She murmured to herself, as if making herself believe her own words, not straightening the frown on her face.
No matter how much she blamed the Duchess, she knew that Haven’s actions humiliated her.

“Why did I go with Duchess for no reason….”

The Duchess had just returned to the capital, so she had a reason why she went to the mansion with the Duchess.

Usually, when she visited alone, she would be kicked out without staying for a few hours, therefore, she wanted to stay longer.

But she never saw his face except at their dinner.
No, even at dinner, they couldn’t have a proper conversation, so it was no different than usual.

Isabella bit her lip, annoyed and then landed under her bed.
Her red hair flowed down to her wavy waist.
As she was about to make her way to her table for a glass of wine that matched her hair color, there was a knock on her door.

“Who is it? Didn’t I tell everyone that no one shall go in?”

It had been a little while since she had been so annoyed that she had told all of her maids to leave.
Her voice became even more hoarse, as if the maids of the Grand duke’s house were even making fun of her.

– It’s, it’s me, Your Majesty.

Isabella’s face turned frightened and squinted her eyes while looking toward the door.
The one who opened her door and appeared was none other than Flitta’s nanny.

“What are you here for? Moreover, at this late hour.”

Isabella asked, deeply frowning.
But she didn’t throw the nanny out, rather, a strangeness stood in her gold.

She must have come to say something to her, despite knowing how rude her action was.

“Your Majesty, I… I have something to inform you, so I visited you at this late hour.”

The corners of Isabella’s lips twisted up.
Despite her distance, she could read the greed in nanny’s eyes.
It was like that every time she sees her, so it wasn’t anything new.

“… Do you want to come in?”

Isabella kept her mouth shut for a moment, then uttered her words of permission, then turned to the table she was supposed to be going to.
She sat back down on the couch and when she looked at the nanny again, she saw her approaching her from a distance of five or six paces, putting her hands together and bowing her head.

You said there was something I need to know.
What is it?”

“That is….”

Nanny tried to get her words out, but she hesitated, pursed her lips as if it were not easy.
Isabella watched the scene and touched the table with her fingertips.


She did not urge her to speak.
But at the sound of the table being touched, the nanny breathed out, and hurriedly opened her mouth.

“His, His Highness, the Grand Duke has a maid that has another intention!”

The nanny raised her voice, but the response from Isabella was tepid.
Isabella raised one of her eyebrows and she smiled.

“Where could be that kind of woman is? There is no such woman who will be indifferent while facing His Highness, even if it’s a trivial thing.
However, that doesn’t mean I have to pay attention to the heart of a lowly life?”

She felt sorry for herself as she was expecting great from the nanny.
She felt so annoyed, yet she tapped the table with her fingers.
Following that sound, the nanny opened her mouth.

“Bu, but this time, it’s serious! It seems that even His Highness is falling for the maid’s tricks little by little…”

“That’s absurd!”

Isabella’s expression darkened.
The nanny trembled at her sullen gaze and shrank her body.

“Are you coming to me to insult your master? I’m going to go find him right away and tell him of your disrespect…”

“It’s true, Your Majesty the Queen! Just by the fact that His Highness has started eating dinner with the Princess.”

The nanny was frightened and hurriedly followed her words.
Isabella, who, in her anger, was about to slip her words away, raised her hand to interrupt her.
Then, narrowing her eyes, she repeated what the nanny had just said in a slow tone.

“He started eating dinner with the Princess?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“… Falling for the tricks of the maid?”

“That’s right.”

The nanny replied with her head bowed even as she trembled.
Isabella’s golden eyes grew cold.
With the changes at Haven she had already known from her report.
However, she never imagined that the change would be due to a ‘Maid’s Tricks’.

It would have been b*llshit.

That cold and indifferent man would never be swayed by a maid or something.

“… Who is that maid?”

Nonetheless, the moment she heard what the nanny had said, the uneasy feeling she felt at the change in the relationship of Haven and Flitta reared her head again.
Isabella squeezed her hand that had been knocking on the table involuntarily.
Not even noticing that her red-painted fingernails were making scars on her palms.

“The princess’s, no, the princess’s exclusive maid.”

The nanny corrected her words while watching the Queen Seon’s eyes.
She doesn’t know that the former queen disapproved the princess, so she said.
But Isabella was lost in her thoughts, not caring about the nanny.

