Priscilla watched the figure.
She was just wondering, but it was true.

As soon as she poured the oil, Mary’s hair melted and disappeared.


It was amazing.

Lili, who saw the scene, was surprised, but with an angry face for a moment, she ordered the maids to grab Mary.

Priscilla approached Mary.

“Was this for me?”

“That, that.”

Priscilla looked at Lili.

“Bring me a mirror.”


Priscilla showed Mary the mirror she had received.

Then Mary turned pale.

The hair was gone.

“I, I don’t believe it!”

She didn’t know.

She just did it because Jestina told her to, she didn’t expect this to happen.

“You were going to get rid of my hair?”

“Well, I didn’t know.
I’m telling you.”

“Are you going to pretend?”

“It’s true, believe me.”

“Jestina ordered it, right?”

Mary was taken aback when she suddenly came in.

“That, ah, no.
I didn’t even know there was such a thing in the bottle.
No, someone must have swapped it.”

She was embarrassed, so it seemed that this excuse and that excuse were all coming out.



“All right.”

Mary was relieved that Priscilla was going to let it go.

But Priscilla’s words that followed turned pale.

“Lili, report to His Majesty to arrange for Mary to be disposed of.”

“Yes, Lady Priscilla.”

Mary begged Priscilla when she heard that a report would be given to the Emperor.

“Lady Priscilla, I am not at fault.
Believe me.”

Death would be handed down when a report was made to the Emperor.

The Emperor did not end up punishing the maids who did wrong.
They were executed summarily.

Mary fell flat on her stomach and begged.

“Please believe me, Lady Priscilla.
I’ll beg you like this.
And I’ve already been punished.”

“You were punished.”

“You messed up my hair.
Is that not enough?”

“Oh, it’s not enough.”

“You’re going too far.”

“Too far?”

Mary looked at Priscilla with a look of injustice.

Her own hair was all gone like this, and she says that even that was not enough.

“Too much? You would have made my hair like that if I hadn’t noticed? I’m never going to get over it.”

Would Mary give up if it ends at this level?

She wouldn’t.

Mary would have already been paid and would work to get a bigger paycheck.

‘I have to be sure.’

Priscilla laughed.

“I am not a generous woman.
So I don’t intend to end it like this.
But don’t worry too much, we’ll find the culprit who changed the bottle and punish them.”

The heroine generously forgave Mary for her mistake when she made excuses and begged her to believe her.

You couldn’t know how angry Seyeon was when she saw it.
But she was not the heroine.


There are people to forgive and there are people not to forgive.

‘It doesn’t apply to Mary.’


Coming out of the bathroom, Priscilla dried her hair and changed her clothes under the care of Rien, who was waiting for her.

Mary was dragged out by the maids and sat on her knees.

After hearing what happened in the bathroom from Lili, Rien even threatened Priscilla to never forgive ger.

She finished dressing up.
Priscilla instructed Lili to post a report.

Then Mary, who was in a hurry, began to beg.

“I,I’ll tell you everything.
So please don’t report it to His Majesty.”

But Priscilla didn’t let it slide.

“I know everything even if you don’t tell me, it’s because Jestina ordered it.”

“How can you… ah!”

At her own mistake, Mary covered her mouth with her hand.

Priscilla clicked her tongue at her.

Since she was a first-time offender now, mistakes have been made, but later she didn’t make these mistakes and became shameless.

So she had to catch her from the beginning.

Priscilla urged Lili.

“Lili, hurry up and go.”

“Yes, Lady Priscilla.”

Lili left.
Mary looked at the door devastated.

If a report was posted to the Emperor, her life would be ruined.

After a while, Lili brought the Emperor’s attendants.

But it wasn’t just the attendants.

The Emperor came with them.

Priscilla was surprised because she didn’t know the Emperor would come in person.

“How could Your Majesty be here…”

Priscilla hurriedly gave an example*.

*TN: she’s acting as an example to maids by going to greet him

“You look fine.”

“What brought you here?”

“To deal with that maid myself.”


“Because I want to.”

Then Michael saw a maid kneeling on one side.

“Is that the maid?”


Michael pulled out his sword without delay and approached Mary.

Priscilla then hurriedly blocked his way.

“What are you doing?””

“To kill.”

