Chapter 19 Respected Y_N0.1, user xxj007 invites you to a PK.

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Originally, Ning Yi had already thought everything out.
If the administrator still hadn’t replied to her messages by today, she would get her brother to think of a solution.

In the end, before she could even make her move, Lu Xu Nan had moved first.

This was originally a good thing, but as the male lead, why won’t you take credit for doing something good? Actually, your last name isn’t Lu, your last name is Lei from Lei Feng1, right?

It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…

I’m too difficult, wuwuwu.
Just think, I, Ning Yiyi, industriously and honestly compromised to this extent- why do you still have to do this to me?

Fine, then just be this way! Laozi quit! Just do whatever you guys want to do!

Lu Xu Nan watched Ning Yi going off in bits and pieces while her eyes stared straight ahead as she walked between him and Mu Wanqing like a ghost.

What insanity was she up to now?

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Nw Dw Lyd: “?”

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Uzyppxyvl Kw, kpd’v vbyv aktbv?”

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Meeting Lu Xu Nan’s gaze, Ju Meng thought to protest unfairness for her sister, “Yeah, God Lu, Yiyi really likes you a lot ah.
Moreover, you and Yiyi just made some progress, right? Clearly you treated all the other girls with the same cold indifference before, but now you seem to be particularly patient with Mu Wanqing ah.
I never heard Yiyi mention helping…”

She didn’t finish what she was saying, but glanced at Mu Wanqing beside her.
She thought in her heart, I can’t tell the truth or else the ugly person will cling even more tightly to God Lu and not let go.

“Anyway, Yiyi is definitely sad because you were talking to her…” Ju Meng concluded.

If you like someone, you can’t bear to see them talk to other people?

He coldly spat out a word: “Ridiculous.”

He left in large strides, no longer paying attention to the two of them.

Fang Ci found that his Brother Nan was really weird today.

Friday had finally come, break was starting tomorrow, and he actually rejected the neighboring class’s invitation to play ball!

Not only that, if it weren’t for his reminder, Lu Xu Nan even almost forgot to go to the bicycle racks to retrieve his beloved bike!

Fang Ci smiled, “What’s this? Why do you seem like your soul’s been hooked by an evil spirit?”

Ning Yi’s absentminded look and red eyes flashed through his mind just now.
Lu Xu Nan’s footsteps paused for a moment.

Fang Ci was originally joking.
Seeing his mulling expression now, he found it odd.
“No way, I really got it right?”

Lu Xu Nan turned his head, shooting a glance at him as if in warning, “If you can’t speak, then shut up.
No one will think you’re mute.”

Fang Ci was happy, “Aiya, just which little witch hooked our Elder Lu’s heart ah? Let me guess, it’s probably your little tablemate from this afternoon, Ning…”

Before he finished speaking, Lu Xu Nan got on his bike with his long legs in one go, fiercely pedaled twice and rode far away very quickly…

“Little witch” Ning Yi had already given up.

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Once she got home, she went to her bedroom and laid solemnly on her bed, beginning her passive resistance.

In any case, it was useless no matter how hard she tried, if the plot wanted to go off track, then let it do so.

Both the male and the female lead were completely out of character and didn’t follow the plot.
What can I, a weak, small, and pitiful little villain do?

This is precisely what they call the arm can’t outdo the thigh2, I surrender.

Come, bring on whatever punishment there is.
At worst, it’s just a life! This fairy will just return to the sky, no need to suffer these petty annoyances here!

Laying on the bed all angry, clutching her blanket and covering even her head, Ning Yi vowed to resist the dumb plot overlord to the end.

Time passed minute by minute and second by second, nothing at all happened.

Her head didn’t hurt, her legs didn’t hurt, even her eyelids didn’t jump the slightest bit.

“Ding dong–“

A familiar notification sound from an app sounded.

Ning Yi resisted for a bit and finally stretched a hand out from the blanket, felt for the phone on the bedside table, and pulled her hand back in.

Even though she was angry, questions can still be done.

