way to the exit, and finally saw the striking sign, which was next to Starbucks.
Now that she see it, she must satisfy her cousin’s wish to buy and eat.
Yin Guo calculated the time, there was no big problem, and took Meng Xiaotian into the burger shop.

    After a while, Wu Wei pulled the strap of Lin Yiyang’s sports bag and walked here: “Quick, take the bus ”

    Lin Yiyang was dragged forward.

    Wu Wei didn’t have enough money to buy a train ticket.
He just tried his best to buy two discounted bus tickets.
He has been whispering in Lin Yiyang’s ear since an hour ago, that he bought a bus ticket with all his fortune.
If Lin Yiyang doesn’t go back to New York with him, he is not a brother enought l, he is unkind, and he is ruthless…

    Lin Yiyang listened to the four- character idiom for an hour.

    After having known each other for many years, he knew that Wu Wei had all the attributes of a dog skin plaster.
He was very tough, and he couldn’t walk away when he was fierce or scolded.
There is no way to escape today, and he will definitely have to go back to New York.

    Lin Yiyang, who was hungry, stood still, looked around, and saw a burger shop.

    He was thinking about whether to eat something first.

    ‘Forget it, I’ll see on the bus ride if I can buy a pizza, maybe a dollar if I’m lucky.’

    ”Is there anything in the bag to eat?” he asked.

    ”Yes, of course there is.”

    Wu Wei opened his backpack, dug for a long time, found 1/3 of the chocolate, and stuffed it into Lin Yiyang’s hand.

    The chocolate was wrapped in foil, crumpled and twisted into a ball. 

    He took off the tin foil and took a bite.
If it wasn’t for Wu Wei, he wouldn’t be eating it.
He clenched the tin foil into a ball, threw it into the trash can, and followed Wu Wei out of the train station.

    After two minutes.

    At the door of the burger shop, Meng Xiaotian came out with a hamburger, Yin Guo bowed her head and looked for a taxi in the phone.

    “What do we invite him to eat? Have you ever eaten something delicious in Washington?” Meng Xiaotian asked.

    “It’s all average,” Yin Guo said.
“This is not a city famous for its delicious food.
If you want to eat good food, it’s more like New York.”

    Meng Xiaotian didn’t ask why, he took out his mobile phone and decided to ask Lin Yiyang’s opinion.

    ‘Anyway, I’m going to invite him to dinner, let him choose.’

    ”Not good.”

    ”What’s wrong?”

    Meng Xiaotian showed Yin Guo the chat record.

    Tiantian : My sister and I are also at D.C.
Let’s have dinner tonight, Brother Lin.

    Lin : Good fun, I’m back in New York.


    Yin Guo and Meng Xiaotian looked at each other for two seconds.

    Yin Guo looked down at Uber, the car will be coming soon

    Yin Guo was helpless.

    ”Where to go?” Meng Xiaotian was completely lost.

    ”Go to the hotel,” Yin Guo looked outside, the weather in Washington was better than New York, ”It’s all booked anyway, Let’s have fun.”

    Holding her breath, she couldn’t hold back, and kicked Meng Xiaotian : ”It’s a waste.”

    Meng Xiaotian knew that he was wrong, and begged for mercy.

    The siblings looked at each other,and couldn’t hold back their laughter.

    What an amazing trip to Washington.

    ”Give you five minutes, hurry up and take pictures.” Yin Guo pointed around.

    She knew that people who came to travel for the first time liked to take pictures, so she took the initiative to avoid it and ate her own hamburger.
When she was finished, as she was looking for trash can, her cousin had come back in a circle : ”Let’s go..”

    Yin Guo said ”um” and saw that the trash can was actually behind her, and she was blind for some reason just now.
She balled up the hamburger wrapper, threw it in the trash, and left the train station with her cousin.

    Before leaving the station, Meng Xiaotian took a photo of the burger shop.
As soon as he got in the car, he happily posted it in his circle of friends.

    Tiantian : One of the most handsome men I have ever seen in my life recommended it.

    Yin Guo likes to contradict him, they are used to it, and she refuted it below as usual.

    Xiaoguo : [twitches mouth] Not very handsome, decieving the public.

