Dungeon Sherpa: Chapter 19

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“–And that was how Darling and I became lovers.

 Less of a sordid love story, more of an extremely dry report — with the strong repeated emphasis that Rowe was the one who had confessed first — Yuika finished speaking about their situation. 

 The sweet scent of tea was faintly wafting.
The teacups were made of wood, there were no saucers, tables or even chairs.
By the way, the tea snack was dried fruits. 

 Yuika was explaining for the sake of the other members in “Twilight’s Sword”. 

 Berry faced Rowe and bared her teeth at him in a challenge. 

 Nuuk had both his eyes closed as though in meditation. 

 Magikan had the smile of a kind uncle supporting two young people.

 Surrounding the party members were around 10 monsters, but it was unclear whether they could understand Yuika. 

 Dungeon Oasis on the 32nd floor of the labyrinth. 

 Normally, a place to rest the body and mind, check consumables such as potions, maintain armour, and [Accept] monster cores.
Then, the reason why they were instead drinking tea and talking like this was because Yuika couldn’t distinguish between her personal and private matters. 

 As expected, though there was no hand holding or arm linking in the labyrinth, she called Rowe “Darling” as though it was normal. 

 For the past several days, Yuika had been frequently to Rowe’s house, and Berii’s dissatisfaction had accumulated.
Since diving into the labyrinth, she was constantly irritated, and appeared to be venting out her anger on weak monsters by constantly using her active Gift. 

 If this continued, there would be no possibility of breaking through to the unexplored floors, and there would also be the chance of the party falling into trouble due to careless mistakes. 

 This being the case, Rowe urged Yuika to explain the situation. 

“I’m against it.
A guy like this isn’t suitable for Yuika!”

 As soon as Yuika’s talk was over, Berry insisted.

 According to Berii, Rowe was merely a rural Sherpa.

 Compared to Yuika’s position — their social classes were too different. 

 His face was mediocre and he had no dress sense. 

 As a Sherpa, he might be more or less useful, but he was just an endurance idiot. 

 Since these were facts that could not be denied, Rowe ended up nodding in his mind. 


 Yuika said with a disappointed sigh.

“The thing about lovers is that they aren’t to be decided by whether they’re socially suitable for each other.
It’s decided by whether or not they like each other.”

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 Nothing was more annoying than being told the truth with a straight face.
Especially an argument that even children could understand.


 Berry silently teared.

“I, I, because I know something! This guy’s – bad rumours.”

 That referred to information regarding Rowe’s Adventurer period that Berii had purposely inquired from the Adventurer’s Guild. 

 ”’Labyrinth Feeder’.”

 It sounds like an impressive alias, but actually, it’s about him being just a coward who only cut down weaklings on a floor too easy for his skills, causing lots of trouble to beginner Adventurers. 

 Using the shortcut gets you to the 14th floor of Tyros Labyrinth, but for some reason, this man would climb a floor from there.
Following that, for several weeks, it was common to see him monopolise the loot on the floor by going around and hunting all the monsters. 

 Rambling on in one breath, Berii’s shoulders heaved up and down as she gasped. 


 Yuika questioned Rowe.

“You probably had some reason for doing that?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Then it can’t be helped.”

“Eh, that’s it?”

 Love was blind.
Yuika smiled like a Goddess willing to forgive all sins. 

 Taking over for the dumbfounded Berii, Nuuk started persuading. 

“That might be possible for ordinary people, but Princess is an individual with certain status.
As a symbol for the temple, and also as someone who all Adventurers should set as their exemplar, to have frivolous relations with a nameless, ordinary man would end up causing great turmoil.
Please recall the previous time when improper rumours had spread, leading to much trouble.” 

 About half a year ago, a certain Adventurer had persistently wooed Yuika, and proclaimed that he was Yuika’s lover, leading to the incident of tabloids picking up this story.

 The upper ranks of the Adventurer’s Guild, young aristocratic ladies obsessed with gossip, as well as Yuika’s ardent believers started flooding them with inquiries for confirmation, so much so that Yuika and her companions were not even able to go outside. 

“Let me say one thing…”

 With a slight frown, Yuika squeezed closer to Rowe.

“As a matter of fact, those were groundless rumours.
Darling is the first person I’ve dated.”

 Nuuk’s shoulders dropped in disappointment.

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I can’t understand what you’re trying to say, but I also can’t see you just leaving it.
Why don’t you come up with a more constructive opinion? But, I’m warning you in advance, I will reject anything to do with breaking up.”

 While rubbing his temples, Nuuk proposed the three following suggestions.

 One, avoid conspicuous acts in front of other people. 

 Two, do not go out or stay overnight without prior notice. 

 Three, within the labyrinth, maintain the relationship of Adventurer and Sherpa.

“Regarding conspicuous acts, don’t tell me, that includes calling him ‘Darling’?”

“Of course.”

“Holding hands, crossing arms.”

 Silently, Nuuk shook his head.

“Lovers enjoy trysts.
Is that not what Tae says? ‘Trysts’ refer to private meetings without the knowledge of others.”


 Bringing up the words of the maid who had significantly influenced Yuika’s sense of romance was intended to gain her compromise. 

 Seeing a slight sweat on Nuuk’s forehead, the party concerned, Rowe, felt rather apologetic. 