Lu Xu Nan pushed his bike, passing through the front yard, and involuntarily looked next door several times.

“Xiao Nan, you’re back? You must be very hot from riding the bike.
Quickly wash your hands, I made you cold pear soup, you’ll feel better after drinking a bowl.”

Nanny Tang took the backpack from his hand.

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Lu Xu Nan faintly responded and came out after washing his hands.
A little porcelain bowl filled with pear soup was sitting on the coffee table, crystal yellow and translucent, emitting coolness.

Nanny Tang was busy in front of the dining table, muttering in a low voice, “Yiyi must be back as well.
She loves drinking my white fungus and pear soup3 the most, get a thermos and send a pot over for her…”

Lu Xu Nan’s hand holding the bowl paused.
Watching Nanny Tang walking toward the door carrying a thermos, he drank half a bowl of pear soup in one gulp, sprung up with a ‘whoosh’ and shouted, “Nanny Tang, I happen to be looking for Ning Yi for something, let me deliver it!”

Even though he didn’t think he did anything wrong, Ning Yiyi’s eyes were red because of him after all.

He’ll just go take a look.

The Ning family hadn’t returned yet.
Auntie Lan who has worked for the Ning family for twelve years received him.

“Xiao Nan, you’ve come? Are you here to look for Yiyi?”

Lu Xu Nan raised the thermos in his hand and said, “Nanny Tang made pear soup and told me to bring some over for her.”

Auntie Lan wiped her hands on her apron, then pointed upstairs as she said, smiling, “She seems a little unhappy today, she went right to her room after she came home.
You came at just the right time, Yiyi will be happy when she sees you.”

Lu Xu Nan pursed his lips and nodded.
“Then I’ll take this up to her.”

“Knock knock knock.”

“Ning Yiyi, it’s me.
Nanny Tang told me to bring you pear soup.” Lu Xu Nan knocked several times in a row, but there was no response from inside.

This girl wouldn’t be hiding in her room crying, right?

Tsk, so troublesome.

He doesn’t have anything to do with Mu Wanqing, she was so sad because they spoke two sentences?

“Ning Yi?”

Lu Xu Nan waited two seconds and he still didn’t hear any movement.
He opened the door, shouting “I’m coming in” before entering.

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The air conditioner wasn’t on in the room, the curtains were wide open, and light from the colorful sunset spilled over half of the room.
Warm breeze blew in from the half opened window, carrying with it a flowery fragrance.

The blanket on the bed was casually spread out and the bathroom light was on.

So she was in the bathroom, no wonder there wasn’t any response.

Lu Xu Nan lightly coughed, slightly embarrassed, he shifted his gaze to the desk.

There were several picture frames by the wall.
They were all pictures of their two families.
In the one in the middle, dressed like two bears, was Ning Yi and him.

This seemed to be three years ago when the two families went to snowboard in Switzerland together, Auntie Le took it for them.

Compared to Ning Yi beside him who smiled so widely her teeth were visible and her eyes were not, his brows were wrinkled and he appeared a little impatient.

His gaze flitting across the pink bear heart sticker stuck on the picture frame, Lu Xu Nan pursed his lips and came to a conclusion-


“Ding dong.”

The lock screen on the phone on the desk suddenly lit up..

Lu Xu Nan unconsciously looked over.
The screen showed a notification from an app–

[Notification Center] Comprehensive Quiz King: Respected Y_N0.1, user xxj007 invites you to a PK, press…

[1] 雷锋/Lei Feng: In popular culture, a person that stands as the model of altruism and dedication, someone who helps others without asking for anything in return.
Lei Feng’s actual existence is debatable as he was posthumously the poster child of a model citizen and selflessness in 1960s propaganda based on accounts of his deeds from his diary (Wikipedia). 

[2] 胳膊拧不过大腿: the small and weak is no a match for the big and strong

[3] 小吊梨汤: This is a sweet soup made with white fungus, Asian pear, and rock sugar that can be used for combating the heat.
Variations exist with additional ingredients such as preserved plum, dried hawthorn, and goji berries.

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