    Zheng Yi replied to Xiaoguo : Do you have any photos? I’ve been listening to your brother for the past two days, I haven’t seen him, and my heart is iching.

    Tiantian replied to Zheng Yi : Of course I won’t lie to you, if I am a woman, I will definitely take a fancy to him.

    Xiaoguo replied to Zheng Yi : In general, ordinary person, my brother is exaggerating.

    Tiantian replied to Xiaoguo : Can you seek truth from facts?

    Zheng Yi replied to Xiaoguo : Yes, seek truth from facts, and don’t allow personal emotions.

    Xiaoguo : Well, I admit, he’s not bad.

    Meng Xiaotian was sitting in the front seat.
Seeing Yin Guo admit defeat, he turned around and winked at her.

Yin Guo grimaced and pointed out the car window, which meant : take the photos.

Museums and municipal buildings began to appear frequently on the side of the road.
The driver of the car was a middle-ages white woman.
When she saw Meng Xiaotian holding up his mobile phone, she specially slowed down and enthusiastically told him the name of each building.
Bringing suitcases, guess they are not here for tourism, and as if they are here to study.

After going back and forth, he chatted with the driver.
From the architecture to the University of Washington, the driver mentioned Georgetown.
She made sno secret that the school was expensive, and the international students who came were rich.

“Did you hear?What the driver said?” Meng Xiaotian asked in a low voice.

Yin Guo nodded.
She remembered that the first year Zheng Yi came here, including tuition, room and board, ski vacations, etc., it really cost a lot in one year.
However, the lady was used to being extravagant, so she couldn’t set standards.

She was thinking about Zheng Yi, but Meng Xiaotian was thinking of Lin Yiyang, and came to a conclusion: Brother Lin is a rich man.

It took twenty minutes to drive them to the hotel.

As soon as she entered, she went to the front desk, anxious to confirm the room, handed the passports and credit cards of the two to the front desk staff, communicated the reservation situation, and waited for the other party to handle the check-in procedures.

Looking at the circle of friends again, prompt, there is a new reply.

She opened it, and it was under that burger shop…..

Lin : There is an OLD EBBITT GRILL near the White House, it’s not bad, try it.


Not good, she completely forgot, he can see Meng Xiaotian’s circle of friends.

Apart from Zheng Yi’s reply, he could see everything that she and her cousin said, not only a unpleasant sentence, he saw everything.

This is such a blunder.

It was equivalent to discussing his appearance infront of Lin Yiyang, which was more embarrassing than checking his ID card that night.

She read her message several times, too embarrassed to know what to do.

‘How did I forget it?’

Meng Xiaotian saw that she had been looking at the picture of the burger shop and then realized Lin Yiyang’s message, and couldn’t help but laugh : ”Fortunately, you told the truth at end, otherwise it would be even worse.”

Yin Guo was so angry that she hit Meng Xiaotian with her elbow.

The front desk of the hotel went through the formalities and put the passport, key card and signature in front of Yin Guo.

Yin Guo picked up the pen, still thinking about those messages, signed her name.

Delete it? Everyone saw it.
Don’t delete it? But it’s too dazzling to stay there.

”How is this restaurant? Have you ever eaten?” her cousin asked her.

Yin Guo was full of worries, and she didn’t hear it.

Meng Xiaotian turned to ask the staff who checked in for them, is this restaurant far away? Is it worth going?

When the brunette heard the name of the restaurant, she immediately expressed her recommendation.
The century-old-restaurant close to the White House, and many congressmen often go to eat, so many people go there because of it.
Best of all, they can walk past the hotel, which is very close.

Meng Xiaotian was heartbroken : ”Let me check the phone and reserve a seat?”

”Let’s go tomorrow, I’m too lazy to move.” Yin Guo was still immersed in the message accident and lacked interest.

She returned the signature to the staff member, took back her passport and credit card, and looked down at the room number on the door card.

Meng Xiaotian was beside her, and seemed to be chatting with someone.
When they got into the elevator, he suddenly smiled at her and said, ”Mr.
Handsome told me that he’s sorry to make our trip in vain.
He invited us for this meal.”

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