Chapter 1: Blizzard turns sunny( part-1)

Boston seawater pours.

Niagara falls frozen into ice sculptures.

Even the waves are frozen into works of art.

This is all the news they saw after they arrived at the hotel.

Fortunately, the Snowstorm is over and the weather is getting warmer.

” Are those experts kidding me when they talk about global warming?” Her cousin, Meng Xiaotian was holding a ham and complained by the way.

” This is the Great Lakes Effect.
Geography has been taught, but you must not have studied it well,” Yin Guo murmured while standing beside the toaster, waiting for her slices of bread,” If we come later, it won’t be so unlucky.”

Her original plan was to come in March and leave in April.
But Meng Xiaotian insisted on arriving in January.
He said that he needed to adapt to the environment in all aspects and seasons.
In fact, he wanted to take advantage of Yin Guo’s presence to enslave her as a guide and take him to New York.

Meng Xiaotian knew that he was wrong, and said with a smirk,” Help me get one too.”

Yin Guo agreed.



” Aren’t you going to thank that Mr.

With a click, the slices of bread fell on the silver stainless steel tray.

Yin Guo turned the bread over with the tong and continued to bake: ” I want to thank, but I didn’t know what to say.”

” There nothing to say, everyone is Chinese, I’ll push his We Chat to you.”

Before getting off the bus that day, Meng Xiaotian thanked him a lot, and cheekily asked for Lin Yiyang’s We Chat, which was considered a first-line connection.

It is said that in the past two days, her cousin also chatted with him on We Chat, and he was very kind.

Yin Guo thought in a mess, Meng Xiaotian pushed Lin Yiyang’s We Chat over.

Name: Lin.

With a click, the slices of bread fell again.
Baked on both sides.

Yin Guo pick up the slices of bread, took a small box of butter and strawberry jam, and returned to the table by the window.

The cousin behind her found that she forgot to bake his own bread, and called her three times to no avail, so he had to be self-reliant.

Yin Guo put the plate on the red checkered tablecloth, looked at Lin Yiyang’s WeChat and wanted to add a friend, but hesitated for a while, but didn’t added.
She put down her phone, picked up her fork, and buried herself in scrambled eggs.

Thinking of that night, she was a little frightened.
When her cousin and the man with glasses came back from the bathroom, they saw Lin Yiyang taking out his ID card and showing to Yin Guo.
The man with glasses laughed and asked Yin Guo if she still wanted to read the information page of his household registration book?

So embarrassing.

After Meng Xiaotain took the food, he returned to Yin Guo and saw that she was holding the phone hesitatingly, so he grabbed it and added Lin Yiyang’s WeChat by himself: ” What are you afraid of? There are more handsome men than him.

As soon as the application is passed through a friend, the other accepts it.

” Passed.” Meng Xiaotian showed her the screen and smiled at her.

Yin Guo grabbed the phone back.

Looking at Meng Xiaotian’s expression toward the phone, she know that she had to say HELLO.

Holding her phone, she said carefully: Hello, I’m Yin Guo, the Chinese who was at the RED FISH bar that day, the two brother and sister who you helped, and I’m that sister.

When she sent it out, she felt that her self-introduction was too long -winded and wanted to withdraw it.

Not yet, the other has replied.

Lin: I know.

So concise.

Xiaoguo: Thank you for your help that day, so we can get to the hotel smoothly.
If you are free, my brother and I want to invite you to a meal to express our thanks.
Can you think of it?

Lin: Are you not afraid of being deceived?

Xiaoguo: …… I just arrived in New York that day, and I met Snowstorm.
Sorry for misunderstanding your kindness.

Lin: Good to say.

Xiaguo: Are you still in Manhattan? We can go over.

Lin: I’m at the train station and I’m going back tp DC.

Back to Washington?

” What did he say?” Meng Xiaotian asked.

” He said the was going back to school.”

Meng Xiaotian chewed the bread:” Then let’s go too, just for fun.”

Yin Guo said,’ Huh?”

” Go find him to play, anyway, I have nothing to do every day.”

” I didn’t prepare in advance.
Tickets and hotel must be booked in advance,” Yin Guo begged for mercy,” Don’t worry about it, let’s play in New York first.
Don’t rush to eat today.”

Besides, there is no one who chases people for dinner, or chasing them from New York to Washington, and listening to it is perverted.

Meng Xiaotian saw that Yin Guo was not happy and did not argue anymore.

Although this hotel has a restaurant and a bar, the waiters will disappear after the meal.
The blizzard didn’t stop two days ago, they didn’t want to go out, so they wanted to settle lunch in the hotel, but they searched around, not to mention the chef, they didn’t even see a waiter.
In the end, the two were so hungry that they asked the front desk where they could eat.
The American receptionist enthusiastically told them that the restaurant staff would not come back to work until 5:30.
The two had no choice but to search for vending machines on several floors of the hotel, trying to find a little food, but found that all the vending machines only sold drinks.
In the end, the two returned without success, chatting and drinking water in the room, drinking water, drinking water, drinking water, and surfing the Internet.
After several hours, they finally ate steaks.

After that hunger, Meng xiaotian learned to be smart, as long as he could eat breakfast, he would eat until he died.
Going out, absolutely can not miss any opportunity to eat.

The conversation between the two about Washington ended in the breakfast room.

Later Meng Xiaotian didn’t mention it again, and Yin Guo didn’t take it seriously.
She went back to her room to rest for half an hour, found the address of a nearby supermarket, and pulled Meng Xiaotian who had been chatting on WeChat , to go to buy daily necessities.
They planned to live in New York for3-4 months this time.
Yin Guo did not bring any large daily necessities, and planned to buy them locally.

As soon as she entered the supermarket, she went to the daily necessities shelf, while Meng Xiaotian went to the food area.

According to the signs, sh

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