”Run!!! ”

”RUN!! ”

A cacophony of cries could be heard alongside the noise of reinforced concrete collapsing. Tens of people were running through corridors glowing with red lights. Cement dust and concrete fragments fell from the roof, muddling their vision.


Suddenly, the floor shook. It was harder than ever before and a wide longitudinal crack soon spread, severing the path of the people.

”The floor is cracking! We can go there! ”

A man shouted as he came to a halt before the edge of the floor. Peeking from the side, one could see the tens of more floors underneath. It was evident that this was a multistory skyscraper.

”How do we get down?! We can just stop here! ” More people came to stop at the edge, tears and dust present on their faces.

There were women, children and old people in the mix as well. Some of them injured, some fine and some were bleeding.

And among these people stood a young man seemingly in his early twenties.

This is not looking good. Just where is the disaster rescue department? Arthur looked past the corridor where the emergency exit was located.

That was the location they were aiming for ever since the earthquake started, but they were simply too late.

”Dammit! Why didn I log out early! ” Arthur cursed his choices.


The earth suddenly shook once more, knocking everyone off their feet. The floor couldn stay intact and finally fell.


Arthur and the rest could barely hold on to their wits as everything happened too fast. Fortunately, their fall was short, and the floor got stuck on a beam underneath it.

”Emmy! NO!!! ” A Woman shouted upon seeing her daughter slip out of her hands.

”Mommy! ” The little girl cried as she slid down the tilted floor.

The others watching were left horrified but couldn do much being stuck holding onto their positions. If they did anything, they might just lose their grip and fall down as well. As much as they wanted to help the poor woman and her daughter, they weren courageous enough.

They could only close their eyes, unable to watch the little girl fall to her death.

”AGH! Haa… Haa… Haa… ” But then, the cry of death they were expecting wasn heard.

Instead, they heard a grunt of pain and loud breathing

”Huh? ” The tightly closed eyes of the people opened as they saw the scene below them.

”Emmy!? ” the woman saw her daughter alive and felt a rush of emotions.

”WAIT! Don come forward! ” But just as she was about to run forth to get her daughter, the woman heard a shout.

The shout had come from none other than Arthur who had the little girl in his arm. The little girl was too shocked to say anything and was frozen in fear, which helped Arthur in keeping hold of her.

Arthur only hoped that she didn start panicking.

”B-but! But my daughter! ” The woman cried out.

”The ledge won be able to hold any more weight. If you come forward, we will all fall. ” Arthur warned, his eyes gesturing toward the cracked concrete.

If one looked closely, they would see that the concrete itself had broken into two parts, and the only reason it was still holding on was because of a steel rod that was inside it. The steel rod was badly warped, and it was hard to tell if it could last any longer.

The woman shivered upon realizing that she had almost doomed herself and her daughter.

”I-Ill swing her over to that side. Two of the men should grab her from there. ” Arthur said while pointing with his little finger.

He couldn move his whole hand since it was clutching the little

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