Flitta’s exclusive maid…

‘Somehow I didn’t like her from the first time I saw her.’

Was it because she had a premonition that this would happen? She was a striking woman in many aspects.
Most of all, it was just that the nonchalant man Haven is, he remembered that maid’s name.
Besides, even her green eyes, similar to Flitta’s, reminded her of the girl who was the child’s biological mother.

Of course, she didn’t remember the appearance of that lowly girl until now.
So, it must have been just her delusion that they were similar.
Still, it was true that she felt wary seeing that maid to the point where she wants to get rid of her.

Isabella frowned as she nervously chewed the flesh in her mouth.
But she immediately corrected her expression and opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“You mean the maid who saved the princess?”

“Yes that’s right.
Perhaps it was not enough to receive a seat that was more than she deserved, but now she harbors a grievous heart toward His Highness…”

The nanny raised her head, as if excited by Isabella’s attention to her, and shrugged her shoulders, raising her voice a little.
But Isabelle stopped her with a calm expression.


“… Yes?”

“I understand your sincerity, but it is too much of an imagination to entangle a maidservant with the Grand Duke.”

“Bu, but Your Majesty…”

“Do you not know that such words are an insult to your master?”

Isabella’s voice sank.
The nanny moved her lips at her sudden change, and she immediately knelt down on the spot.

“That was not my intention, Your Majesty! I just said it out of loyalty that I should let Your Majesty the Queen know this fact.
I want the two of you to get married more than anyone else…”

The nanny became contemplative, and she shuddered heartily.
Now this situation is completely different from what she expected.

She thought that if the late queen heard what she had to say, she would surely be angry.
Because she knew that she wants the Grand Duke.
So she took her anger out on the arrogant maid for playing her tricks on the Grand Duke, and she assumed that on the contrary she would congratulate her for bringing the news…


“… Hooh.”

The nanny shuddered with fear as her light laughter was heard above her head.
Then, along with the sound of her clothes brushing, there was a faint smell of perfume.
Isabella approached the nanny and bowed her back.

“… Your, Your Majesty the Queen!”

Embarrassed by Isabella’s sudden behavior, the nanny opened her eyes wide, and she tried to lie down.
But Isabella grinned and helped her stand up.

“I know.
How can I not know your loyalty? That must be why you came to me at this late hour.”

“… Your Majesty.”

The nanny called her with a thrilled expression.
Isabella was comforted by holding the hand of such a nanny.

But her gaze, which the nanny hadn’t seen, was cold.
Like a nanny looking after the half-princess, she could use her when needed, and throw when not in use.

Still, she would need her nanny’s presence for a while.
At least until she married Haven.

“I will continue to believe in your loyal heart as I do now.”

“I will be loyal to Your Majesty the King and Queen with all my heart!”

“All right.
I will not leave you like that either.”

At her promise, not Isabella’s, but the nanny’s eyes quickly glistened with greed.

Isabella’s golden eyes, looking at her, curved in an arc.

* * *

『… Mom.” 』

『 “Mom.” 』

『 “Mom!” 』

‘… Yes, baby Mom, I’m here.’

Rosé opened her mouth to answer the child’s voice calling for her.
But for some reason, her throat was choked, and no sound came out.

‘I can’t.
My baby will be waiting for me.’

Rosé’s heart became impatient.
She turned her head around to find her child.
But her child was nowhere to be seen.

No, she seemed to have been trapped in a thick fog, and her eyes were filled with fog that even if there was a child right in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to recognize it.

『 “Mom! Mom!” 』

‘Yes, baby.
Don’t worry.
You don’t have to be afraid.
Mom will go…’

『 “Then what can you do?” 』

At that moment, her mocking voice asked her.
Rosé turned her head to find the direction the voice came from, but she couldn’t tell where the voice came from.

『 “What can you do for your child who has only a year or so left to live? Is there anything you can do for the child, no, for ‘us’?” 』

The blue gaze embracing the coldness flew right in and stuck.
It was the gaze of a man who could not remember her.

‘… Haven.’

Rosé stretched out her hand toward him.
I missed you, I missed you, she wanted to say that.
But Haven only stood beyond the fog and looked at her with his nonchalant eyes.

‘Haven, I am.
I am…’

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