“You may not believe it, but it is true.
All the maids and servants in the Imperial Palace know this.”

“That’s incredible.
How can you handle things like that? You should have stopped it.”

“It wasn’t something I could stop.”

Jestina glared at Marilyn with an angry face.

“No, you should have stopped it at all costs.
If you wanted to save your daughter, you should have.
You didn’t forget it before long, did you?”

“I have not forgotten.”

Jestina smiled bitterly.

“That’s a relief.
You’ve never made a mistake before, so I’ll move on.
But there’s no next time.
If you want to save your daughter, remember.”

Marilyn bit her lips.

“Get out of here.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

When Marilyn went out, Jestina pondered something and immediately gave Ran an order.

“Ran, tell every princess right now to wear a black dress and gather in front of the Rosemary Palace.”

“I see.”

Ran left Rosemary Palace and had the maids deliver Jestina’s instructions to each princess.

And in the back garden of the spacious Rosemary Palace, princesses from each country gathered in black dresses.

“Why did they ask us to gather?”

“I know.
She’s asking us to wear a black dress.
I could guess she’s trying to do something again.”

“Maybe it’s because of Priscilla.”

“That’s what I think.
For Priscilla to become the owner of Lilith Palace, Lady Jestina deserves to be angry.
She’s been working so hard all these years…”

While the princesses were talking, Jestina appeared in a black dress.

“You’re all here.”

Princesses closed their mouths at the appearance of Jestina.

“I asked you to come together like this because Miss Priscilla became the owner of Lilith Palace.
I just can’t accept it at all.
Can you?”

The princesses watched each other and agreed with Jestina’s words.

They knew what would happen if they disagreed with Jestina.

No princess would disobey Jestina at the palace.

If they disagreed, they would be stomped on.

It had already been the case for several princesses already.

And the princesses watched it before their eyes.

Jestina was a fright to them.

“Then, shall we go?”

As Jestina moved on, the princesses were forced to follow.

They walked toward Lilith Palace in unison.


After eating with the Emperor, Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, visited Priscilla.

You’re the owner of Lilith Palace.”

“I’m not happy with the news at all.”

“Now, keep your word.”

“Yes, the antidote is…”

Priscilla told Marilyn the medicine for the antidote.

“Is this enough for my daughter to get better?”

“It will be better.”

It’s a cure from the heroine, so it should be correct.

“All right, I’ll trust you.”

Marilyn answered and looked at Priscilla.

“I just met Jestina.”


“You’ll have to be prepared.”

Priscilla sighed and nodded.

“I figured.”

“Let’s go.
I’ll show you to Lilith Palace.”

“I’d like to see Rien before that.”

“I see.”

Priscilla visited Rien.

Rien lay in bed with bandages on her arms and legs and was cared for by Lili.

“Rien, how are you?”

“Lady Priscilla, you are here.”

“Don’t get up.”

When Rien tried to force herself to get up, Priscilla laid her back.


“It’s all right.
You’re a patient.”

Rien lowered his head with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you very much.
Thank you for trying so hard for someone like me.”

“What is it with the obvious?”


“Don’t cry.
Why would you be crying?”

“I’m sorry.”

Rien forced herself to hold back her tears and laughed.

Priscilla clasped her hand like that.

“Don’t worry about anything.
Just focus on getting better.”

“Yes, Lady Priscilla.”

Priscilla looked at Lili.

“Lili, are you having a lot of trouble?”

“No, it’s good that my sister is alive.

Priscilla gave Lili a gentle smile.

“Just suffer for the time being.
I’ve got to go.”

“Don’t get up.”


Priscilla looked at Rien.

“Take care of yourself.”

“Yes, Lady Priscilla.”

Priscilla left Rien and Lili behind and headed to Lilith Palace with Marilyn.

Marilyn said as she moved.

“It will be very different from the past when you stay at Lilith Palace.”

“I suppose so.”

She was afraid so.

The number of ladies-in-waiting increases, and what she would wear and eat changes.

It’s going to change the situation.

“I’d like to have Rien and Lili by my side as my exclusive ladies-in-waiting, but will that be possible?”

“If you wish, I will do so.”

“Thank you.”

At last, Priscilla arrived at Lilith Palace.

