At least so far it has been.


Haven scrambled through his complicated mind, stepping down from his horse.
Then he approached his caretaker coldly.


“It looks like his horse is in a bit of a bad shape.
Make sure she would be paid special attention.
Let’s check if there’s a problem with the horseshoe, too.”


“Yes, my lord.”


The caretaker bowed his head and grabbed the reins of his horse.
Then, as he was about to take his horse, a wrinkle formed on Haven’s forehead.


“Wait a minute.”




At Haven’s words, the butler stopped.
Haven frowned and groped for something, thinking about it before he asked the question lingering in his mind.


“Luke… Where is Luke?”


“… Yes? Lu, Luke?”


“Yeah, Luke.
Come to think of it, how did I forget that guy? I should have gone on a trip with him.”


Haven muttered to himself as if in shock.
It has been his favorite since childhood.
He was a horse he loved enough to feed and wash dry grass himself, even though his employees were terrified.
But he had forgotten about it until now.


No matter how bad his memory is….




She could hear Luke’s cry in his ears.
No, would it even be better to call it like Luke was laughing? Although he was a beast, he was quick-witted and clever, so he was often a mischievous one.


Perhaps it was then as well.
Because Luke’s playfulness triggered something in him.
When Luke put his head into a woman’s basket…


At that moment, there was a headache that seemed to hit him with a blunt weapon.
Haven stumbled unknowingly.
Fedwin approached him, startled by his sudden movement.


“Your Grace, are you okay? I should call a doctor …”


“No need to call.
Don’t make a fuss out of this.”


After stopping my escort driver from calling the doctor out loud, Haven asked his butler again.


“Where is Luke?”




The butler rolled his eyes and put on a puzzled expression, bewildered at Haven’s insistence.
Then, the butler’s voice was heard.


“Luke is dead, Your Grace.”


“… He’s dead?”


Haven turned to the butler.
The butler bowed politely, then nodded his head.


“Yes, you might not know it.
But, when Your Grace had an ‘accident’, he didn’t come back with you.”


It was a word of loyalty.
Had he been alive, he would have definitely returned with his master.
But if he didn’t, he would be dead.
The butler’s guess was an acceptable story.
However, as Haven who does not have any memories of that time, he had no choice but to feel frustrated.


Besides, most of the people who brought him in at the time were the people of the Queen.


“… All right, Yanik.”


So now he couldn’t even ask them, “Didn’t you see what happened to him at that time?” Haven turned to the mansion, struggling to cover his grumpy insides.


As he walked towards the mansion, the butlers and employees followed him.


“Haven, here you are!”


As soon as Haven entered the mansion, a slender woman’s voice was heard from the other side.
He stopped walking after hearing the reports from the butler.
At the same time, the butler made a small report in an awkward tone.


“… The Queen, Her Majesty has come.”


“… Right.”


Haven’s face grew colder.
He looked at the old queen, Isabella Guinters, who was approaching him with her piercing blue eyes.


Red hair adorned with colorful jewels.


Golden eyes unique to her original family, the family of Durklen.


And the face is painted white enough to make it look bright.


A woman, whom most of the kingdom’s nobles admired as beautiful, approached him with a bright smile and spoke to him in a voice like a bird’s chirping.


“Why are you so late? Do you know how much I waited?”


“I wasn’t informed that you would visit me.
it would be nice if you had contacted me beforehand.”


Haven spoke to Isabella in a dry tone.
Then she smiled with her eyes as if Isabella would melt away, and she spoke again.


“I did it to surprise you.
What, do we have to formally visit and communicate?”



“Even if you are a family of mine, I think that the laws that are to be followed shouldn’t be violated.”


Despite Isabella’s smile, Haven didn’t even smile.
He only responded to her words with a cold attitude, as if giving her embarrassment again.
Isabella’s face hardened for a moment at that attitude, but she immediately smiled at him and tried to open her mouth again.


“Hey, Haven, let’s play together tonight…”

(TN: Gawd, I wanna punch this freaking woman right now!! Urgh! Get away!)


“Yanik, how about Flitta? I heard yesterday that she had a cold.”


Haven didn’t give Isabella a break to talk to him.
He turned his head away from her and asked the butler.
The butler was confused for a moment between the queen and his master, and then answered his question.


“Yes, fortunately, the fever has gone down, and she is feeling much better.
Even if she don’t, I’ll inform her that Your Grace is back..  Ah! She is over there.”


Haven’s eyes moved in the direction the butler was pointing.
All he could see was a nanny and a child hiding behind her and spying on him.




It was Haven’s  own daughter.

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