ssion was also fierce.
Rosé turned her head away from the guard’s gaze with an awkward face, and stood far from the mansion, staring endlessly at the door.


Waiting like this is not going to allow her to meet Haven and her child.
She did not have such expectations, nor was she foolish to dream such vain dreams.


But on that day, did I look pitiful for him?


Rosé smiled bitterly as she recalled the day she was lucky enough to see Haven on the street.
The dry eyes that looked at her suddenly came to mind.


She erased herself from his memory. 


The man would never know that she was hanging out like this outside his mansion every day.
Even if she wanders around like this and one day does not come any more, Haven will not know that fact.


… Even if she ceases to exist in this world.


The moment Rosé’s eyes were about to turn red, the front door opened.
She reflexively rubbed her eyes with her hand and lifted her head.




Those who came out through the open front door were several women who appeared to be the maids of the Grand Duke.
Unknowingly, in disappointment, Rosé bit her lip and bowed her head.
At that time, they passed in front of Rosé and had a conversation.


“By the way, the princess’s name.
Is that the name of a wildflower? I never imagined that the name Flitta was the name of a wildflower.
How did His Excellency, the Grand Duke, named his daughter after mere wildflowers?”


‘… Flitta?’


Rose’s eyes widened.
She knew it even though no one told me directly.
That the ‘Flitta’ name they had just mentioned from their mouths is her baby’s name.


Since it was Haven who gave the name to their child, there’s no way she wouldn’t know.


‘By the way… Grand Duke, why did you name our child Flitta?’


Rosé grabbed her head and bit her lips, suppressing the urge to ask again.
She even felt dizzy because the memories of the past with Haven came to her mind unexpectedly.


What would be a good name for our child? Rosé, do you have a name in mind?」


Are you going to name the unborn child already? We still don’t know if it’s a son or a daughter.


It will be my daughter.


How do you guarantee that? 」


I saw a daughter who looked just like you in my dream.」


What is that?」


Her past days of laughter with him were as faint as a dream.
The friendly and sometimes mischievous appearance of Haven felt far away now.
Nevertheless, she vividly remembered the conversation they had at that time.
How could she forget?


Well… If a girl is born according to your dreams, how about the name Flitta?」




The name of this flower is Flitta.
It’s not flashy, but it has strong vitality, so it doesn’t lose easily even in winter.」


She took a small red flower and put it on his head.
It went well with his bright blonde hair.
She wondered if it was alright to say such a thing to a man, but the word ‘pretty’ came to mind.


Rosé’s eyes teared up.
She looked like he was about to cry.


“… But you can’t remember.”


But how did you name the child Flitta?


Rosé sat down as if she had collapsed.
And buried her head between her knees.


It was still raining.


* * *


— It’s already been three days already! Hey, you’re not dead, are you? I don’t want to clean up the bodies!


The door opened with a bang.
And the owner’s nervous voice echoed through the room.
Rosé managed to get her trembling body up.
Then the owner, with her eyes wide open, shouted again at her.


“Come out when you come to your senses, my lady.
I have something to say.”


“… Yes.”


Rosé’s mouth was dry, and she couldn’t answer right away.
She could only open her mouth after a beat.
But before she could answer, the impatient owner slammed the door shut and went away.


The door was shut so tightly that the whole room seemed to shake.
No, the truth is, Rosé, who had been ill for three days, must be the one shaking.


Rosé took a deep breath and got down under her bed.
As soon as she touched the floor, she felt dizzy.
Three days ago, she had been in the rain for a long time in front of the Grand duke’s mansion.
She coughed chokingly, barely nuzzling her body, and then walked out of the room.


As soon as the owner, who had been standing in the hallway with a grumpy expression on her face, saw her come out, she spoke up.


“Now, get out of your room.”


“… Yes?”


Rosé looked at her in shock at the unexpected words.
However, the owner did not care about her reaction and said again.


“Get out of the room.
When a sick woman is staying, the other guests would hate it.”


“But as far as I know, here, there are no other guests…”


“Ah! I know if there is! Is the lady the owner of this place? Oh? I am the owner here!”

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