And a startling sight greeted her.

It didn’t seem like Marilyn expected it either.

Priscilla saw a black wave standing in front of Lilith Palace.

“This is…”

It looks like a funeral.

In front of her, Jestina stood tall.

She was wearing a black dress, too.

Maybe she instigated it.

Jestina scanned Priscilla’s dress and accessories.

She was angry when she saw her dressed in the finest clothes, which did not fit the subject.

“This is truly amazing.”

Jestina approached Priscilla.

Her face was full of derision.

Jestina said in a way that everyone would listen.

She wanted to humiliate Priscilla.

“It’s fascinating how you showed your vulgar body and took over Lilith Palace.”

But Priscilla didn’t just listen.

“Is that why you came to see me in black in such a group?”

“It’s also a dress that suits you.”

All in all, it seemed that she would hold her funeral.

She expected it, but it’s getting more and more abundant.

“If you are done watching, why don’t you get out of the way?”


“So, you’re going to keep blocking the roadside?”

“Blocking the roadside?”

“You don’t know, roadside? Oops, you don’t know that word here.
I forgot for a moment.
It means don’t block the road and get out of the way.”

“How dare you give me orders on your subject?”

“What’s my subject? Is it better than you, who never slept with the Emperor?”


Jestina gritted her teeth.

But soon, she was laughed at again.

“I don’t know how you talk so vulgarly.
But what should I do? I have no intention of moving away.”


Jestina looked at Priscilla with a triumphant look.

Priscilla saw the princesses blocking the entrance to the palace behind Jestina.

They also had a firm expressions as if they meant the same thing as Jestina.

“Was Lilith Palace so coveted?”

“It’s a waste of a palace for you to have.”

“Really? Take it if you want it so much, and I can ask for another palace.”

“Are you asking for another palace?”

“Or do you want to exchange it with Rosemary? Rosemary Palace is actually more my style than Lilith Palace.”


“It means I like it.”

“You are absolutely mad.
You dare covet Rosemary Palace?”

Priscilla smirked.

“Why can’t I covet it? Or are you saying you want to have Rosemary Palace and Lilith Palace? You’re more greedy than you look.”

“You must be full of confidence now that you spent a night with the Emperor, but it’s still too early to use your influence with just one night.”

“I’ve never used my influence, but you suddenly came in and started a fight.”

“You’ve lost your fear.
Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Oh, I’m not scared at all.
Is it because I died and returned to life?”

Eventually, Jestina raised her hand because she was frustrated.

Priscilla then grabbed Jestina by the wrist.

“Hold on?”

“Yes, I caught it.”

“You won’t let me go?”

“I won’t let go.”


Ran, the lady-in-waiting came forward.
Marilyn caught her.

“Don’t step up.”

“However, Lady Jestina…”

“If you act, it will only make Lady Jestina even more ridiculous.”

“But I must step up.”

Ran, the lady-in-waiting, who could no longer wait and see, intervened.

“Right now, let go of that hand.”

Priscilla saw Jestina.

“You’re weaker than I thought.
Without the ladies-in-waiting, there’s nothing you can do alone.”


“You know.
You’re standing proudly before me because you have numerous ladies in waiting and people serving you.
But what if the ladies-in-waiting and princesses behind you turn around?”

“Do you think that would happen?”

‘Well, yes.’

When the heroine appears, everyone is busy watching her.

Because the Emperor favors her.

There’s no weapon as scary as loyalty to an imperial woman.

She wanted to tell her this, but Priscilla didn’t say it.

Priscilla pulled hard on Jestina’s wrist.

“What are you doing!”

“This is what I’m doing.”

Priscilla slammed Jestina straight to the floor.


“You’re nothing.”


Ran said, supporting Jestina.

“You’re all right, Lady Jestina.”

Jestina shook Ran’s hand with a red face.


Jestina, who rose from her seat, told the princesses, regaining her signature smile.

“Look, everyone, Lady Priscilla is so silent.”

The princesses murmured.

Priscilla told Jestina and the others.

“Are you going to stay here?”

“Why do you want me to step aside? Then kneel here and beg, then I’ll think about it.”

As she spoke patronizingly, Priscilla chuckled.

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