 Regarding Rowe’s life in general, he chose to live according to the policy that it was best to have various kinds of restrictions explicitly stated beforehand, so the conditions set by Nuuk felt insignificant to him.

“But, ah…”

 Yuika entered into thought with a complicated look on face.

“In the town, there’s still other people looking, in Darling’s house, there’s Marin.
Where exactly can we flirt?”

“How would I know, something like that!”

 Once again Berii was enraged, and Magikan laughed with a “hyohoho”.

“Goodness gracious, young one.
Asking something like that will make us embarrassed.” 

“…Magikan, it will be troubling if you tease her.”

You are too serious.
The beings known as Adventurers are ephemeral creatures who know not whether they will live the next day.
No matter what troubles you may have, they will end if you end up dying.
If so, it would be preferable if you let her act as she likes.”

“Old man! Stop saying unnecessary things!”

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 Like that, they were unable to conclude their conversation. 

 In the end, Yuika reluctantly accepted Nuuk’s conditions and came to a reconciliation.

“But, when there’s no one other than our members, I’ll call him Darling.”

 Finally calming down, the labyrinth exploration resumed. 

 Being their second time, they grasped what monsters should be controlled and the opportunities for locating them.
It took the same 2 days as with the previous exploration for them to reach the 43rd floor Dungeon Oasis. 

“It’s a shame we have no ‘Minorin’.”

 The Floor Boss who should have inhabited the 40th Floor, the Minotaur still hadn’t respawned.

 For normal monsters, even if they are hunted to extinction, their population will recover after a few days. 

 However, it takes at least half a month for the Floor Boss to reappear. 

 According to the popular theory, dungeon cores emit magic particles, these particles drift and end up accreting into monster cores.
It is said that because the monster cores of Floor Bosses are larger, it takes more time for those cores to be nurtured. 

 Slightly reluctant, Rowe suggested.

“We didn’t pass by the last time, but on the 46th floor, there is a place where Salamanders claim as their territory.
They possess the species-specific Gift [Artillery], so they might be usable.” 

 Normally, that would be a place people would definitely not enter. 

 However for this party, such common sense was not applicable.
This was because powerful enemies would become powerful companions, making further labyrinth exploration more efficient. 

“Salamander huh……”

 With slender fingers resting on her chin, Yuika considered. 

“When encountering slime-type enemies, they will be effective.”

 Previously, she had mainly used humanoid monsters specialising in physical attacks, and those monsters had been unable to defeat the Prince Slime. 

“Why not.
Guide us there.”

 However, opponents with special abilities are a nuisance.

 What played an active role here was the wind-type defence magic used by Berii.

“Old man, lend your cane.”

 Arriving at a room that seemed very likely to have Salamanders, Berii used Magikan’s cane to draw magic formations on the controlled monsters. 

 Intermediate wind-type magic — “Enveloping Wind”.

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 Although one magic formation had Collapsed, after applying the spell to all the monsters, the typically stale air of the labyrinth started circulating. 

 As though summoned from a different space, from the bodies of the monsters blew an intense wind. 

 Drawing one final magic formula on Yuika, Berii returned the cane to Magikan. 

 This defensive magic has a short duration, but has the effect of protecting against fire breaths and similar attacks.
Also, in battles against humans, the wind disturbs the opponent’s concentration and vision. 

 If you had to find only one problem with it, it will be that the sound of the wind is loud, making it different to communicate. 

 The Salamanders, rather than lizards, have an appearance more similar to squirrels, and are about the size of a human child.
Red scaly skin, mane and tail bristling like flames.
Their movements are agile, and it’s difficult to engage them in close quarters.

 Yuika exhausted the monsters she controlled as she secured the Salamanders one by one. 

 In the end, the number of Salamanders obtained was 6. 

 The following battles would now become flashy. 

“’Salad 1’ to ‘Salad 6’, burn them up!”

 For the opening, a simultaneous barrage of [Artillery] fired, drowning the monsters in a sea of fire.

 This was not a magic Gift, but an active Gift unique to their species, so it activated quickly.

“Kuu — hahaha! This is great.
Don’t leave even a single piece of meat.
Concentrate the firing line!”

 Hairy giants holding massive hammers shouted in agony while trying to approach step by step, flooded by the Salamander’s concentrated barrage, they eventually collapsed at their knees. 

“That was enough? You lack in spirit!”

 While the flames were reflected in her eyes, Yuika looked down at the giants in ecstasy. 

 Watching over her figure, Rowe’s cheeks were twitching. 

 The deeper the relationship between men and women, the more you got to see the unexpected sides of the other party.
Especially since Yuika didn’t reveal much about herself, there were often times he would be surprised.

 However, during his time as an Adventurer, he too had his emotions heightened by hunting monsters, and had experienced being unable to restrain himself, but she was still within the acceptable limit, so he calmed down. 

“Now, Darling.
Finally we’re heading to the 48th floor.
Are you prepared?”

 An unexplored floor where even the slightest misjudgement would lead you to the brink of death. 

 There is little a Sherpa can do.

 But that didn’t mean that he would leave fate to the heavens.

“I understand.
I’ll show you my salary’s worth.”

 Of course, a line filled with a bit of a bluff.

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