A vein of blood formed between Priscilla’s forehead.

“You want to see blood here?”

“Can’t we?”

“Yes, you can’t.”


“This is my room and I think I’ll have nightmares every night.
What if that maid becomes a ghost and bothers me every night?


Michael looked at Priscilla with a bewildered face.

“Do you believe that?”

“But it’s still uncomfortable.
I hate to see blood in my palace.”

Michael laughed like he was dumbfounded.

“Since when did Lilith Palace become your possession? Everything in the palace belongs to me.
None of that belongs to you.”

Priscilla was studden.

He was a greedy Emperor.
Still, she couldn’t back down.

She didn’t want to see blood in front of her eyes.

“I’m the one staying here anyway, so I have the right to make an opinion.
And we need to find out who’s behind it.”

“Behind it?”

“Yes, that lady alone would not have done this on her own.”

Michael pulled up his sword and looked directly into Priscilla’s eyes.

“You seem to know the reason behind it.”

“It’s also the mastermind Your Majesty wants.”

Michael smirked at the remark.

“That’s funny.”

Michael ordered the knight standing behind him.

“Take her out right now and find out who’s behind her.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,”

The knight grabbed Mary by the arm and raised her up.

Then Mary begged with a pale face.

“F, forgive me.
Your Majesty, I really didn’t know.”

Mary begged in tears, but Michael did not give her a glance.

Priscilla felt sorry for her as she watched Mary being dragged away.

Maybe she would be tortured until she revealed who was behind it.

“I’ll go.”

He tried to turn around and leave.


His nose suddenly tickled and he sneezed.

Michael frowned.

“What is this?”

He sneezed again.


Michael stopped and glared at Priscilla.

“Are you raising a cat here without my permission?”

Priscilla laughed and made an excuse.

“Ah, no way.”

She had to pretend she didn’t know.

“I think a cat.
Achoo… I think there is a cat.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed.

Priscilla shouted.

“What are you talking about.
What do you mean a cat? I don’t have one! Never.
And I’m really tired right now, so please leave.”


“Hurry up and go.
You’re busy.”

“Did you just order me out?”

“What do you mean an order, that’s ridiculous.
Even if you misunderstand it, what kind of misunderstanding.”

“You didn’t?”

“Yes, I did not.”

Priscilla eagerly signaled Alfred, the chamberlain.

Get the Emperor out of here.

Then Alfred, the chamberlain, stepped in coughing.

“Ahem, Your Majesty.
You’ve also stopped government affairs.
Your servants will be waiting.”

“…I know.”

When Michael looked at him with suspicious eyes, Priscilla gave him a different look.

Then Michael threatened.

“Keep in mind that cats can never be raised in my palace.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” 

As Priscilla answered meekly, Michael looked away and turned away.

When Michael went out, Priscilla sent all the maids out and locked the door quickly.
And she looked under the bed.

Heidi, who was sitting on the cushion under the bed, looked at Priscilla with round eyes.

“Heidi, are you all right?”


Heidi jumped into Priscilla’s arms.

“Sorry, you were cramped.”


Heidi acted cute.

“Heidi, you may feel a little stuffy, but you have to stay like this for a while.
Let’s just hang in there until Eren comes.”


Priscilla hugged Heidi tightly with a sad face.

“Phew, I was scared to death.”

She nearly had a heart attack.


In the bedroom inside Rosemary Palace, Jestina enjoyed wine while lying on the sofa, receiving massages from the maids.

Today, she felt especially good.

“Ran, have you heard from her yet?”

“She said she went to take a bath a while ago, so there will be good news.”

Jestina twirled the wine glass in her hand and rolled up the corners of her mouth.

“I hope it succeeds.”

That way, she’ll be able to see that damn face turn to tears.

“She’ll succeed.”

“That’s how it should be.
How much money did I give her, if she had a conscience, she should succeed.”

Jestina grinned and moistened her lips with wine.

“As expected, wine from the kingdom is the best.”

“Do you want more?”


When Jestina offered her glass, Ran poured the wine.

It was just then.

The bedroom door burst open.

“You must be in a very good mood.”

Jestina, surprised by the sudden voice, jumped up.

The Emperor visited her bedroom.

“Y, Your Majesty…”

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